Biggest Tires on Leveled 2500HD- What Tire Size Can I Choose? (Revised)

One of the reasons why many people love owning trucks is the ability to upgrade them, especially for off-road performance. One common modification among leveled 2500HD owners is bigger tires. If you are planning to get bigger tires for your leveled 2500HD, you might wonder how big you can go.

The biggest tires you can install on a leveled 2500HD are the 31s. The 33s can also be installed, but they will require a lot of trimming. So the best option would be the 31s since they require minimal trimming.

Can You Fit 33s on a Leveled 2500HD?

The 33-inch tires can be utilized on a leveled 2500HD, but they will require you to do a lot of trimming.

The Silverado utilizes the Independent Front Suspension System. Wheel backspacing and Upper Control Arm (UCA) clearance issues are typical in trucks utilizing this system.

Chevrolet’s Silverado 2500HD appears to be a massive truck, but it has a limited amount of arch clearance. A 33-inch tire or a tire wider than 33 inches will undoubtedly rub with a little arch clearance.

You must adjust the placement of the plastic fender insert and the mud flaps if you want to utilize large 33-inch tires and the stock rims rub. You can modify the plastic fenders to make room using a heat gun. You must, however, exercise caution when doing so.

You can choose narrower tires than stock if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of trimming and cutting. Although these tires are tall—33 inches or more—their thinness prevents them from rubbing. The thin tire will give your truck more ground clearance, enable off-road driving, and require less modification.

Most of these thin tires are 32.7 inches wide and come in 255/85R16 sizes. They are also available as 255/80 R17, which is equivalent to 33×10. You won’t need to make significant alterations to your truck’s stock suspension or deal with any rubbing while using such a tire.

255 is the optimal and most effective thickness without negative offset rims and substantial wheel spacers. Although the majority of the slender wheels fit the wheel well, they might not improve the appearance of your Silverado 2500HD. But they provide the simplest means of mounting 33-inch wheels without requiring significant alterations.

Can Leveling Kits and Spacers Help You Fit a 33-Inch Tire?

To install a wider tire on your truck, you can extend your truck’s backspacing by using wheel spacers. Although most people do not think wheel spacers are a good idea, they can be the most affordable option to help you install bigger 33-inch tires. 

Although these devices do not solve all of your larger tire issues, they will assist you in mounting the tires for increased ride height and better truck appearance.

Tires on Leveled 2500HD

It’s crucial to consider the interior upper clearance of the wheel arch while installing wheel spacers. Although using spacers to enhance backspacing may be a simple option, you don’t want to use them excessively because they may reduce the clearance of the top interior of the wheel arch.

A leveling kit is another convenient and inexpensive approach to widening the backspacing. This is installed over the front coil struts. The truck’s body will sit a little higher thanks to the kit, allowing wider tires to fit. The kit won’t change the truck’s off-road capabilities but will improve your approach angle.

How Do 33″ Tires Affect a Leveled 2500HD Ride Quality?

The traction and handling will be enhanced on and off-road because the wider 33s offer a greater surface area to contact the road. The larger tires are better at absorbing road imperfections, and the thicker tire walls provide a higher ride height and better all-around visibility. 

Bigger tires can also be deflated more, offering a  slightly longer and wider footprint. This is particularly beneficial when driving your truck in mud, snow, and sand.

2022 Chevy 2500HD Duramax 35 inch TIRE FIT TEST// WILL IT FIT? (Video)

Will Larger Tires Affect Your Truck’s Fuel Economy?

Yes. The tires will cause decreased fuel efficiency. Bigger and heavy tires improve your truck’s appearance and off-road performance, but you might use a little more fuel when traveling with these tires. These tires sit underneath the suspension and contribute to the truck’s unsprang weight.

Fuel consumption rises as the unsprung weight of the truck increases. An upgrade to your tires might not be necessary if you are not ready to use more fuel.

The pull-off performance of the vehicle may also be affected as the truck must pull the tires heavier than factory tires. Maintaining the pull performance becomes more difficult as the tire size increases.

Even though each tire only adds a few kilograms, the modest weight affects how torque is transferred to truck wheels. The differentials will be put under a great deal of stress if you select tires that are larger than 33 inches. To reduce the strain and improve the car’s performance in this situation, you might need to re-gear the differentials.

The noise levels, handling, and ride comfort are other effects of tire size. Although the smaller tires provide excellent handling, they are unsuitable for off-road driving. Due to this, you require a tire size that can offer you the best of big tires and small tires without causing harm to your truck’s performance.

With a 33” Tire, Which Offset is Effective on Silverado?

With the 33″ tires, the -6 offset is ideal because there is a slight poke. Additionally, it gives better internal wheel arch clearance and backspacing at full lock. With this offset, there are no contacting leaf springs, control arms, or other clearance issues. No rubbing, even at full lock. 

Pros and Cons of Installing Bigger Tires on Your Leveled 2500HD


  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Improved ground clearance 
  • Enhanced off-road traction
  • Enhanced on-road traction


  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Sluggish performance compared to the factory tires
  • Inaccurate speedometer readings

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What size tires can I fit on a leveled Ram 2500?

35X12.5″ will be fit on 2500 HD Ram .

Can you fit 33s on a leveled Silverado?

You can fit only leaving Kit on 33″ on leveled Silverado .

Does leveling a truck affect mpg?

Yes, it will decrease on your fuel economy.

Final Take

The biggest tires you can install on a leveled 2500HD are the 31s. Going bigger than this will require you to do a lot of trimming. You can also use spacers and leveling kits to help you install bigger tires.

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