Can You Fit Ram 2500 35s on Stock Wheels?

As an owner of a Ram 2500, you’re probably wondering about an upgrade. The 35s has been buzzing in your mind but you’re not sure if it’ll fit your beloved truck.

So, is Ram 2500 35s on stock wheels a good fit?

Yes, the Ram 2500 35s stock wheels are a good fit without any mods. The 35s is perfectly compatible with the Ram 2500 2018, 2019, and 2020 models in terms of tire size, weight, and rim diameter. It doesn’t rub against the truck too much. So, it doesn’t need any kind of leveling or lifting up the truck. 

Keep reading the article below to know all about 35s on Ram 2500 in detail.  

Key Takeaways

  • Measure the tire size, weight, and rim to check compatibility.
  • Level up the truck if you want a more appealing look.
  • Lifting isn’t necessary but you can lift for better ground clearance. 

Can You Fit 35s on a Stock Ram 2500?

Yes, you can fit 35s on a Stock Ram 2500. The tire size of the truck must be double the rim size. As Stock Ram 2500 wheels have rim sizes of 17, 18, or 20 inches, they’ll fit perfectly on the 35S. 

It also provides full lock-to-lock turning and doesn’t rub against the truck at all. So, the Ram 2500 35S can have full articulation on off-road applications. 

Source: Canva Pro

Most people think of a 35s for upgrading the stock wheels. It’s because these tires are bigger in size, giving a monstrous appearance to the trucks. 

However, you must check whether the tire is in proportionate to the wheel accommodation of your truck.   

3 Things to Consider Checking Ram 2500 35s on Stock Wheels Compatibility

While choosing a 35s tire for your Ram 2500 truck, you must check the compatibility first. To calculate if the 35s tire is compatible with the Stock Ram 2500, you have to evaluate the tire size, weight, and rim size. 

Here’s how you can do it.

Tire Size

To determine the diameter of your truck’s tire, you must multiply the sidewall height by 2. It’s because the tire diameter has 2 sidewalls such as one touching the ground and the other above the wheel. Then, you have to add the diameter of the wheel to the measurement you got.  

For your ease, you can follow the formula below:

Diameter=2*(Tire Width/25.4)*(Aspect Ratio/100)-(Wheel Size*-1)

If your calculation gives you a result somewhere between 34’’ and 35’’ in diameter, you’re all set to go. This means your Ram 2500 will support a 35s tire.  


The 35S tires weigh 60 to 71 pounds. It’s twice as heavy as a standard tire. So, you can say that a 35s tire is compatible with a Ram 2500.

Again, the weight of the tire also impacts the tire size. A Ram 2500 generally weighs from 5988 pounds to 7414 pounds. This means it’s a heavy-weight truck. So, the tire should also be bigger and wider to match the truck’s weight.

If the tire isn’t heavy or wide enough to support your truck, it won’t be able to carry the load. So, the truck will face problems in steady handling. 

A standard lightweight truck can support tire sizes from 17.5 inches to 22.5 inches. They can take the load from 4000 pounds to 4700 pounds. It’s much less than the Ram 2500.  

Rim Size

Finally, rim size also matters greatly when determining the diameter of a tire. If the tire is too bigger or smaller than the rim size, it will not fit. 

A rule of thumb is that the rim size should be half of the size of the tire. So, for a 35S tire, the appropriate rim size is 17’’ or 18’’. 

Ram 2500 has exactly the same stock wheel rim measurements (17’’ and 18’’). That’s why the 35S tire is compatible with Ram 2500.

How to Install 35s Stock Wheels on Ram 2500?

As you’re aware of the compatibility of 35s Stock wheels on Ram 2500, it’s time you learn how to install them. 

Surprisingly, installing wheels in your Ram 2500 isn’t as hard as you think. Here’s a step-by-step guideline on how you can install 35s stock wheels on Ram 2500:

  • First, you have to park your truck on a hard surface. 
  • Then, place chocks (small rubber blocks) around the wheels of your truck. It will stop your Ram 2500 from moving. 
  • After that, take a lug wrench and loosen all the nuts. For this, you have to turn the lug nuts counterclockwise. 

Source: Canva Pro

  • Place a jack under the truck and safely lift it up. Make sure the jack supports the weight of the truck.
  • Now, it’s time to replace the tire of your Ram 2500. Take out all the lug nuts by turning them counterclockwise with your hands. 
  • Then, pull the wheel towards you and remove it from the truck. Gently set it on the ground.
  • Then, you have to mount the 35s tire on the truck’s lug bolts. Make sure you reinsert the lug nuts you pulled out before. Secure it tightly with your hand.
  • Finally, lower the truck and pull out the jack stand from underneath the truck.

So, this is how you can remove the old tire from your truck and mount a new 35s in it.

Here is the Video of Installing 35 Inch Tires On A Stock Ram 2500

Does Your Ram 2500 Need Leveling Kit for 35s?

Now, after installing a 35s you might be wondering if you need to level up the truck or not. 

Your Ram 2500 doesn’t need any leveling kit for 35s. Leveling kit allows you to level out the nose dip of your truck. It is a subtle lift that helps in ground clearance.

The leveling kit is mostly used when the tire rubs with your truck. For example, you’ll need to use a leveling kit when installing a bigger tire on the Stock 2005 Sequoia.

Being a large tire, the 35s is closer to the truck, RAM 2500. But it doesn’t necessarily rub when driving. So, there’s no need for leveling your Ram 2500 for a 35S tire.

However, if you want your truck to look more appealing, you can use a leveling kit. It’s actually not a harmful thing for your truck.

Does Your Ram 2500 Need Lift for 35s?

Apart from using a leveling kit, your Ram 2500 doesn’t need a lift kit for 35s either. It’s because the 35s tires are already proportionate in size to the truck’s tire accommodation.

If I break down a bit, lift kits are basically used to make the trucks lift. It’s done to create more room for bigger and heavier tires. 

Now, as the 35s already accommodates the truck without any rubbing issues, you don’t need to use a lift kit. 

However, some Ram 2500 still lift their trucks for a better off-roading experience. 

So, to summarize, you can get away without lifting your Ram 2500. But it isn’t an issue if you do so. In fact, by lifting you can get more ground clearance.  

Most Common Question By Users

What is the largest tire for a stock Ram 2500?

The largest tire for a stock Ram 2500 is the 35s tire. It has a dimension of 35’’ x 12.5’’. It fits the tire perfectly without the need for leveling or lifting up. And this is possible because the stock wheel doesn’t rub against the truck after installation or driving. 

Will 295 70r18 fit Ram 2500 stock wheels?

Yes, the 295 70r18 fit the Ram 2500 stock wheels perfectly. There won’t be any rubbing or lagging issues with your truck. These tires are also quiet on the road. Also, they make your Ram 2500 more appealing. 

What size are 2500 wheels?

The 2500 wheels generally fall between 17 and 20 inches in diameter. But the size actually depends on the model of the truck. Each model comes with a different trim size. So, you must check the measurements before you buy wheels for 2500. 

Will 35s fit on a leveled RAM 2500?

It depends on the specific tire size and wheel size of the RAM 2500 and the dimensions of the 35 inch tire you’re interested in. It’s recommended to consult the vehicle’s manual and tire manufacturer to determine the appropriate tire size and clearance for the vehicle. Some modifications to the suspension system may also be necessary to accommodate larger tires.

How much air should I put in my 35s?

The ideal air pressure for your 35-inch tires will depend on various factors such as the weight of your vehicle, load capacity, and the type of driving you do. As a general rule, it’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s specifications or the vehicle placard (often located on the driver’s side door jamb) for the recommended tire inflation pressure. The pressure specified is the maximum inflation pressure and not the ideal inflation pressure. It is advisable to check the tire pressure regularly and keep it at the recommended level to ensure optimal tire performance and longevity.


So, now you’re all clear about the Ram 2500 35s on stock wheels. What I’ll suggest is to check the model of your truck before you upgrade the wheels. Hopefully, this article has cleared out all your confusion regarding the 35s fit on Ram 2500. Feel free to comment below if you have any queries. Thanks for reading! 

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