25c vs 28c Tires: Which Tire Should You Choose?

Choosing the right tire can be quite difficult, especially as a new cyclist, given that there are numerous models to choose from. Everybody knew about the 25c tires for years, and then suddenly, the 28c was introduced.

So, which one is better between 25c vs 28c tires?

Between 25c vs 28c tires, the 28c tires are better than the 25c tires. It’s because the 28c tires have more grip and handling capability and they’re also capable of riding on rough terrains. again, 28c tires are also faster than 25c tires. 

Today we analyze the two models in-depth, discuss their features, pros, and cons, and lastly, answer some of the most asked questions regarding the two models.

Quick Comparison Between 25C Vs 28C Road Bike Tires

If you do a battle between the 25C vs 28C road bike tires, you must consider the specifications of both tires. By comparing the size, weight, air pressure, speed rate, etc, you’ll be able to understand the performance differences between the bikes. 

Here’s an at-a-glance comparison table between 25C and 28C road bike tires for your ease.   

Tire Diameter700mm700mm
Section Width25mm28mm
Load capacity350lbs350lbs
Tire aspect ratio3030
Maximum air pressure80-93psi80-90psi
Speed ratingA3A2
Revolution per mile710-747710-747
Top 3 brandsContinental Bicycle Tires Pirelli P zero race Victoria CorsaContinental Victoria Rubino Veloflex Master SPS  

As you’ve seen the main differences between 25c and 28c tires, you might be wondering if it’s almost the same as the comparison between 245 and 255 tires. You can also check out the detailed descriptions below. 

25 vs 28 Tires: Detailed Comparison

Here’s a detailed comparison between 25 vs 28mm tires in detail explaining the tread design, construction, size, performance, and rolling resistance. 

Tread Design

The 25c tires use slick patterns that are suitable to ensure unhindered speed on rough surfaces. But the 28c tires use gleeky blokes to enhance grip and braking on rough surfaces. 

For smooth roads, the 25c uses a grooved tread pattern whereas the 28c uses Semi-slick tires with evenly distributed geeky blokes. 


In the 25c tire, the fabric is used to make the tires run diagonally from bead to bead to ensure that they are not floppy. This allows the tires to be more flexible and comfortable.

Like the 25c tires, 28c also uses a bias construction. The threads of their fabric run diagonally. This makes them more flexible, enhancing balance and grip.


The number ‘25’ in the name ‘25c’ denotes the tire’s width. Therefore, this bicycle tire has a width of 25mm. Kindly note that the letter ‘c’ does not stand for centimeters. However, the letter c is an old French method of tire classification. The number 28 in “28c” denotes its width as 28mm.

Both of the tires have a nominal diameter of 700 mm and a deflated diameter of 668mm. These tires have an aspect ratio of up to 30.


28c has higher gearing. Therefore, with the 28c tires, you will be able to cover more distance than when you are using the 25c tires.

Rolling Resistance

The 28c tires provide a more comfortable ride because of their low rolling resistance.

The 28mm tires are quite faster than the 25mm tires. The difference is by 0.02mph when put to the test. 

It happens due to the difference in width and weight. The narrower the width, the higher the rolling resistance, and vice versa. The slight difference in speed explains why most cyclists don’t notice the difference.  

25c vs 28c Tires

Pros and Cons of 25C Tires


  • Durable and of good quality.
  • They are suitable for all-terrain.


  • High rolling resistance due to its narrow width hence slower.

Pros and Cons of 28C Tires


  • Highly resistant to all terrains.
  • Flexible and Comfortable.
  • Slightly faster due to low rolling resistance.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • This tire is one of the newest tire models, and it is only possible to use them on new bike models.

Which Tire is Better: 25c or 28c?

When deciding which tire is better between 25c and 28c, you need to determine a few aspects. 

A 25c tire is narrower, which means it creates less resistance and allows for higher speeds. If you’re a racer or someone who likes to ride fast, then a 25c tire might be the way to go. 

Additionally, 25c tires tend to be lighter than 28c tires, which means less weight to haul around.

On the other hand, 28c tires are a good option for those who prioritize comfort and stability. These tires are wider, which means they absorb more shock and provide a smoother ride. 

If you’re someone who likes to go on long rides or rough terrain, then a 28c tire might be the way to go. Additionally, 28c tires tend to be more durable than 25c tires, which means they can withstand more wear and tear.

Ultimately, the decision between 25c and 28c tires comes down to personal preference and riding style. If you’re a speed demon, then 25c tires might be the better option. If you prioritize comfort and stability, then 28c tires might be the way to go. So, choose wisely and ride on!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are 25c and 28c tires interchangeable?

Yes, 25c and 28c tires are interchangeable. This is because the two have the same diameter. However, it is impossible to interchange the inner tubes given that the two tires have different widths.

Is it worth it to upgrade to the 28c?

Yes, it is worth it to upgrade to the 28c. This is because the 28c will provide a more comfortable and fast riding experience. Furthermore, the 28c tires are steadier; hence you are less likely to have accidents during the ride.

What size of the inner tube do I need for a 25c and a 28c?

If you have the 25c tires, we highly recommend using a 25c inner tube. The size of the inner tube should correspond to the width and diameter of the tire. This also applies to the 28c tire.

Which tire would you recommend for touring?

Touring is a leisure activity that requires you to view beautiful sights and enjoy the view. Therefore, the best choice would be the 28c tires, given that they offer more comfort to the rider.


Now you know the difference between the two tires, 25c vs 28c tires. You can now go ahead and choose a tire that matches your needs and preferences. We hope that this guide was useful in helping you make a good choice for yourself.

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