Difference Between 275 vs 285 Tires (Solution Updated)

Your car comprises several parts. Each with its own set of characteristics, these parts ensure that your vehicle operates smoothly.

Tires are one of the essential pieces of your car because you can’t move your car from one location to another without them. Selecting the correct tire size for your vehicle, on the other hand, can be a challenging task at times. This quick guide will walk you through the differences between 275 vs 285 tires so you can select the right one for you.

Comparing 275 vs 285 Tires

Both tire sizes will provide optimal performance based on their capabilities. For example, the 275 tires are excellent tires that offer exceptional toughness, durability, and traction for traversing severe terrain, giving you the confidence to take on the most demanding tasks for work or play.

The 285 tires, on the other hand, are relatively large. They have world-class off-road traction and remarkable on-road comfort. They can easily handle deep snow, muddy job sites, and wet roadways.

Below are the differences between the 275 and 285 tires.

Features275 Tires`285 Tires
Section width8.5 inches11.2 inches
Tire diameter32 inches33 inches
Tires weight30.0-43.0 pounds38.0-67.0 pounds
Tread depth10 32nds-12 32nds10 32nds-18 32nds
Aspect ratio45.0-70.045.0-75.0
Rim diameter20 inches16-22 inches
Rim width8.0-9.5 inches8.0-22.0 inches
Load index rating111.0-117.0114.0-126.0
Load capacity1600-2900 pounds1700-3700 pounds
Speed ratingH or T or YH or Q or R
Maximum tire pressureUp to 65psiUp to 80psi
PriceMostly below $800Mostly between $150 to $100
Top 3 brandsBridgestone, Michelin, HankookFirestone, Bridgestone, Goodyear
Best PickBridgestone Sport 275/35-20 XL
Michelin Pilot 4 275/40-20 XL
Hankook S1 evo3 275/35-21 XL
Firestone 500 285/30-20 XL
Bridgestone Sport A/S 285/45-21
Goodyear GT II 285/50-20 111H

275 Tire Features

Tread Design: 275-tires have a durable and robust tread design suitable for both on-road and off-road use.

Construction: 275-tires feature the newly updated radial construction. This construction possesses various qualities such as enhanced road grip, improved comfort while traveling, and a smooth transition that prevents friction.

Aspect Ratio of 275 Tires: The aspect ratio of these tires’ ranges from 45-70.

285 tires

Width of 275 Tires: The section width of these tires is 8.5 inches. This width is enough to give your car more to hold onto, enhancing its handling.

Rim Diameter of 275 Tires: Most 275-tires can be used with 20 inches wide rims.

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Pro and Cons of 275 Tires


  • Ensures quiet travel with minimal noise interruptions
  • They are cost-effective.
  • They are suitable for long-distance travel.


  • They can only carry a limited amount of weight.
  • When they come into contact with external bodies, they are vulnerable to damage.

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285 Tire features

Tread Design: These tires feature a robust and durable design that allows them to be used on any road or terrain.

Construction: These tires utilize the newly updated radial construction; hence they are highly stable on all roads and terrains.

Width of 285 Tires: 285-tires have a section width of 11.2 inches that ensures that your car has enough to hold onto, enhancing its handling and ability to maneuver.

Aspect Ratio of 285 Tires: The aspect ratio of these tires ranges from 45 to 70.

Rim Diameter of 285 Tires: 285-tires can be used with 16 to 22 inches wide rims.

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Pro and cons of 285 Tires


  • They are inexpensive
  • They can be used through all road terrain
  • They are highly efficient in all seasons


  • They are not suitable for extremely long distance.

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285 Vs 275 Tires: Which One is Better?

We’re comparing 275 and 285 tires. There are multiple items in this category. 275 all-terrain tires are recommended for driving in dry, rainy, and snowy conditions. These tires are also suitable for use in long-distance travel.

285 mud-terrain and all-terrain tires will be a wider choice for use in all seasons. These tires are suitable for most trucks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can You Fit Your 275 or 285 Tires?

Having 275 or 285 tires on your vehicle is a significant upgrade. The ability to use them effectively, on the other hand, is critical. These can only happen if the tires are correctly installed in the vehicle.

Fixing 275 or 285 tires on your car should only be done by experienced professionals with the necessary skills.

Are 285 Tires Similar To 33-Inch Tires?

You can assume the 285 tires are the same size as the 33-inch tires. The 285 is, however, somewhat smaller than the 33-inch tire. Compared to the 33-inch tires, the 285 tires have a diameter of 32.832 inches. The 285 tires are thus slightly smaller than the 33-inch tires. You should, however, examine the manufacturer’s specifications, as there are differences in the 285 and 33-inch tires offered by different tire manufacturers.

Can You Replace 275 Tires With 285 Tires?

Yes, you certainly can. Even though 285 tires are a little wider than 275 tires, they have the same tread pattern; hence you may replace one with the other without any problems.

How Much Wider is a 285 Tire Than a 275 Tire?

According to manufacturer statistics, the width of a 275 tire is 0.39 inches less than that of a 285 tire.

Can You Change Rims without Changing Tires?

Yes, you can change rims without replacing tires and get away with it if you do it correctly. When doing so, make sure to select a rim with the same bolt pattern.

Second, make sure that all other rim specifications, such as width, diameter, and so on, are as identical as possible. If you are sure of these details before changing the rims, the tire will fit correctly and perform admirably.

Problems arise only when decisions are made randomly without regard for vital differences in the same primary factors. In most circumstances, many tire variances are unimportant as long as the necessary conditions are identical in every way.

Are Bigger Tires Better Than the Smaller Ones

Both tires can be worse or better, depending on many factors. For example, smaller tires are typically easier to change and install. Bigger tires, on the other hand, can carry more weight.

Can I use a 275 tire instead of 285?

Yes, you can change with 275 and 285 tires.

What is a 285 compared to?

285 wide tires are the same as a 33 inch tire.


We hope this article has offered you all the information you need about 275 tires vs. 285 tires. However, deciding which is better than the other depends on your taste and preferences.

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