Can You Install Nissan Titan 3 Inch Lift in 35 Inch Tires?

Many truck owners prefer to give their Nissan Titan a lift at one point of driving the vehicle. While many go for a lift kit installation, some prefer to install slightly bigger tires to give the vehicle a lift. 

So, is it alright to install Nissan Titan 3 inch lift 35-inch tires to lift the truck? 

Yes, it’s alright to install Nissan Titan 3-inch lift 35-inch tires to lift the truck. But you need to trim the pinch weld and remove the mud flaps in this case. Without modifications, it will be tough to fit the 35s in Nissan Titan as it’s a larger tire for the truck.  

In this guide, I will discuss the pros and cons of getting a 3-inch lift in a Nissan Titan with 35-inch tires. And whether it is the right decision or not. So, stay tuned till the end of the guide. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Equipping Nissan Titan with 3-inch lift 35-inch tires is alright. 
  • It provides better traction, ground clearance, and stability. 
  • 33-inch tires are also a good fit along with the 35-inch tires. 
  • The lift affects the fuel consumption and speedometer readings.

Will Nissan Titan 3-Inch Lift Fit 35-Inch Tires?

Yes, Nissan Titan 3-inch lift will fit 35-inch tires. But you have to modify it as you would do in installing a 4″ lift to 33 tires in Ram 1500.

You need to cut the pinch weld and remove the mud flaps. Otherwise, the tire will get rubbed at the back of the wheel well while rotating. 

By cutting the pinch weld, you’ll be able to free some ground clearance which will improve your driving experience. 

Remember that you’ll need a lift kit of 3.5 inches to 6 inches for installing a 3-inch lift in the 35-inch tire. 

How to Fit Nissan Titan 3-Inch Lift in 35-inch Tires?

To fit the Nissan Titan 3-Inch Lift in 35-Inch Tires, you have to do some modifications in your truck. Basically, if you cut the pinch welding according to the fitment of the tire, you’ll be able to install a 3-inch lift in the vehicle.

Here’s a step-by-step guideline on how you can fit the Nissan Titan 3-Inch Lift in 35-Inch Tires.

  • First, remove the fender flare and plastic liners. 
  • Then, take a grinder and cut 6 inches up the pinch welding.
  • After that, take a hammer and pound it gently on the pinch weld and take it as far as you can. You’ll notice that the undercoating has come off.
  • Then, make another cut near the fender liner location to maximize ground clearance. 
  • Hammer down the edges to soften them. You can also use a filer to smoothen the rough edges too.
  • Finally, flake off the loose undercoating and rust, and paint the exposed metal as best as you can. 

By following all of these steps, you’ll be able to rotate the wheels without rubbing or any other obstacles. 

How Much Does it Cost to Install a 3-Inch Lift for 35-Inch Tires in Nissan Titan?

It costs around $100-$150 to install a 3-inch lift for 35-inch tires in Nissan Titan. The leveling kit costs around $76. But if you want to use 3.5-inch lift supreme suspension, you’ll have to spend nearly $85. Apart from the cost of the leveling kit, you will have to spend extra dollars if you hire a professional. But in case, you’re capable of doing it yourself, you’ll save that money.  

4 Advantages Of Using Nissan Titan 3-Inch Lift 35-Inch Tires 

There are several benefits of using 35-inch tires in Nissan Titan for a 3-inch lift. This includes better suspension and grip on the vehicle. Without further ado, check out the advantages of getting this 3-inch lift. 

Better Ground Clearance

Using 35-inch tires in Nissan Titan trucks ensures better ground clearance. An improved ground clearance of a truck is essential for smooth road movement. Not only that, but it also makes the vehicle move properly on rough and uneven terrains. 

Improved Stability

The 3-inch lift improves the stability of the Nissan Titan truck. This improved stability helps the driver to balance the vehicle better. It also ensures that the truck performs efficiently on the roads without trouble. In addition, improved stability makes it easier for the driver to carry more weight. 

Enhanced Looks 

A lift of 3 inches on the Nissan Titan truck makes it stable on the road, and enhances its appearance. This improved appearance is why truck owners and enthusiasts go for a 35-inch tire installation. The incredible style and look of the vehicle make it an eye-catching ride on the roads. 

Better Traction

Installing the lift in the Nissan Titan truck allows owners to fit larger tires compared to the original ones. This also improves the off-road capability of the truck. On top of that, the bigger tires ensure better traction in mud and snow. 

Common Features On 35 Inch Tires

35×12.50R1735×12. 50R17Modify Required
315/75R1635×12. 40R16Modify Required
Nissan-Armada-Stoack-33 inch tires

Problems You May Face For Using Nissan Titan 3-Inch Lift 35-Inch Tires

There is nothing wrong with installing 35-inch tires on the Nissan Titan truck for a 3-inch life. However, this lift of 3 inches has both advantages and disadvantages. Now that the benefits are covered, take a look at the disadvantages. 

Frequent MaintenanceBigger wheels put additional pressure on the suspension. 
Incorrect Readings On The Speedometer35-inch tires cause the diameter to change and affect the speedometer. 
Increased Gas MileageThe extra weight and wind resistance increase fuel consumption

Take a detailed look at the disadvantages. 

Frequent Maintenance

While installing bigger tires improves the stability and looks of the truck, it also increases the frequency of vehicle maintenance. This is because the bigger tires put a decent amount of pressure on the suspension components of the Nissan Titan truck. The additional pressure on the suspension causes the truck to require frequent mechanic visits. 

This isn’t only applicable to Nissan Titan trucks only. You’ll also face similar kinds of problems on other vehicles like installing a larger tire on a Stock 2005 Sequoia.

Incorrect Readings On The Speedometer

Another major disadvantage of using the 3-inch lift on the Nissan Titan truck is the inaccuracy of speedometer readings. When driving a vehicle, a speedometer reading is required to maintain the correct speed on the roads. Inaccuracy readings on the speedometer affect the quality of driving and improves risks. 

To lift the Nissan Titan trucks, the original size of the tires is replaced with 35-inch tires. This causes the entire diameter of the wheel to change. Therefore, the reading on the speedometer is incorrect. 

Increased Gas Mileage

The fuel efficiency of a vehicle is highly important to ensure that the truck releases fewer pollutants into the environment. It also helps the owner save a significant amount of fuel. A lower amount of gas mileage ensures better fuel efficiency for the truck. 

However, lifting the Nissan Titan truck increases the vehicle’s gas mileage. This causes the overall operation cost of the vehicle to increase. And it also increases the amount of pollution it releases into the environment. 

Here is a Video Of 3 Inch Lift in Nissan Titan

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Lift Do You Need For 35 Inch Tires on Nissan?

You will need 2.5-inch to 2.6-inch lift for 35-inch tires on Nissan. A lift of this size is required to install and safely accommodate the 35-inch tires. Not only that, but the size of the lift varies significantly depending on the generation or model of the truck. 

Why Should You Consider Lift Size For Nissan Titan?

You should consider the lift size for Nissan Titan to install and accommodate the tires safely. However, the size of the lift varies significantly depending on the generation or model of the truck.

 Nissan Titan 3 Inch Lift in 35 Inch Tires

Image Source: 4WheelDriveGuide

How Much Does A 3-Inch Lift Kit Cost?

A 3-inch or smaller lift costs between $200 and $500.And for lift sizes of 3 to 6 inches or more, the cost varies significantly and ranges between $500 to $1000.Typically, the pricing of these lift kits can vary from $200 to $1000 or more, depending on the factors. 

Last Few Words

Lifting the Nissan Titan truck by installing bigger tires is quite common. Ensuring a Nissan Titan 3-inch lift 35-inch tires is an excellent way of improving the vehicle’s stability, grip, and ground clearance. Not only that, but it also ensures smooth movement on the roads. 

However, as discussed above, there are also a few disadvantages of installing bigger tires on the Nissan Titan truck. But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of this addition to the truck, making it a sensible decision to go for the installation.

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