Fuel MT Tires vs Toyo MT: Who is Winner?

Our cars cannot function without their tires. They are the only components that come into contact with the ground. Because of this, choosing the right tires for your car is crucial. 

However, selecting the most outstanding tires for an automobile is not always easy. This is primarily due to the wide variety of sizes, brands, and models available.

This post will evaluate two well-liked tire models, Fuel MT and Toyo MT, to make choosing the perfect tires for your car much more straightforward. To find out more about the two tires, keep reading.

Fuel MT vs. Toyo MT Tires: Quick Comparison

The recent surge in the popularity of wilderness exploration has increased demand for tough SUVs and trucks as well as off-road-ready tires.

There are two major tire classifications to choose from; all-terrain and mud-terrain (off-road). The former provides an even balance of on- and off-road traction, but the latter is more designed for rocky terrain.

Fuel MT are all-terrain tires. This means that you can use them on-road and also off-road. On the other hand, the Toyo MT tires are mud-terrain tires. This means that the tires are most suited for off-road use. This is the main difference between the two tires.

However, before rushing to the final decision, consider the table below that compares the average rating of the tires in different forums and the list of benefits and drawbacks of each of the tires.

Fuel MT vs. Toyo MT Tires: Table Comparison Based on Customer Rating

Feature Fuel MT TiresToyo MT TiresDifference 
Dry 4.34.810.4%
Handling 3.13.10%
Comfort 3.04.533.3%

Off-road Traction and Durability

First and foremost, both tires are designed with off-road usage in mind. This is evident from their appearance.

The Fuel MT features large blocks on its tread pattern to enhance its grip off-road. The tires also have a deep groove pattern that improves grip while offering higher wear resistance. The shoulder block design utilized by the tire manufacturer also enhances lateral grip and impact resistance when the tires are off-road.

On the other hand, the Toyo MT has open, scalloped shoulder blocks that offer a significantly larger surface area on uneven and soft ground, like gravel, mud, snow, and rocks. This increases traction, which will enable you to escape difficulty.

Additionally, the Japanese tire manufacturer chose an over-the-shoulder tread design, which improves traction—especially when making sharp turns, which you will frequently do in a forest.

Last but not least, the tread compound has a high turn-up polyester structure that offers outstanding toughness and endurance, which is crucial for off-roading.

Dry Grip and Traction

Offroad enthusiasts care more about how their tires will perform on unpaved terrains. However, the on-road performance of tires is still very essential.

After all, if you are a seasoned off-roader, you will do more than 50% of on-road driving with your truck or SUV.

Notably, the traction of these two tires is excellent, the braking distance is short, and the cornering grip is fantastic for tires in their category. You should not expect to win a race with either of the tires, but they are just fine.

However, thanks to their stiffer sidewall and high load rating, the tires are suitable for towing large trailers and carrying heavy goods.

Wet Grip and Traction

As stated earlier, the two tires are created with off-road usage in mind.

Both tires have a large deep groove pattern that helps in dispersing water from their treads. This increases the hydroplaning resistance.

But this is half of the story when we are talking about the wet traction of these tires since their contact area and tread compound plays an even huge role. The braking and longitudinal traction of these tires are excellent too.

Ice and Snow Traction

You might look at the aggressive tread patterns of these two tires and think that they will perform awesomely on snow. Well, you are 50% right.

Snow changes its characteristics not only with temperature but also with compression. For instance, snow will become denser if many vehicles are driven over it- this is referred to as packed snow. The snow that has not been passed over is known as unpacked snow.

Since both tires have large lugs on their treads, they can easily dig through the unpacked snow offering your outstanding vehicle traction.

But the packed snow, one you are likely to find on public roads, is where the tires might fail you. They don’t offer the required traction nor handle the corners well. This is the same story with ice.

Therefore, if you stay in areas that experience a lot of winters, it would be better if you thought of acquiring a set of winter tires instead.

Comfort and Road Noise

All-terrain and mud-terrain tires sacrifice comfort for off-road traction. For this reason, both tires will not offer you the most comfortable ride and will be noisy, primarily when used on-road.

Fuel MT Tires vs. Toyo MT Tires: Which One Should You Buy?

The tire you buy between the two will be based on your taste and preferences. However, the Toyo MT seems to be a superior option based on the customer reviews. The tire received a better rating in wet grip, dry grip, noise, comfort, and treadwear compared to the Fuel MT tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Toyo MT Tires Noisy?

Toyo MT tires are noisy when you are on a highway. Though the noise is audible, it is not too loud to stop you from getting a set of these tires for your off-road trips.

How Long Do Toyo MT Tires Last?

Toyo recommended that all of their tires that have been in service for more than ten years from the day of manufacture be replaced.

How Many Ply is Toyo MT?

Toyo MT tires are 3-ply tires.

How Many Miles Do Mud-Terrain Tires Last?

Mud-terrain tires can last up to 40,000 miles. However, your driving condition can affect how long your tires will last.

Will Changing to Mud Tires Affect Your Gas Mileage?

Changing to mud tires will affect your fuel economy negatively.

Final take

We hope this article helped you understand the differences and similarities between Fuel MT and Toyo MT. If you plan to change your tires to mud-terrain or all-terrain tires, remember that this will hurt your gas mileage, ride comfort, and noise level.

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