Jeep Cherokee 32 Vs 33 Inch Tires: Is Bigger Better?

Which tire Size should you fit on your Jeep Cherokee? Many accessories affect your vehicle’s performance, but none bring more drastic changes than the tires. The best way to upgrade your machine is to ensure it has proper tires, especially when planning to go off-road.

33-Inch tires are more preferred than 32-Inch tires for the general off-roading purposes of Jeep Cherokee. 33-inch tires are well compatible with Jeep Cherokee, and you can fix them without the necessity of any modifications on your vehicle.

Unfortunately, 33-Inch tires are more expensive than 32-Inch ones that can still go off-road. Nevertheless, get a tire compatible with your vehicle and has an excellent tread pattern you need to go off-road. Good tread improves the handling capabilities of your vehicle when you go off-road.

32 Inch Tires vs 33 Inch Tires Dimensions Size Chart

Specifications 32/10-1733/10-15Difference
Circumference inches (mm)100.53 (2553.49)103.67 (2633.28)3.1%
Diameter inches (mm)32 (812.8)33 (838.2)3.1%
Revolutions per mile (km)630.25 (391.62)611.15 (379.75)-3%
Sidewall Height inches (mm)7.5 (190.5)9 (228.6)20%
Width inches (mm)10 (254)10 (254)0%

What Are The Advantages Of 32-Inch Tires?

  • 32-Inch Tires Are Cheaper

33-Inch tires are more affordable than 33-Inch tires. In addition, the shipping fee for 33-Inch tires is low because they have less weight. 33-inch tires are cheaper because fewer materials are used in their production, and there is no compromise on their overall quality.

What Are the Advantages of 33-Inch Tires?

33-Inch Tires Improve the Appearance of your Vehicle

If you want your Jeep Cherokee to look more sporty and aggressive, use 33-Inch tires. The more comprehensive and bigger tires, like the 33-Inch tires, look impressive on any vehicle.

You can install 33-Inch on racing cars, off-roading machines, or plain saloon cars. The wider and bigger tires will make your automobile look magically better.

33-inch Tires Offer Great Grip and More Traction

Since 33-Inch tires are broader and larger than 32-Inch tires, they offer more surface area that sticks to the terrain and ensures more traction and good grip.

33-Inch tires will help you stay afloat on mud. 32-inch tires can still do the same, but they don’t perform better than the 33-Inch tires. 

Generally, the wider and bigger 33-inch tires have a better tread pattern that outperforms the capabilities of 32-inch tires. Do you wish your vehicle to have more traction and good grip capabilities? Use 33-inch tires instead of 32-Inch tires.

Jeep Cherokee 32 Vs 33 Inch Tires

33-inch Tires Perform Better on Rock Crawling

Rock crawling is the hardest part when it comes to exploring off-road terrains. Therefore, you need more advanced tires that can handle and tolerate the harshness without compromising your ride quality.

32-inch and 33-inch tires can be used on rock crawling, but the bigger and wider tire is better. The more the surface area, the easier the rock climbing.

Big tires are stronger than smaller ones. Therefore, you can use 33-Inch tires for more satisfactory performance in rock crawling. 

If you want to install tires that are also less prone to punctures as they go through the rock crevices, use the bigger 33-Inch tires since they are thick. That means you will use 33-inch tires on off-road duties for longer.

Jeep Cherokee Tire Upgrade Full Details (Check On Video)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Size Tires Can I Fit on My Jeep?

Larger tires are often preferable when venturing into rugged terrains. Large sets of 33 or 35-inch all-terrain tires are the best for going over obstacles, but it should be noted that larger tires will influence power and fuel economy since there is much more rotational weight for the engine to turn. The most typical sizes are 33 and 35-Inch tires, but there are other options.

Are 285 Tires Equal To 33-Inch Tires?

33-Inch tires are also called the 285 tires. The metrics are different, whereby 285 refers to the width of tires in millimeters while 33-inches is the diameter.

How Do 33-Inch Tires Affect Gas Mileage?

Tires with larger diameters, circumferences, and widths increase the unsprang weight that directly affects the vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency, gearing, and other components. Expect an increase of 1 to 2 mpg when you upgrade 32-inch tires to 33-Inch tires.

Are 32-Inch Tires Good For Off-Road?

32-Inch tires are ready for off-road fun. They are tough and responsive enough to get you out of the mud and rugged terrain without compromising fuel efficiency or vehicle-on-road handling.

Do Bigger Tires Waste More Gas?

Larger tires decrease fuel economy, while smaller tires increase fuel efficiency. Bigger tires are heavy and tend to encounter higher rolling resistance; therefore, more effort is required to keep them rolling.

When Should You Replace 32 Tires?

The Department of Transportation in the United States recommends that you replace 32-Inch tires when they hit the 2/32″ depth. Penny test is ideal to check whether your tires have attained 2/32″ threshold.

What Is The Advantage Of Bigger Tires?

Larger tires have more grip and good traction. Therefore as the width of the tire increases, it tends to cover larger surfaces on the road. Increasing contact surface area gives your vehicle more ground to hold onto. That consequently enhances the handling and ability of your vehicle to maneuver easily.

Are Bigger Tires Better For Potholes?

The sidewall absorbs the forces produced when the tire crashes into a pothole. With a bigger sidewall, tires can absorb the impact of potholes better.

Do Larger Tires Need More Power To Accelerate?

Tires with bigger sizes rotate slowly and it will require more power for it to accelerate because the mechanical advantage of the vehicle is decreased.

How Much Lift to Fit 33″ On a Jeep?

You can fit a 33-Inch tire on your Jeep without lifting modifications. However, lift it to 3-4 inches before mounting the 33-Inch tires to get the full advantage of your Jeep.

Why are Jeep XJ so popular?

The Jeep XJ are most popular because it was modern, compact utility on this time.

What is a Jeep XJ worth?

Jeep XJ average price of $12400.


Always try to use 33-Inch tires rather than 32-Inch tires on your Jeep Cherokee because they are adaptable, have an impressive look, and enhance your vehicle’s off-road performance. 

Use 32-Inch tires if you have a tight budget. They are affordable and will offer you mid-rage ground clearance for the off-roading experience. When you’re anticipating subjecting your Jeep Cherokee to extreme road conditions, use 33-Inch tires.

Hopefully, you know which tire is the best for your vehicle when it comes to bargaining between Jeep Cherokee 32-inch tires vs. Jeep Cherokee 33-inch tires.

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