275 vs 315 Tires Comparison – Who is Taking Over?

Cars are essential in our lives. They facilitate the movement of us and our luggage, which is sufficient justification for keeping them in good condition.

By replacing worn-out tires with new ones when necessary, we can ensure that our cars are well-maintained. However, despite how simple the task may seem, it is not. Before choosing the best tires for your car, you need to be aware of many tire-related factors. The size of the tires is one of these.

This article will contrast two popular tire sizes available on the market, 275 vs. 315 tires, to make the task of finding new tires for your car easier.

275 vs. 315 Tires: What is the Difference?

If you are in the market, you will likely get stuck when choosing between the 275 and 315 tires. They seem to be similar until you take a closer look.

One thing you need to understand before we dive into the differences between the 275 and 315 tires is that none of these tires is superior to the other. This means you can buy either of them as long as it suits your car and is reliable on the road. However, there are a few elements you need to consider before making this choice.

275 and 315 represent the tire’s width. A tire’s width is its measurement from one sidewall to the other. In this case, a 275 tire has a width of 275 millimeters, while a 315 tire has a width of 315 millimeters. This is the main difference between the 275 and 315 tires.

The table below summarizes the differences between the 275/70R18 and 315/70R18 to help you understand more of the distinctions between the 275 and the 315 tires.

Diameter33.160 inches35.360 inches
Sidewall height192.5 millimeters220.5 millimeters
Rim diameter1818
Circumference104.170 inches111.090 inches
Aspect ratio7070


The tire’s diameter affects the overall feel of a vehicle. With the smaller diameter tires, you will have a smooth ride, while with the large diameter tires, you will have more grip and stability.

When comparing the 275/70r18 vs. the 315/70r18 diameters, the 315/70r18 has a bigger diameter. These tires are, therefore, the best if you are looking for tires that will offer you more grip and stability.

On the other hand, the 275/70r18 will be good if you are concerned about having a smooth ride.

Section Width

Section width refers to the tire’s measurement from one sidewall to the other. Tires with a larger section width are aesthetically appealing and less noisy on the road. On the other hand, tires with a smaller width are cheap and offer a better ride quality and grip in snow and mud.

The section width of the 275/70r18 is 275 millimeters, while the section width of the 315/70r18 is 315 millimeters.

The difference in the width is not huge, but if you are looking for slightly broader tires, the 315/70r18 tires would be the best option.

275 vs 315 Tires


Circumference refers to the measurement around the outer part of a tire. The circumference of the 275/70r18 tires is 104.170 inches, while that of 315/70r18 tires is 111.090 inches. So the 315/70r18 tires have a slightly larger circumference than the 275/70r18.

Sidewall Height

Sidewall height refers to the distance between a rim’s edge and the top of a tire. A larger height ensures a smoother ride, while a smaller one offers more grip in muddy and snowy situations.

 The sidewall height of a 275/70r18 tire is 192.5 millimeters, while that of 315/70r18 is 220.5 millimeters. So 315/70r18 tires feature a larger sidewall height than 275/70r18 tires.

Rim Size

Wheel size refers to the diameter of a rim that a tire can be mounted on. 18-inch rims can be used with the 275/70r18 and 315/70r18 tires.


Radial construction is the most popular type of tire construction available in the market. This type of tire construction indicates that plies perpendicular to the direction of movement were used to construct the tire.

The 275/70r18 and 315/70r18 tires all feature radial construction. This ensures that they are among the most durable tires available.

Revolution Per Mile

The number of revolutions a tire can make per mile impacts your fuel economy. The more revolutions, the more negative impact on your fuel economy.

The 275/70r18 have a revolution rate of 608 per mile, while the 315/70r18 have a revolution rate of 570 per mile. This means the 315/70r18 tires make more revolutions per mile than the 275/70r18 tires.

275 vs. 315: Which One Should You Choose

The difference between the 275 tires and the 315 tires is in the tire’s width. Compared to the 275, the 315 tires are 40 millimeters wider.

Selecting the best tire between the two will mainly depend on your driving requirements and preference. If you are looking for aesthetically appealing tires that will offer you excellent grip on the road and enable you to handle the sharp corners easily at high speed, then the 315 tires are your best bet.

On the other hand, if you live in a muddy or snowy region, the 275 will be your best option since they will offer you a superior grip in these conditions. The tires will also offer you a more comfortable ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are  315 Tires Equal to the 35 Inch Tires?

Yes. The 315 tires are equal to the 35-inch tires. The 315 represents the tire’s width, while the 35 inch represents the tire’s diameter. 

How Much Smaller is 275 than 305?

Percentages can sometimes help put things into perspective. Compared to 315, the 275 is 10.9%  smaller in width.

What Tires are Equal to the 275/60R20?

The 33-inch tire is equivalent to 275/60 R20 tires.

What Distinguishes a 275 From a 285 Tire?

275 tires are less expensive, more suitable for highways, and lighter. On the other hand, the 285 tires are more robust, have deep treads, and have a killer appearance.

What Distinguishes 33 and 35 Tire Sizes?

Compared to a 33-inch tire, a 35-inch tire offers roughly an inch more clearance at the axle.

Final Take

We hope this article helped you understand the differences between 275 and 315 tires.

The choice between these two sizes ultimately comes down to your driving needs and preferences. Ensure you obtain the correct rim size for your car regardless of tire size.

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