What is the Best Jeep JK Gear Ratio for 35-inch Tires?

Choosing the optimal gear ratio for a particular tire depends on many factors. A lower gear ratio provides better fuel efficiency whereas a higher gear ratio provides better RPm and acceleration for driving. 

So, what is the perfect Jeep JK gear ratio for 35-inch tires?

For on-road regular driving, the 4.56 gear ratio is perfect for a 35-inch tire in your Jeep JK. A ratio lower than this won’t be suitable for a big tire like 35 inches. For off-road driving, 4.88 is the required axle gear ratio. It’s best for mountain climbing, driving in hilly areas, or driving at top speed on the highway. 

Keep reading and find out more about the gear ratio and how to find the perfect one for your car.

4 Factors to Consider While Determining the Gear Ratio for Tires

To determine what gear ratio you need, you have to consider some factors. Those are discussed below. 

Desired Performance

If you want faster acceleration and higher top speed, a higher gear ratio is required. A lower gear ratio will slower your acceleration. 

For example, with a 4.11 gear ratio, you will get slower acceleration than with a 4.56 gear ratio. 

Driving Condition

When you drive on a normal road without many obstacles, for example, a highway, a lower gear ratio will be sufficient. But, when you drive off-road, acceleration and higher RPM are more important. So, you have to consider a higher gear ratio. 

Towing Capabilities

If you want to tow heavy loads with your car, you need to consider a higher gear ratio. The higher gear will enable your car to use more throttle and torque than you need for the extra load. 

Fuel Economy

The higher the gear ratio is the less fuel economy you will get. To provide good acceleration, the engine needs to work harder for every tire rotation. If you want to save on gas mileage, you have to choose the optimal gear ratio rather than the higher one. 

What Is The Jeep Jk Gear Ratio For 35-Inch Tires?

The 4.88 Gear Ratio is most suitable for Jeep JK in a 35-inch tire. To find out the logical explanation behind this, keep reading. 

Gear RatioIs it suitable for all road conditions? Does it provide a smooth ride for a 35-inch tire?Does it give good fuel economy?
4.11 Gear RatioNoNoYes
4.56 Gear RatioNoYesYes
4.88 Gear RatioYesYesYes
5.13 Gear RatioYesYesNo

4.11 Gear Ratio With 35 Tires

Many Jeep Jk owners use a 4.11 gear ratio with a 35-inch tire and they claim this works just fine on-road. However, this is not an optimal ratio for tires this big. This can result in reduced acceleration, as well as increased strain on the engine and drivetrain.

Apart from choosing the right gear ratio, balancing big tires like 35 inches can also be complicated if you don’t know the methods properly. 

4.56 Gear Ratio With 35 Tires

The 4.56 axle gear ratio with the 35-Inch tires offers excellent fuel efficiency when you operate your vehicle at high speeds. In on-road driving or at regular speed, you can drive the car smoothly at this gear ratio with 35-inch tires. 

Unfortunately, it has low-end power to help you navigate through difficult obstacles. So, for off-road driving or high-speed driving, you need to shift towards a higher ratio. 

4.88 Gear Ratio With 35 Inch Tires

Most people use the 4.88 axle gear ratio with 35-Inch tires because it falls on the two entities of operation- on-road and off-road. With 4.88 gears, the engine RPMs at highway speeds will likely be lower than with 4.10 and 4. 56 gears with 35-inch tires. It will result in a smoother ride.

The 4.88 gear ratio will also provide better low-end torque and acceleration, which can be useful for off-road driving or towing. The 4.88 gear ratio will also provide better low-end torque and acceleration. So, for off-road riding, this gear ratio is a good option. The fuel efficiency at the gear ratio is also moderate. 

5.13 Gear Ratio With 35 Inch Tires

5.13 ratio with 35-inch tires will provide you with around 3K RPM. So, the Thai ratio will also give you a smooth ride on hilly or uneven roads. But it affects your gas mileage badly. 

Therefore, the right Jeep JK gear ratio for 35-inch tires is 4.88. Use it for the best overall performance of your vehicle. 4.88 gear ratio with 35-Inch tires is acceptable for daily drivers navigating the changing terrains.

Speaking of Jeep JK tires, you should remember, removing the spare tire carrier of Jeep JK can be a tricky job. Learn beforehand so you don’t have to get puzzled when you are in the middle of the road. 


How Do You Match Tire Gear Ratios?

To match the tire gear ratio, a simple formula will help you calculate your vehicle’s gear ratio. Which is : (RPM x Tire size in Inches) / (Transmission Gear Ratio x Final Drive Ratio x 336) = Actual gear ratio from every engine revolution.

Do Bigger Tires Raise Or Lower Gear Ratio?

Bigger tires lower the current gear ratio. So, when you change for bigger tires, you should adjust the gearing system to a higher gear ratio. 


So, that’s all about the Jeep JK gear ratio for 35-inch tires. As all the logic is clarified in the article, you can now easily choose which ratio you should go for. 

That’s all for now. Have a nice day and drive safely!

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