How to Open Spare Tire Cover on RAV4 [Step-by-Step Instructions]

Many vehicles have their spare tire stored in the trunk. However, this is not the case with the Toyota RAV4. This vehicle has its spare tire mounted on its rear. A cover is then placed over the tire to protect the tire from the elements and add to the car’s aesthetic appeal.

How do you open the spare tire cover on RAV4?

The task is easy. Below are the steps involved in opening the spare tire cover on RAV4:

Step 1

First, you will need to open the rear door of your RAV4. This allows you to access the bottom part of your spare tire cover. 

Step 2

The second step is to unlock the latch handle at the bottom of your RAV4 spare tire cover. After the latch handle is unlocked the cover is now open and you can take it off.

How to Open Spare Tire Cover on RAV4

Reasons to Use a Spare Tire Cover

Spare tire covers are common on RAV4s and Jeeps since the spare tires of these cars are frequently mounted on the back. Below are some of the reasons why you should use a spare tire cover:

Weather and UV Protection

UV and weather are the two things that harm rubber the most, and without the right protection, your car’s spare tire will be subjected to a lot of both over its lifespan. You can’t completely avoid it. And over time, this exposure can seriously harm your tire by weakening the rubber and producing sidewall fissures and other structural issues.

Now, if you use all five tires as part of your rotation program, this damage usually won’t be as severe. This is because driving keeps tires flexible. When tires are driven, their rubber flexes, heating up and somewhat expanding. The process causes the stirring of protective wax compounds, which rise to the surface, ensuring that the tire rubber is protected and in good condition.

Most RAV4 and Jeep owners regrettably never use their spare tire until there is a problem with an active tire. Furthermore, without that flexing, vehicles with unusable spare tires that are left on the tailgate are much more likely to experience early failure, sidewall cracks, or dry rot. If you ever find yourself needing the spare in the future, this is dangerous stuff.

So it only makes sense to protect your spare tire with premium UV and weather-blocking covers. Since tires are expensive, preserving the ones you already have is undoubtedly a wise investment.

Easy to Maintain

If you’re like many car owners, you already have plenty to worry about in terms of maintaining your car. Winches, bumpers, soft top windows/zippers, and possibly even suspension components you’ve added over your travels are just a few examples. Low-maintenance items that are so beneficial can undoubtedly be a bonus.

A tire cover is a valuable and low-maintenance item you can add to your car. They are easy to attach and detach from your car.

We all know that our cars can get overly dirty after some off-roading activities and tire covers are no exception. In such a case, many car tires can be cleaned while still attached to the vehicle, or you can easily remove them, clean and attach them back to the vehicle.

Besides cleaning, nothing much is required to maintain a tire cover.


Tires are pricey, as we have stated earlier. Furthermore, spare tires may be readily unbolted and removed if someone truly wants to steal one, unlike wheels on the ground. Security wheel locks are an excellent device to purchase and can help prevent theft of your spare tire, but a tire cover can do the same thing.

Both soft covers with a cable lock and hard shell tire covers with a locking mechanism effectively hide and enhance the protection of that valuable spare tire from prying eyes. The simple act of concealing a valuable piece can lower the likelihood of its theft by more than 50%, according to several studies by law enforcement. In addition, most people seeking something to take quickly will pass if they factor in the additional time needed to cut off a cable lock.


A car tire cover is not a universal item, just like tires.

You can, however, find one that exactly fits your spare tire because there are so many various size alternatives available. This is crucial since, after all, keeping out the elements is the main objective, and an inadequate cover simply cannot accomplish that.

You can alter the cover’s material in addition to the fit. Which black do you prefer—the glossy black of vinyl or the rugged black of denim? For increased durability, do you want a hard shell tire cover? Maybe a soft cover with a transparent center so you can still show off those fantastic wheels you have while keeping the tire protected from the elements.

How To Remove Spare Tire Cover: Explained on Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do All RAV4s Have Spare Tires Mounted on Their Rear?

Not all RAV4s have spare tires mounted on their back. The Sport Models of RAV4 that run on run-flat tires do not have spare tires mounted on their backs.

Does Toyota RAV4 Hybrid have a Spare Tire?

Yes. The Toyota RAV4 hybrid has a spare tire.

How Do You Remove the Jack on a 2013 RAV4?

Removing the jack on a 2013 RAV4 is an easy task. All you need to do is to contract the jack by turning the main screw anti-clockwise, and the jack will come out easily.

How Much Does a RAV4 Tire Weigh?

A RAV4 Tire Weighs about 22.7 pounds.

What Does “RAV4” Stand for in Toyota RAV4?

RAV4 is the abbreviation for “Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel-drive.”

Does the new RAV4 have a spare tire?

Yes, The Toyoto Rav4 come with equipped with spare tire .

What is the cover over the spare tire called?

A spare tire cover or spare while cover.

Final Take

We hope this guide helped you understand the steps involved in opening the spare tire cover on RAV4. If you rarely include the spare tire cover on your RAV4, consider always having it where it should be placed. A spare tire cover has numerous benefits as discussed in this article.

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