Jeep JK 44 Inch Tires With All Details – Updated

The ultimate goal of using Jeep JK 44 inch tires is to improve the vehicle’s capability rather than enhance its aesthetics. However, in other cases, appearance and performance go hand in hand.

The most enormous tire size you can install on a Jeep Wrangler with the manufacturer’s suspension is 33-Inches tires. The 33-inch tire size is the entire collection of 285/75/16. If you wish to install 44-Inch tires, you should consider having the 6″ skyjacker lift and 3″ body lift.

44-Inch Tires Gear Ratio

Another essential modification you should do when fitting the 44-Inch tires is the part of the gearing system. The axle gear ratio will increase if you mount more prominent tires and reduce when installing smaller tires. In the case of 44-Inch tires, you can use a gear ratio of 5.38, 5.56, or 5.86.

Axle gear sets of 6.17 and 7.17 can also be used with 44-Inch tires, but they have less engagement/small pinion. However, depending on your driving style, the two-gear ratios might not be a big deal. If you like moving slowly, then they can’t be problematic.

However, for those who would like to move faster or mostly drive along the smooth streets occasionally, the 5.86 gear ratio with 44-Inch tires is the best. You will feel your truck is strong and not overwhelmed by the gear ratio.

44-Inch Tires Specifications


Advantages of Using Bigger Tires on Your Jeep

Have you been wondering whether running larger tires on your Jeep is a brilliant idea?   Here is straightforward information to calm your nerves.

Larger tires make your vehicle look extraordinary. Since they are tall, they increase ground clearance and make it seamless for you to throttle through rugged terrains. The only effective way to increase the ground clearance of your vehicle is by fixing larger tires.

The ride quality with bigger tires when off-road is better because the tires effectively increase traction. More traction means that your vehicle has decent control, and you will safely climb or descend mountains and hills.

Another significant advantage of using bigger tires like the Jeep JK 44-Inch tires is the rid factor. Bigger tires ensure that you have a smooth off-roading experience.

Jeep JK 44 Inch Tires With All Details

Drawbacks of Bigger Tires

You need to be keen on how big you can go with your tires. Bigger tires have the potential of damaging the crucial components of your vehicle which include the body and suspensions amongs clothes.

Luckily, there are some modification strategies that you should employ. For example, you can fix Jeep JK 44-Inch tires without doing a 3-inch body lift plus the use of more than 6.0 inches of skyjacker lift. In addition, you should also adjust the gearing for an axle gear ratio of 5.86 or more.

Bigger tires also put too much force on suspensions, drive-train components, and steering. Re-gearing ensures that the performance of your Jeep is maintained at its original status.

How Do Bigger Tires Affect Ride Quality?

Indeed, ride quality varies depending on the size of tires used. Handling and noise level are the major elements affected by tire size. The best tire size for your vehicle depends on main factors, including the driver’s values.

Smaller tires offer a smooth ride, with predictable handling and average road noise. On the other hand, medium size tires have every aspect on average. Bigger tires produce high riding noise, responsive handling, stability, and rough ride quality.

Chopped Top JK Jeep On 44″ Tires – SEMA 2014 (Videos)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Big of Tires Can You Run On A Dana 44?

36-inch tires are the top limit for Dana 44.1. You should consider other factors when determining tire size: the driving style, engine output, vehicle weight, and terrain.    

Is Dana 44 Better Than 60?

Dana 6o is a stronger axle than Dana. If you run your vehicle with bigger tires and need more power, you should use Dana 60 Axle. On the other hand, the Dan 44 is a perfect option if you don’t need more power or you’re not using massive tires like Jeep JK 44-Inch tires. Dana 60 is heavy, and it will increase the unsprung weight to affect the handling of your vehicle.

What Gear Ratio Do I Need For 40-Inch Tires?

4.56 axle gear ratio is better than 4.10 for the 40-Inch tires. However, to maintain the RPM vs. speed at the same level according to the manufacturer’s setting with the 40-Inch tires, you should consider having an axle gear ratio of 4.90.

What Gear Ratio Is Best for Jeep?

If your Jeep is solely for the standard driving routine, back it up with 45-Inch tires and an axle gear ratio of 4.88. 5.13 or 5.38 gear ratios are better for the Jeeps that move through mountains or high areas and rarely reach the highway’s top speed.

What Size Tires Can I Fit with A 2-Inch Lift?

Fit 33-inch tires.

Will Levelling Kit Allow Bigger Tires?

A levelling kit allows you to get rid of the nose-down appearance of most trucks while enabling you to install a larger tire. The lift kit delivers more clearance, a higher unit appearance, and the possibility to install even bigger wheels and tires, depending on what you need to achieve.

What do Bigger Tires do to Gear Ratio?

The efficient gear ratio is decreased when bigger tires are mounted on a vehicle while the axle ratios remain the same. That means that performance and fuel efficiency are compromised when the engine system is forced to run below its power band.

What is largest tire for Jeep JK stock?

The high widest tire you can fit with jeep wrangler with stock suspension 33 Inch Tires. 33 inch tires size following: 285/75/16 .285/70/17 .

What the biggest size tire you can fit with no lift?

The biggest size tire you can fit with no lift 33″ tires .


You can use the Jeep JK 44-Inch tires to improve the performance and appearance of your vehicle but remember that vehicle capabilities are improved more than aesthetics with 44-inch tires. It would be best if you had modifications for optimal upgrade performance, including using more than 6.0 inches skyjacker lift and 3.0 inches body lift. For the re-gearing, use an axle ratio of 5.86.

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