What Is The Difference Between 305 Vs 33 Inch Tires- Comparison Chart

Are you venturing into the off-roading domain? In that case, you will need suitable tires which can endure the rough terrain and also be high enough to keep the vehicle safe from stones, stumps, and other hindrances on the ground. That’s why putting large tires on your 4WD will give you the best off-roading experience. 305 vs 33-inch tires can be two of the best options to serve your purpose.

In this article, you will find the comparison between 305 tires Vs 33-inch tires, so you can eventually decide which tire is the best choice for you.

Difference Between 305 Vs 33 inch Tires:

Depending on the aspect ratio and the rim diameter, 305 tires, and 33 tires are not very different. If you are using a 305/70r16 tire, it is slightly smaller than a 33-inch tire, but 305/75r17 is bigger (almost 35 inches). So depending on the wheel of your vehicle, lift capacity, road condition you have to select the right tire for you.

305/70r16 tires are almost 33 inches but they are heavier, so their load capacity index is higher. Also, these tires are quite wide, so you have to make sure your vehicle’s stock rim is adequate. If it is not broad enough, such tires have the risk of rubbing with inner components.

On the other hand, narrower 33-inch tires are slightly taller but are lighter. They will give better ground clearance and less unsprung weight. Also, less width means less chance of chafing the vehicle’s inner part.

The difference between 305 tires and 33 Inch tires is listed below.

Features305 Tire33-Inch
Average weightAround 60-70 lbsAround 55-58 lbs
section width12 inches12.5 inches
Height32.8 inches to 35-inch33 inches
Rim diameter16-17-inch15-20-inch
Tread depth20 32nd 18 32nd
StyleNitto Terra Grappler all_ Season Radial Tire, Road One Cavalry M/T Mud Tire, Yokohama GEOLANDAR M/T G003 All-Terrain Radial Tire, Cooper Discoverer STT Pro All-SeasonMastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire, Falken Wildpeak AT3W all_ Season Radial Tire, Toyo OPEN COUNTRY R/T All-Terrain Radial Tire,
Aspect ratio7070
Load index rating124108
Speed ratingQMostly Q, R
PriceBelow $250Below $250
Best PickContinental SportContact 6 295/40-20

Detailed about 305 Tires Feature

Tread Design: Long-lasting and extremely tough tires. Additionally, their tread design helps them navigate over stones or mud easily, without tearing or getting stuck.

Construction: These tires are very well constructed by using the radial method. They are made of tough materials and they are puncture-proof. So they are quite robust and durable.

Rim Diameter: 305 mm tires are made for a variety of rim diameters, from 15 inches to 22 inches. Depending on your stock rim diameter, you can use them in most vehicles.

Aspect Ratio: 305 tires width is fixed, but its aspect ratio can vary up 75%

Width: The tire is 305 mm wide, this is why it is named 305 tires.

Pro and Cons of 305 Tires


  1. Quite wide, so improve off road performance.
  2. Great Stability and balance on both on and off-road
  3. The wider tire looks good on vehicle
  4. Maximum tread life
  5. Better lateral grip


  1. Not fuel efficient
  2. Expensive
  3. More unsprung weight
  4. Can rub and damage brakes and other components.

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305 Vs 33 Inch Tires

Detailed about 33 inch Tires Feature:

Tread Design: These tires are designed for exceptional road grip. Their design makes sure the mud, snow, small stones, or anything else does not stick to the tires.

Construction: These tires are manufactured by the redial method, so they are built to endure any terrain, rocky, muddy, or snowy.

Rim Diameter: The 33-inch tires are quite versatile, and they can be fit in 15 inches to 20-inch stock rims.

Aspect Ratio: These tires’ aspect ratio can be up to 75%.

Width: 33-inch tires are available in a variety of widths. 12.5 inches are a popular measurement for it.

Pro and Cons of 33 Tires


  1. Less Weight, so less unsprung weight
  2. Looks good on vehicle
  3. Long lasting
  4. Fuel efficient
  5. Less chance of damaging automobiles inner components


  1. Bigger tire, so more investment in installation and maintenance
  2. The speedometer might be slightly off

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Which One is Better 305 or 33 Tires?

305 mm tires and 33-inch tires both are great choices for off-roading. Both have their benefits and disadvantages. 305 is very wide, and depending on the aspect ratio and rim diameter it can be slightly shorter than 33-inch. But it is heavier, so more unsprung weight. Also, it can be more expensive and less fuel-efficient. But, these tires have better road grip, due to their width.

33-inch tires can be a little taller so better ground clearance, which is very important while off-roading. Also, it will make the vehicle slightly higher, so it will better protect the lower body of the automobile. It can be expensive and your speedometer might not work properly.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Q. Are 305 tires the same as 33?

Ans. Depending on the manufacturer, the 305/55r20 tire can be a true 33×12.5, whereas the 33×12.5 tire can sometimes be narrower than a proper 33″ and 12.5″ wide tire. Some brands offer metric tires with a deeper tread depth than standard sizes (33×12.5). So it can vary a little between the tires by different makers.

Q. Are 305 tires the same as 35?

Ans. 305 tires are smaller than 35. 305/75r17 tires are slightly less than 35 inches.

Q. What is a 305 equivalent to?

Ans. According to P-Metric to Inches Conversion Chart, 305/70r16 tires’ total diameter is 32.8 inches.

Q. Are 295 tires the same as 33?

Ans. It depends on the aspect ratio and rim diameter. 295/55r20 is equivalent to 32.8 inches and 295/60r20 is 33.9 inches.

Q. What does 305 mean on a tire?

Ans. A tire that is 305 millimeters wide is called 305 tires. Depending on the aspect ratio and rim diameter it can be smaller or larger, but it must be 305 mm wide.

Q. Are the 285 tires the same as 305?

Ans. Though these tires have some similar features, they are not the same. One is 305 mm wide other is 295 mm wide.

Q. Can I replace 285 tires with 305?

Ans. It is possible to upgrade to the 305 even though it is wider than 285. If you want the upgrade, be sure to replace the tire correctly so there are no safety concerns. This upgrade can improve the vehicle’s appearance, by replacing your tire with a wider option. Not only that, but it can also enhance your off-road driving experience.

Q. What tire size is equivalent to 33?

Ans: 285 is the tread width measurement of the tire and 33 inches is the measurement of the tire diameter, still the accepted metric equivalent for 33-inch tires sizes is 285/75r16 tires.


So in this article, you will find the comparison between a 305 tire and a 33-inch tire’s suitability for off-roading. We have mentioned both tires’ merits and demerits. Hopefully, it will help you to decide which tires suit you the best in your off roading journey.

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