Ram 1500 4 Inch Lift 33s: Can You Install it?

Updating the lift and tires on a Ram 1500 truck is necessary for a better experience. The priority for updating Ram’s tires and lift may differ depending on the situation. 

So, can you install Ram 1500 4 Inch Lift 33s?

Yes, you can install Ram 1500 4 inch lift on 33s and everyone is using it as well. It improves the performance of your truck for off-road applications and gives your truck a more aggressive look. But if the tire seems smaller, you have to change the lift to 2.5 to 3 inches then.  

In this article, you’ll get to learn more tips about updating RAM 1500 to 4-inch lift 33s. So, stay tuned till the end. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Ram 1500 4″ lift 33s gives a stylish look and clears off-road obstacles perfectly.
  • Updating the Ram 1500 with a cost-effective option must accommodate 33-inch tires with a 4″ lift.
  • Adjusting tires and liftinging parts of this size is cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • The 4-inch lift is more compatible with 35″ tires than 33″ tires.

Can You Fit a 4-Inch Lift To 33 Tires on Ram 1500?

Yes, you can fit a 4″ lift to 33 tires in Ram 1500. The tire lift helps to avoid any rubbing and damage on the wheel well and bars. As 4th gen Ram 1500 supports lifting 4-inch 35s, lifting a 33s tire won’t be an issue. However, it will be a time-consuming process. 

For this, you will need a 2-inch suspension kit and a small front-end leveling kit on the front end. This will prevent scrubbing at the full lock and full turn in reverse.

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4 Reasons To Update Ram 1500 4 Inch Lift 33s:

Those using other tire sizes with their RAM – 1500 trucks may be confused about the 33″ tire and 4″ lift update.  A discussion of some of the benefits here will clear your confusion. 

Clears Obstacles Perfectly

This update is needed for Ram trucks that have to go over small bumps in the road. No matter if there are obstacles along the way. The wheel will remove all obstructions and run smoothly for long distances.

Gives A Stylish Look

There is no doubt that RAM – 1500 is extremely powerful as it comes with a robust engine. But the 4-inch lift 33s is a better option when people want the Ram to look more stylish. Your RAM 1500 will achieve an aggressive look like the appearance you get by installing 35-inch tires on Stock RAM.

Suitable For Off-Road Rides

Off-road areas offer more roughness than on-road. Updating the Ram 1500 with a 4-inch lift 33s is a good idea if you need to drive the truck off-road regularly. Heavy snowfall does not pose a problem for it.

Provides the Required Height

When looking for extra height with the RAM-1500’s 33″ tires, updating with a 4″ lift is a good idea. The high body of the truck allows the wheels to treat any ground quickly. It is best for those who don’t want to go as high as the 12-inch lift kit.

Problems You May Encounter For Updating Ram 1500 4 Inch Lift 33s

RAM- 1500 update with a 4-inch lift and 33-inch tires is undoubtedly good, but it cannot be asserted that the user will not face any problems. Some potential problems can create inconvenient situations. The table below will show the problems:

Tires seem relatively smallUsers should choose a 2.5 to 3″ lift.
Incompatibility with different partsA bit larger tire can be compatible with parts.
Installation problemsMust take the help of high professionals.
Time-consumingSeek help from an expert

Below is a detailed discussion about them which will help you decide considering their disadvantages.

Tire Seems Relatively Small

Generally, 2.5 to 3″ lifts with 33″ on the RAM- 1500 are considered ideal. The 33s feel smaller compared to a 4″ or 5″ lift. If you’re looking for a little more height, probably go with the 35s, as this size is perfect with a 4 or 5″ lift. Also, 4″ with 33s is not enough to maintain a good look.

Different Parts May Not Be Compatible

Another major problem with updating is that people may fail to find the required parts. Most users have commented that 33s with 4″ lifts are not very popular because not all aspects are made equally. In this case, it does not fit easily, and there is an inconsistency between different parts. Even when it does fit, it may seem incompatible with RAM. 

Installation Problem

The installation problem seems to be a big issue in Ram 1500 4 Inch Lift 33s. In many cases, owners find the right parts but find it challenging to assemble them. Sometimes it doesn’t work after the first installation. It is crucial to be sure about the correct overall structure.

Relatively Time-Consuming

Although Rough Country makes a good quality leveling kit, it can be difficult for people to deal with 4″ for 33s. This installation process requires you to pay a lot of attention, which is pretty time-consuming. Even after spending a lot of time, people can’t be sure whether the parts are set perfectly.

How Much Does it Cost to 4″ lift to 33 tires in Ram 1500?

It costs around $400 to $12,000 to 4″ lift to 33 tires in Ram 1500. A leveling kit costs around $70-$150 and you’ll have to pay $200-$400 for labor costs. However, it is less expensive than a 6″ lift. So, 4 inch lift is good as an affordable and effective option.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What Size Lift Do You Need For 33 Inch Tires Ram 1500?

Lifts of 2.5 to 3 inches are considered most suitable for 33s tires. But many want to update RAM- 1500 with a 33s 4-inch lift because it can give the truck a stylish and aggressive look. Also, this 4-inch lift adjustment is essential for dealing with the roughest ground because the wheel can efficiently deliver a perfect clearance. 

What Size Lift Do You Need For More Height In Ram 1500?

Ram 1500 4 Inch Lift 33s

Image Source: Youtube

If one expects more height than that, he should probably go for the 35s with a lift of more than 4″. As such, a 38 inch tire will fit a 9 inch lift.

Why Should You Update Ram 1500 4 Inch Lift 33s?

Many users are discouraged from updating the 4″ lift with 33s. This size lift height is compatible with slightly larger tires. It may be compatible with RAM-1500 trucks for some convenience considerations. Although it takes a bit more time to install, it should be updated to 4″ with 33 Inch Tires Ram 1500, considering fuel saving and robust clearance.

Last Few Words:

Hopefully, the above discussion has given you precise information about the Ram 1500 4 Inch Lift 33s update. Updating the 4 Inch Lift 33s with the Ram 1500 is convenient because the 33s tires provide the desired clearance while off-roading driving. 

Moreover, this combination can be ideal for those who prefer an intrusive look to the truck. However, one should also be aware of the disadvantages of this update which are mentioned in the article.

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