Difference Between 700c Vs 27 Inch Bike Tires- Complete Guide

Choosing bicycle tires can be one of the most daunting tasks anyone could ever have, especially when you are in doubt of which tires exactly are more suitable for your bicycle. The wheel is one of the essential parts of the bicycle, and therefore it is important to be keen when choosing one for your bicycle.

The 27 inch and the 700c bicycle tires are the most common models. That’s why today, we will take our time to analyze each one of them to help you discover which model could be suitable for your bike. This article analyses each model in-depth compares them, and concludes based on our analysis. We also take our time to respond to some of the most asked questions regarding the two-wheel models. Read more to find out.

Difference Between 27 Inch vs 700c Bicycle Tires

Features27 Inch Tires700c tires
Tire Diameter630mm622mm
Section Width1-1/8 inch and 1-3/8 inch23mm -26.5 mm
Rim Size24.8 Inches23 Inches
Load capacity275 -300lbs300-550lbs
Tire aspect ratio1 (100 series)10.58
Maximum air pressure23 -25 psi90 – 120psi
Speed ratingQQ
Revolution per mile776 Revs/mile700 Revs/mile
PriceMostly below $76Mostly below 59$
Top 3 brandsPanaracer Pasela Pro Tite Continental Ride Tour Continental Gator SkinContinental Schwalbe Maxxis

27-inch tires Features

Tread Design

The tread design varies depending on the manufacturer; however, most tires have a tread design that allows them to grip any ground or terrain.


Radial construction is used in these tires. As a result, the tires are more flexible, giving you a more comfortable ride.

Rim Diameter

The rim diameter is often 630mm or 24.8 inches. The rim in this type of tire is slightly larger than the modern 700c wheels, and most of us have learned this the hard way after buying a new tire and struggling to get it seated. However, it is not impossible to get these wheels. Tire makers still produce 27-inch tires due to the sheer number of these wheels in circulation, so if you need a tire for your vintage bicycle, ask your local bike shop to order one for you.

Aspect Ratio

These tires have an aspect ratio of 1 (100 Series).


These tires have a width of 1-1/8 inch and 1-3/8 inches, depending on the model of the bicycle.

The pros and cons of the 27-inch bicycle wheel


  • The wheel comes in perfect condition and is assembled in advance without a side wobble that would make it hard to fix during the set-up process. This means you need not make any adjustments during the fixing process.
  • The wheel model is more of an old style. However, the rim built with aluminium comes in handy as it comes with a lot of resistance. Therefore, the ride usually feels smooth and comfortable.
  • The endurance of its build allows it to tackle various terrains with no drawback.
  • Their endurance to tackle different types of terrain is a clear indication that the wheels are long-lasting.


  • For this model, the trim strips are not included during the purchase. One needs to buy them separately, which is quite expensive.
 700c Vs 27 Inch Bike Tires

700c tires

Tread Design

These tires have a durable tread pattern and are full of geeky blokes. This tread gives the tires the capacity to grip the road, improving the traction.


The tires feature the new radial construction, suitable for all roads and terrains.

Rim Diameter

The 700C doesn’t measure 700 of anything, though they used to in an archaic French tire naming system. The 700c describes the exterior diameter, which varies depending on the tire type and the tread patterns. These wheels have a rim diameter of 622mm.

Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio of these tires is mostly 10.58.


The width of these tires’ ranges from 23mm to 26.5 mm.

The pros and cons of the 700c Bicycle wheel


  • This full-size wheel offers superior performance and rides quality to small wheel folders.
  • The wheel has an appropriate rim model which enhances effective braking.
  • The wheels are durable, and even after using them for a while, the wheel continues to deliver a fun and comfortable experience.
  • The wheel won’t need an alignment or trueing right out of the box. Unfortunately, the parts are not assembled during the purchase, and you will be required to assemble their parts on your own. However, the process is quite simple. However, you can still seek professional assistance if needed.
  • The wheels feel lightweight and smooth on the roads, particularly when you get over the 17mph threshold.


  • The wheel will, however, pose a challenge during braking. Therefore, you will need to practice the art of braking in advance during rainy days.

So Which tire do you need 27 Inch or 700C bike tires?

Well, it depends. If you own an old or vintage bike, the 27 inch should be the perfect choice due to its efficiency and affordability.

On the other hand, the 700c is suitable for road bikes, hybrids and 29-inch MTBs.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are the two tires interchangeable?

It depends. Both wheels are quite similar in one way or the other given that their inner tubes are somehow similar. Therefore, you can easily interchange the inner tube. However, it can be quite tricky given it is impossible to interchange the tires.

What kind of bicycles use the 700c?

The 700c bike tires are commonly used for modern standard bikes.

What kind of bicycles use 27-inch bike tires?

If you have a vintage bicycle, especially bicycles from the mid-1980s, replacing your wheels with 27-inch tires is advisable.

What should I consider when buying 700c tires?

It is important to know the ideal tire size for your bicycle when purchasing a 700c tire. Most people think that the ‘c’ in 700c means centimeter. Kindly note that the ‘C’ does not mean centimeters. Check the size of the wheels printed to avoid any confusion during the purchase.

Which one is better, the 27 inches or the 700c?

It depends; as mentioned before, the 700c is a modern and standard choice for road, mountain, and hybrid bikes. In comparison, the 27 inch is used for much older model bikes.


Now you know all you need to know about the 27 inch and 700 c bicycle wheels. Kindly use this information to help you choose the ideal wheel for your ride, and it will come in handy. Also, remember to consider all options available to make your bike the best it can be.

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