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Tires are essential components of our automobiles. Those few square inches of rubber determine everything. They harness the engine’s power, enable the brakes to do their job, and determine how well your car will go around a corner.

Getting new tires for your car, jeep, SUV, or truck, on the other hand, might be a difficult undertaking. How do you know what size to purchase? Why are certain tires marked with large numerals such as 265, 285, or 295 while others have 33, 35, or 37? In this quick guide, we’re going to break down the differences between 295 and 33-inch tires because they’re two of the most common tire sizes on the market.

Comparing 295 vs 33 Tires

Between 295 and 33-inch tires, there isn’t much of a difference. In fact, some people mistakenly believe that the 295 tires are the same as the 33-inch tires. The 295 tires, on the other hand, are slightly larger than the 33-inch tires. Compared to the 33-inch tires, the 295 has a diameter ranging from 33.2 to 33.5 inches. You should, however, examine the specifications of each tire manufacturer because the 295 and 33-inch tires made by different tire manufacturers vary. Below is a quick comparison of the two tire sizes.

Different Between 295 and 33 Inch Tires

Features295 Tires33-Inch Tires
Section width11.614 inches11.0-12.5 inches
Average diameter33.2-33.5 inches33 inches
Tire weight37-70 pounds55-65 pounds
Tread depth10 32nds-20 32nds18 32nds-21 32nds
Aspect ratio40.0-75.011.5-12.5
Rim diameter16-24 inches15-20 inches
Rim width9.0-11.0 inches 11.0 to 12.5 inches
Load capacity2000-4000 pounds2200-3100 pounds
Load index rating105.0-126.0108.0-114.0
Speed ratingQ or S or VQ or R
Maximum tire pressure35-80 psi35-65 psi
Price$150 to above $1000Below $800
Top 3 brandsFirestone Nitto General TiresFalken Tires Mastercraft Tires Toyo Tires

295 Tires Feature


The 295 tires feature the newly updated radial construction, offering enhanced grip and improved road comfort.

Tread Design

The 295 tires feature a highly robust and durable tread design allowing you to use them on any road terrain.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of the 295 tires ranges from 40 to 75.


The section width of these tires is 11.6 inches. This width is adequate to give your car more to hold onto, enhancing its handling and ability to maneuver.

Rim Diameter

The 295 Tires can be used with rims 16 to 24 inches wide.

Pro and Cons Of 295 Tires


  • Highly durable
  • Looks good
  • It can be utilized in all road terrains


  • They are relatively costly
  • They are heavy

33-Inch Tires Feature


The newly updated radial construction is utilized in the build of these tires. The tires are thus highly stable on all terrains.

Tread Design

These tires feature a robust and highly durable tread design that allows you to use them on any road terrain.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of these tires mostly ranges from 11.5 to 12.5.


The width of the 33-inch tires ranges from 11.0 to 12.5 inches. This width ensures that your car has enough ground contact, improving its handling and ability to maneuver.

Rim Diameter

33-inch tires can be used with 15 to 20 inches wide rims.

Pro and Cons Of 33 Tires


  • Good looks
  • Higher clearance from the ground
  • Enhanced off-road traction and on-road traction
  • A minimum of 2-inch lift is required.


  • Raised fuel consumption
  • They are heavy

295 vs 33 Tires: Which One is Better?

Both tire sizes will provide you with an optimal performance based on their capabilities. 295 all-terrain and mud-terrain tires will be a good choice if you are looking for tires to use in all seasons. You can also choose Destination M/T2, Evolution M/T, or Courser MTX off-road/mud-terrain tires if you’re a pickup or truck driver who loves to ride on rocky and oozy roads.

If you’re searching for an all-terrain tire that can haul huge loads and resist constant abuse from gravel, dirt, and other hard off-road conditions, the 33-inch all-terrain tires would be a wiser option. You can also buy mud tires before traveling on a muddy road journey.

295/60/20 VS 295/65/20 All Terrain Tire (Videos)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are 33-inch Tires the same as 285 Tires?

Many people assume that the 33-inch tires are the same as the 285 tires. However, the 33-inch tires are relatively larger than the 285 tires. Compared to the 285 tires, the 33-inch tires are 0.2 inches larger. However, you should examine the specifications of each tire manufacturer because the 33-inch tires and 285 tires offered by each tire manufacturer vary.

What is the Effect of Increasing Your Tire Size?

Changing the size of your vehicle’s tires has a bigger impact than merely changing its appearance. Installing larger tires, also known as plus-sizing, can have an impact on your car’s speedometer and odometer accuracy, steering sensitivity, and handling, among other things. Changing your tire size can thus be dangerous to your vehicle’s safety if incorrectly done. But choosing a larger tire size can also be useful and can improve the performance of your car if done appropriately.

Can a Wrong Tire Size Damage a Transmission?

The transmission is not harmed by improper tire size. However, though ill-fitting tires do not affect the transmission, they do impact the vehicle’s overall performance. They can harm the vehicle’s structure and endanger people’s lives.

Do Wrong Size Tires Damage Your Vehicle?

Your vehicle may be damaged if the tires are the wrong size. Vehicles are built in such a way that factory tires are the best fit. Companies put their vehicles through rigorous testing with tires to ensure their safety and lifespan. The tires that provide the best performance become the standard tires. If you are looking for new tires for your car, it is thus advisable that you match their width and aspect ratio to that of the factory tires to avoid damaging your vehicle.

Will Changing Your Stock Tires To Smaller Tires Negatively Impact the Speedometer?

The speedometer uses the number of tire revolutions in your vehicle to calculate your speed. Speedometers, however, are set to larger stock tires. The speedometer will be erroneous if you change to smaller tires because smaller tires do not cover the same distance with the same number of tire revolutions. As a result, your vehicle will appear to be moving faster on the speedometer than it actually is.

How Tall is 295 Tires?

The 295 tire is only 33.94 tall. and it’s wide is 11.62.


We hope this article has provided you with all of the information you require regarding 295 vs. 33-inch tires. However, judging one is superior to the other is a matter of personal taste and preferences.

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