Difference Between 245 vs 255 Tires-Which One better? (Updated)

After years of being a mechanic, I am used to people not knowing that they can change car specifications to suit their needs. One common question is, “Is it possible to have larger tires?”. I think explaining the difference between 245 vs 255 tires will dispel doubts about it.

Both tires are similar yet have a significant difference that changes the car’s setup. It also enhances some features while decreasing some. Anyone who owns a vehicle should know the minute details of the auto’s parts.

But, before we get into details, we need to understand why tire size matters.

Tire Size and Its Importance

Your wheels are the ones who move to automobile. It is also the parts that connect the car to the ground. It holds up the total weight of the vehicle.

Suppose it is raining and you use a 245 tire and not a 255 tire. The groove on your 245 tires will be narrower than a 255 one. So, your tire choice can make or break you.

The water won’t drain quickly. The grip on the road will be less and seem slippery. But, 255 tires will have a wider area and can drain more water from the tire channel.

Thus, if you live in a rainy place, a wider tire is more suitable for you. The health and safety of your automobile and tire depend on the tire size.

Difference Between 245 tires and 255 tires

First, we should know more about what 245 and 255 tires mean. The numbers indicate the width of the tire from side to side. The wideness of a tire is measured in millimeters (mm). It is also known as the sidewall.

Handling and Turning

The turning and handling of any vehicle depend on a tire’s area. The wider a tire is, the more space it takes up in a road. Therefore, a wider tire is better at turning.

It is also easier to maneuver. A person living near or on a mountain should use a 255 rather than a 245. But the wider a tire is, the better in this case.

So, a 255 mm wheel is better at handling.

Stopping Power

People who like driving fast should get a wide tire for better stopping power. It also provided more stability on the road. 255 mm and 245 mm are almost the same when accounting for stopping power.

Maximum Capacity

Your criteria when choosing a tire should include the carload. A heavy tire can carry a light vehicle, but it does not work vice versa. A 255 mm tire can endure almost 900 kgs which 245 tires can take on 850 kgs.

Here, 245 vs. 255 tires do make a difference.

Fuel Consumption

The bigger a wheel is, the more fuel it consumes. It reduces gas mileage. A 255 tire needs more energy to work than 245 tires.

Cars that need less fuel are easier to drive. So, they do not reduce gas mileage as much.

Tire Weight

A 245-tire weigh 27 pounds, while a 255 weighs 47 pounds. Subsequently, these 20 pounds matter a lot.

A heavy car can use a heavy wheel, but it will devour a lot of fuel. On the other hand, a light tire can’t move a heavy vehicle.

Considering the flip side, we can see that a heavy auto suits a lightweight car. Though, it will be a waste and uneconomical in the long term. A thin tire and a thin automobile match well,

However, it will get more damaged in a collision, its maneuverability is less, and it will not keep the rider safe.

Car Load

In general, 245 tires can sustain a weight of 850 kg (1,874 lbs) and 255 tires can support a weight of 900 kg (2,984 lbs). The main purpose of the load rating is to ensure that light tires are not used on heavy vehicles.

Thus, Tire Weight is an important consideration when choosing a tire.

Features245 mm tires255 mm tires
Weight27 lbs47 lbs
Rim Size18 inches20 inches
Aspect Ratio4555
Load Capacity1764 lbs1819 lbs
Sidewall Height7.23 inches7.03 inches
Diameter30.47 inches30.06 inches
Speed RatingTV
Tread Depth10 32nds10 32nds
245 vs 255 Tires

Choosing Between 245 and 255 Tires

A 255-tire weigh more and is 10 mm wider than 245. It is easier to handle, looks classy, is good for a fast drive, is suitable for hill tracks, and has good braking power. Still, it is not cost-effective.

It consumes more fuel and costs more to operate. Alternatively, 245 tires are economical to have. For a light car, they are perfect. They are also great for everyday use.

Plus, the variance between 245 and 255 is low. A 255 tire is just more capable for a more significant price.

How Much Bigger Is A 245 Tire Than 255

The main difference between between 245 and 255 tire is wide . Height will differe the two tires one is 10 milimiters and other tires inchrease the higher height of the car .

255/40/17 Vs. 245/40/17 Comparison (Watch This Videos)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does 255 on a tire mean?

On tires, there is a string of letters and numbers. After the first letter, there will be a number like 235 or 245 or 255. The 255 here indicates the tire width.

Are wide tires bad in the rain?

No, wide tires are better in the rain. They can drain water faster through their sipes (a groove or channel in a tire).

Can you put a 265 tire on a 245 rim?

Yes, you can if you can make it fit. Tire size is optional, so change it to fit your needs.

Can you put wider tires on a stock rim?

You can put wider tires on a stock rim but only up to a limit. This limit is 20 millimeters wider than the original rim’s stock.

Do stretched tires handle better?

No, it is dangerous if it is too stretched and might aid in tearing the sidewall.

Is it better to have a wider tire?

I can’t say having wider tires is better. It depends on your use. Wider tires offer more grip, though.

Am I able to Put Wider Tires On My Stock Rims?

Yes, you’ll put almost 20 millimeters wider tires on the stock rims. If you want something more comprehensive, you’ll need to check the specifications of your rims.


Since one car is similar to another, the necessity of knowing the pros and cons of 245 vs. 255 tires is immense. This knowledge will help you understand automobile parts more, increase your safety, and help you make intelligent decisions regarding your vehicles.

So, if you know more about a specific part of a car, you will be able to apply it to different models. Besides, as they carry the car’s weight, you should pay more attention to them. It will also be easier to sight a damaged tire.

To sum up, a car is only as good as the situation you put it in. And suitable wheels help with that.

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