Big Visual Difference Between 275 vs 295 Tires with Size Chart

What are the differences between the 275 and 295 tires? Looking at the figures alone, we can tell that the two tires are different.

To give a quick response to the query, the difference between the 275 and the 295 tires is in the width of the tire. The 275 has a tire width of 275mm. On the other hand, the 295 are 295mm wide. This indicates that the 295 tires are 20 mm wider than the 275.

This article will compare the two tires in detail. Continue reading to learn more.

275 vs 295 tires: Quick Comparison

Below is a quick comparison of the 275 vs 295 tires features:

275 Tires295 Tires
275 millimeters wideHeavy and thick rubber constructionAll-season performanceHighly robustExcellent tractionAvailable in various sizesSipes and Grooves295 millimeters wideAvailable in various sizesHydroplaningExcellent tractionHeavy and thick rubber buildAll-season performance

Below are the different tire sizes for 275 and 295 tires:

275 Tires295 Tires


Although both tires feature a thick heavy rubber build, the 295 tire is heavier than the 275 tire. Generally, larger tires will be heavy than smaller tires.

Fuel Efficiency

While both tires are fuel efficient, the 275 will offer you a better performance. This is because the smaller a tire is, the better the fuel economy.

Aspect Ratio and Load Capacity

The aspect ratio and the load capacity of the 275 and 295 tires are not constant. The parameters will vary from one tire to another.

295 tires


Both tires will offer you excellent handling and stability. However, the 295 will outdo the 275. This is mainly because coverage, grip, and stability increase with the increase in tire size.


Due to its smaller size, the 275 tire is more affordable than the 295 tire. Besides being affordable, these tires are also readily available in the market.

Below is a table that shows the cars that need the 275 and 295 tires:

Cars that Require the 275 TiresCars That Require the 295 Tires
Volvo XC90Volvo XC60Volkswagen TouaregNissan TitanNissan SafariNissan ArmadaNissan Patrol SafariChevrolet CorvetteChevrolet C1500Chevrolet CamaroBentley BentaygaBentley ContinentalLexus GXLexus LXNissan PatrolChevrolet SilveradoInfiniti QX56Infiniti QX4Infiniti QX80Jeep GladiatorJeep Grand CherokeeJeep WranglerMaybach 62Maybach 57Audi A8Audi Q7Audi RS6Audio S8Audi RS7Kia K900Kia K9Land RoverPorsche PanameraPorsche CayennePorsche CayenneAcura MDXTesla Model XVolkswagen TouaregHonda PilotectDodge Ram 2500Dodge Ram 3500Dodge DurangoPorsche MacanJeep Grand CherokeeAudi RS Q8Audi Q7Dodge ViperDodge Durango SRTPorsche 911Porsche BoxsterBentley Continental GTBentley BentaygaLexus GXChevrolet SSRPlymouth ProwlerPorsche MacanJaguar F-PaceBMW X6 MBMW X5BMW Alpina XD4BMW Alpina XD3Maserati LevanteVolkswagen TouaregSsangYong RextonMaserati LevanteMercedes-Benz GLC-Class AMGMercedes-Benz GLC-ClassMercedes-Benz M-Class AMGPorsche CayenneCadillac EscaladeRolls-Royce CullinanToyota 4runnerJaguar F-PaceEtc.

Pros and Cons of 275 and 295

Pros of 275 Tires

Outstanding performance in a variety of weather conditions

Provides a vibration-free driving experience


Efficient MPG

Cons of 275 Tires

The width is narrower than the 295

Pros of 295 Tires

Maximum grip, stability, and coverage

Dependable operation over rocky or uneven terrain

Improved comfort and handling on bumpy terrain

Highly Durable

Cons of 295 Tires


Here You can Also Find Out Video Overview of 275 and 295 Tires

275 vs 295 Tires: Which One is Better?

If you are looking for a cheap, not-too-big tire that will offer you excellent fuel economy, then the 275 tires are the best option. These tires will also offer you a vibration-free driving experience and can be used in various weather conditions.

On the other hand, the 295 tires are an excellent option if you are looking for a tire that will offer you optimal grip, stability, and coverage. The tires are durable and offer enhanced handling and comfort on rough terrains. The drawback of these tires is that they are heavy and will cost you more than the 275 tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are 275 and 295 Tires the Same Size?

Not at all. Compared to the 275 tires, the 295 tires are wider and more noticeable. The 295 are 20 millimeters wider than the 275 tires.

Why Do 295 Tires Cost More than 275 Tires?

The main reason 295 tires cost more than the 275 tires is that they are bigger than the 275. Generally, larger tires will cost more than smaller tires.

What Tires Are Similar To the 295 Tires?

The 295 tires are similar to the 35-inch tires.

What is the Primary Benefit of Mounting a Tire with a Lower Aspect Ratio?

Tires with a lower aspect ratio typically give better handling when driving on the road than those with a larger aspect ratio. For example, a tire with a 40 aspect ratio handles substantially better than one with a 60 aspect ratio.

Is it Possible to Modify the Rim Size on My Car?

You may alter the rim size of your car, but you’ll also need to make additional modifications along the way. For instance, you will need new tires to support and fit the improvement.

What if the Load Index is Not Printed on My Tire?

Not all tires have the load index printed on them. If your tires do not have the load index value printed on them, you should check the load index on your owner’s manual.

Final Take

We hope this article helped you understand the differences between the 275 and 295 tires. The main difference is in their width. The 295 are 20 millimeters wider than the 275 tires.

Selecting the tire that is better than the other will depend on your taste and preferences.

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