Difference Between 700 x 23c VS 700 x 25c Bike Tires

Most of us take bicycles tires for granted, yet they have a huge impact on the speed and comfort of your ride. Bike tires are the most valuable part of the bicycle, given that they ensure your balance and your comfort during the ride. Remember, it is the bike tires that grip on the slick pavements and the muddy grounds. It is the bike tires that grip the ground in the steepest pitches. Therefore, with that said, I hope you now understand their importance.

Many manufacturers have now introduced a variety of bike tires to meet the needs of every person. The 700x23c and the 700x25c are some of the bike tires that have been introduced. They are quite common, given that they are most likely to pop up during an online search. To help you understand the two models, we have analyzed each model in depth in this article. We discuss their features, pros, and cons, and lastly, we answer some of the most asked questions regarding the two models. Read more to find out.

Difference Between 700×23 And 700x23c

Features700 x 23c700 x 25c
Tire Diameter700mm700mm
Section Width23mm25mm
Load capacity260 – 300lbs350lbs
Tire aspect ratio3030
Maximum air pressure115-120psi115-120psi
Speed ratingA2A3
Revolution per mile710-747710-747
Top 3 brandsContinental Bicycle Tires Pirelli P zero race Victoria CorsaContinental Victoria Rubino Veloflex Master SPS  

700 x 23c Features

Tread Design

There are numerous tread patterns for this tire model ranging from slick patterns to more grooved patterns. Some of the patterns include:

  1. Closely spaced geeky blokes are suitable for smooth areas because of their strong grip, enhancing quick and fast braking.
  2. Widely spaced geeky blokes which are good in wet and muddy areas because of their improved capacity to grip the road.
  3. Tiny and evenly spaced geeky blokes, which are useful when cornering on hardpack.


Bias construction is used for these tires. This basically means that the fabric used to make the tire runs diagonally from bead to bead. Unlike the radial tires, these tires are not too floppy. Hence, they are more flexible, enhancing balance and comfort to the rider.


The ‘700’ in the name ‘700x23c’ denotes the tire’s diameter. Therefore, this bicycle tire has a nominal diameter of 700mm and a deflated diameter of 668mm.

Aspect Ratio

These tires have an aspect ratio of up to 30.


The number ‘23’ in the name ‘700x23c’ denotes the width of the tire. Therefore, this bicycle tire has a width of 23mm.

Kindly note that the letter ‘c’ does not stand for centimeters. However, the letter c is an old French method of tire classification.

Pro And Cons Of 700 x 23c


  • They are of good quality given that most of them are made out of pure rubber, a durable material, hence enhancing puncture protection.
  • They are suitable for all-terrain.
  • They come in perfect shape and are aligned properly.
  • Comfortable.
  • Puts up a smooth ride.


  • High rolling resistance due to its narrow width hence slower.

700 x 25C Features

Tread Design

The tread designs vary depending on the manufacturer. However, there are made in different tread designs to meet the cyclist’s preference. Some of the tread designs available for this tire include;

  1. Slick tires with barely any geeky bloke. This is suitable for smooth surfaces to enhance speed.
  2. Semi-slick tires with evenly distributed geeky blokes. This is suitable for off-road cycling for fast spending and a strong grip in steep areas.
  3. Tires full of geeky blokes designed for rough surfaces enhance grip and braking.


Like the 700 x 23c, the threads of their fabric run diagonally, and they are basically biased tires. This makes them more flexible, enhancing balance and grip. It also makes them suitable for all terrains as they are more flexible and comfortable.

However, if you’re looking for a comparison between radial tires instead of then check the comparison between 27 inch vs 700c bike tires


Similarly, these tires have a nominal diameter of 700 mm and a deflated diameter of 688mm.

Aspect Ratio

These tires have an aspect ratio of up to 30.


The number 25 in “700 x 25c” denotes its width is 25mm. These tires are quite wide compared to the 700 x 23 c. as mentioned above; this tends to affect the speed given that the wider the width, the lower the rolling resistance. Therefore, with this concept applied, we can conclude that these tires are much faster than the 700 x 23c

Pro And Cons Of 700 x 25C


  • Fairly easy to assemble and fix.
  • Highly resistant to all terrains.
  • Flexible and Comfortable.
  • Slightly faster due to low rolling resistance.


  • Slightly expensive.

Which is better: 700 x 23c or the 700 x 25c?

The 700 x 25c is better than the 700 x 23c. This is because the 700 x 25c has a lower rolling resistance at the same tire pressure than the 700 x 23c. This makes the 700 x 25 c faster than the 700 x 23c. So, if the speed matters to you, then the 700 x 25c is the most suitable choice for you. However, if the speed doesn’t matter to you, you can go for any.

Somehow if you’re thinking none of the above tires is ideal because you own a dirt bike then check for 110 vs 120 dirt bike tire.

Kenda Tube 700 x 23/25C and Kenda Tyre installing (Must Watch Video)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the two tires interchangeable?

Yes, you can interchange the two tires. This is because the two have the same diameter. However, it is impossible to interchange the inner tubes given that the two tires have different widths.

What size of the inner tube do I need for a 700 x 23c and a 700 x 25c?

If you have a 700 x 23c tire, you should find a 700x23c inner tube. The size of the inner tube should always correspond to the width and diameter of the tire. Therefore, the inner tube should have a 700 mm diameter and a 23mm width. This also applies to the 700x25c tires.

The tubes come labeled; therefore, it is easy to identify the suitable size for your tire.

How Do you Know What Type of Tires You Need?

The type of tire you need is determined by your preferences, the weather, and the terrain you will be driving on. Therefore, when choosing a tire, kindly consider all these factors.

Why are 25mm tire Better Than 23mm?

2mm extra wide 15% greater air volume inside the tire .

What size tire gives the better ride ?

If you want to ride more smoother on the road you can go with small wheel.


Now that you know the difference and similarities between the two, you can now go ahead and choose the most suitable tire for your bicycle. The same goes for the inner tube; use the guide above to determine the most suitable one for your tire.

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