Tire Width For A Wheel Rim Size Chart: All Tire Series

Vehicle owners often have a hard time choosing the right tire for their wheels/rims. They seek a reliable source where they can get all the information regarding tire size.

So, we’ll present tire width for a wheel/rim size chart. 

A car rim width can be a minimum of 5” and a max of 12.5”. And for that recommended tire width is respectively 6.7 and 12.7”. There is a basic rule to determine the tire width for a rim. Using a 21-33% wider tire than the inner rim width is the best way to determine the tire width. 

Now, you know how to verify the perfect tire width. You can move forward to get a detailed chart.

Key Takeaways

How Do I Know If My Tire Width Will Fit My Rims?

Depending on the two factors, the tire may or may not fit the rim. You can easily figure out which tire will fit on the rim if you know its diameter and width.

Let’s see how these factors are related. 


The rim width must match the tire width. And it is constrained in some way. For instance, you may use a tire that is a maximum of 7.3″ wide on an inner rim that is 5″ wide. It won’t fit on the rim if you attempt a tire wider than this.


You must consider the diameter of the rim while you try to fit a tire on it. If the rim diameter is 15”, then the inner tire diameter (without sidewalls) cannot exceed 15”.

You Can Check Out the Best Tires Below that fit 15” Rims.

Maxxis M8008 Plus 205/75-15 C NONE Trailer Service Tire

Maxxis M8008 Plus 205/75-15 C NONE Trailer Service Tire TL00096600

 Avon Turbosteel 70 235/70-15 101V Summer Tire

Avon Turbosteel 70 235/70-15 101V Grand Touring Summer Tire 90000001131

Bridgestone DriveGuard 195/65-15 91H Tire

Bridgestone DriveGuard 195/65-15 91H Grand Touring All-Season Tire 011442

This is the basic rule of diameter to fit a tire on a rim. However, you can easily calculate tire diameter.

Tire Width Size For a Wheel/Rim For Car- Equivalency table

For 4-wheeler cars, tire width is different from 2-wheeler vehicles. Take a look at the chart below to know the tire width size for a wheel/rim for cars.

Wheel/Rim Size(width)Max Tire Width (Inches)Min. Tire Width (Inches)Recommended Tire Width (Inches)

Now you know what the tire width for different size rims of a 4-wheeler is. Are you not a 4-wheeler user? No worry, we’ve got the chart for 2-wheeler bikes as well. 

Tire Width Size For a Wheel/Rim For Bike 

Commonly there are three types of bike tires. And those are the clincher, tubeless, tubular. Here we’ve got charts for all three types of bike tires.

Clincher tire size chart:

Wheel/Rim Size(width)Max Tire Width (Inches)Min. Tire Width (Inches)RecommendedTire Width (Inches)

Tubeless tire size chart:

Wheel/Rim Size(width)Max Tire Width (Inches)Min. Tire Width (Inches)RecommendedTire Width (Inches)

Tubular tire size chart:

Wheel/Rim Size(width)Max Tire Width (Inches)Min. Tire Width (Inches)RecommendedTire Width (Inches)

Hopefully, these charts are enough to serve your purpose. If you got a rim that’s not included in our charts you can also calculate on your own. 

Simply multiply rim width by 15-20% for a 2-wheeler and by 20-33% for 4-wheeler. And you’ll get the ideal tire width. 

Is Tire Width The Same As Rim Width?

There are approved ranges for using tire width on a certain rim. It’s not necessary for the tire and rim width to be similar.

You can use a 10 to 30% wider tire than your rim. The rim width is the width of the inner contact point between the rim and the tire.  

Meanwhile, the tire width is the contact part of the tire with the road.

Can You Change the Tire Width Without Changing the Rims?

Yes, it’s possible to change the tire width without changing the rim. There is the option of using a tire that is wider than the rim.

So if you think you want to increase tire width you can increase it by at most 30% depending on the wheel type. 

It’s always not necessary to change the rim to change the tire width.  

Tires & Wheel/Rim sizing explained (VIDEO)

Common Asked Question By Users

Can A Tire Be Too Wide For A Wheel?

Yes, a tire can be too wide for a wheel. The tire always needs to match the rim. You can’t use a tire that is too wide than the rim because there is a limit for banding tires. To cover the gap between the tire and the rim, the tire sidewall needs banding. Additionally, that may harm the tire.

Can You Put A 10-Inch Wide Tire On An 8-Inch Rim?

Yes, you can put a 10 inch tire on an 8 inch rim. However, there is an easy option for using up to 33% wider tire than the rim. So, it’ll easily fit on the rim. The tire and rim width do not need to be the same. 

Do Wider Tires Get Better Gas Mileage?

No, wider tires don’t get better gas mileage. This is a result of the wider tires’ increased contact with the pavement. And this factor increases the pressure on your engine. That’s why fuel burns away very quickly. 


Well, this is all we’ve about the tire width for a wheel/rim size chart. Hope we were able to provide you with all the information you needed in this post.

Also, there is a basic calculation technique. We’ve discussed that as well.

Therefore, please let us know what you think about this post.. 

Thank You!

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