Difference Between 33 vs 34 Inch Tires- Size/Height/Weight (Revised)

Is there a point at which we don’t want more? Larger, bolder, and more flamboyant. We all know that a few more inches on a tire can make a world of difference in the struggle of man’s ego. And what about that awesome ride sitting on the driveway? It’s a natural extension of you: your tenacity, willpower, and audacity. If you are looking for something bigger and better, you might get stuck between choosing the 33 and 34-inch tires. We’ll compare the two in this quick guide so you can determine which is better for you.

Comparing 33 vs 34 Inch Tires

Both tire sizes will provide optimal performance based on their capabilities. The 33-inch tires, for example, come in a variety of designs, including all-terrain tires, mud tires, blogs tires, open country tires, pavement tires, swamp tires, and more. Each drive design has a distinct appearance that will capture your interest long before it hits the ground. These tires are suitable for most 4WDs.

The 34-inch tires, on the other hand, are massive tires with distinct tread patterns that are ideal for both on- and off-road driving. Most 4WDs will benefit from these tires, which provide outstanding grip and traction.

key differences between the 33 and 34-inch tires are listed below.

Features33 Inch Tires34 Inch Tires
Average item weight50-60 pounds55-65 pounds
Section width12.5 inches11.3-12.6 inches
Tire diameter33 inches34 inches
Rim diameter15-20 inches16-20 inches
Tread depth18 32nds-21 32nds15 32nds-21 32nds
Aspect ratio11.5-12.59.5-70
Load index rating108.0-114.0120-125
Load capacity2200-3086 pounds3000-3200 ponds
Speed ratingR, QQ
Maximum tire pressure35-50 psi35-80 psi
PriceBelow $800Below $800
Top 3 brandsFalken Tires Mastercraft Tires Toyo TiresToyo Tires Discover SST Tires Baja Boss Tires

33-Inch Tires

Tread Pattern

These tires have a tough and durable tread pattern that is ideal for off-road use.


The tires feature the newly updated radial construction. As a result, they are extremely stable on all roads and terrains.

Rim Diameter

The rim diameter used with these tires ranges from 15 to 20 inches.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of most 33 inch tires ranges from 11.5 to 12.5.

Section width

The section width of most 33 inch tires is 12.5. This width is large enough to give your car more to hold onto, enhancing its handling and ability to maneuver.

Pro and cons of 33 Inch Tires


  • Good looks
  • Higher clearance from the ground
  • Enhanced off-road traction
  • Enhanced on-road traction
  • In most circumstances, no re-gearing is required.
  • There isn’t much cutting involved.
  • The speedometer is still fairly accurate.
  • A minimum of 2-inch lift is required.


  • Raised fuel consumption
  • In some vehicles installing these tires requires cutting of the fenders liners and guards
  • It involves the removal of front mud flaps in some cars
  • A 2-inch lift is needed for off-road use

34-Inch Tires

 Tread Design

These tires have a strong open tread design that delivers excellent grip and stability.

Sidewall Design

These tires have a fantastic sidewall design to provide adequate off-road traction. Furthermore, it improves on-road stability and functionality.


The tires feature a radial construction that makes them suited for all types of roads and terrains.

Rim Diameter

Rims used with these tires have a diameter ranging from 16 to 20 inches.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of these tires ranges from 9.5 to 70


These Tires have a section width ranging from 11.3 inches to 12.6 inches. With such a large width, the ground contact of your vehicle is increased, ensuring easy handling and maneuverability of your car.

Pro and cons of 34 Inch Tires


  • Enhanced looks
  • Raised ground clearance of your vehicle
  • Improved on-road traction
  • Enhance off-road traction
  • Relatively cheap


  • Increased fuel consumption
  • heavy

Which One is better: 33 vs 34 Inch Tires

We’re comparing tire brands that are 33 inches and 34 inches wide. There are multiple items in this category. If you’re searching for an all-terrain tire that can haul huge loads and resist constant abuse from gravel, dirt, and other hard off-road conditions, the 33-inch all-terrain tires are a good option. You can also buy mud tires before traveling on a muddy road journey.

34-inch mud-terrain and all-terrain tires will be a better choice for all seasons. You can buy Firestone Destination X/T, Grabber A/T X, or Baja Boss if you are a truck driver who loves to drive on rocky roads.

Upgrading My Tires from 33” to 34”!!! (Must Watch Video)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are 285 Tires Equal to 33’s?

The 285 is a relatively smaller tire than the 33. Compared to the 33-inch tire, the 285 has a diameter of 32.83 inches. However, you should examine the specifications of each tire manufacturer because the 285 and 33-inch tires offered by each tire manufacturer vary.

How Much Lift Do You Need to Fit 33-Inch Tires?

To fit 33-inch tires on most vehicles with independent front suspension, a minimum lift of 2.5 to 3 inches is required. However, to fit the 33-inch tires, considerable fender and body mount reduction is often required. In the case of vehicles with a solid front axle, there are fewer modifications needed to install these tires.

How Do You Choose Tires For the Summer Season?

To make the best selection when purchasing summer tires, you must first acquire all available information concerning the product. The tire’s label will assist you because it contains vital information. In this label, you can find rolling resistance, wet grip, and noise emissions of the tire you want to purchase.

It’s also a good idea to look into how the tires you’re thinking about purchasing perform in expert tests. Motoring journals and organizations can provide you with a solid suggestion of which model to buy.

What Happens When You Install Big Tires On Your Vehicle?

Installing big tires on your vehicle will affect your vehicle’s handling, increase braking distance, reduce fuel mileage, and make your car’s speedometer read slower than it actually should.

Are Big Tires Better Than the Small Ones?

Depending on various factors, both tires may be worse or better. Smaller tires, for example, are often easier to change and install. However, big tires can carry more weight than small tires.

What is the best rim size for 33 inch tires?

33 inch tires work good with 15-to-17-inch width.

Why are Tires called 33 ?

Most manufactures-built off-road tire using inches against of millimeters .


We hope this article has provided you with all of the information you require regarding 33 vs. 34-inch tires. However, judging which is better than the other is a matter of personal preference and taste.

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