What’s the Widest Tire On 8.5 Inch Rim?

Whether you want a better look for your car or a better grip while speeding, a wide tire will do the trick. However, your car already has a rim that you must consider before purchasing a tire. Many car owners face this dilemma. 

So, what’s the widest tire on 8.5 inch rim

A 255 mm tire with 45% aspect ratio is the widest tire on 8.5 inches rim. It will bulge a little due to the width but is insignificant enough to not cause any damage. The higher the aspect ratio is, the more room you’ll have in a tire for a narrower rim.  

There are other multiple factors to think about too. So, before making any decisions, continue reading. 

Content Summary 

  • You can go for a maximum of 1.5 inches wider tire than the rim. 
  • A tire that’s too wide can cause your car certain problems. 
  • There are some other factors including tire size, tire profile, and speed you should consider before choosing a tire.  

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What Is The Widest Tire On 8.5 Inch Rim?

The widest tire on an 8.5-inch rim is 255mm. It is 10.1 inches wide which means it is approximately 1.5 inches wider than the rim. In standard practice, the tire should be 0.75 inches to 1.15 inches wider than the wheel rim. So, 255mm is the widest tire you can use on an 8.5-inch rim. 

Here’s an overview of the tire sizes compatible with the 8.5-inch rim. 

Rim SizeMinimum tire sizeStandard tire sizeMaximum tire size
8.5 Inches225 mm235 or 245 mm255 mm

Do you want to learn more in detail about why each of the tire sizes qualifies for an 8.5-inch rim? If so, keep reading the segments below.  

Can You Fit A 225 Tire On A 8.5 Inch Rim?

A 225 mm tire is the least width you can go for with an 8.5-inch rim. A 225 mm tire is 0.35 inches wider than the 8.5 inches rim. It has an aspect ratio of 45% and the height of the sidewall is 3.9 inches. 

If you choose a lower tire than that, the tire will flatten to fit the rim. And the contact patch with the road will be too less resulting in low brake efficiency. 

Can You Fit A 245 Tire On A 8.5 Inch Rim?

Yes, you can fit a 245 mm tire perfectly on an 8.5-inch rim. This is the ideal size for this rim recommended by the manufacturer. It is 1.15 inches wider than the 8.5 inches rim, which is the standard size. It also has an aspect ratio of 45 and 3.6 inch sidewall height. If you have an 8.5-inch rim, your car tire should come with this size of tire. Your tire will get an adequate contact patch with the road. The same stands true for a 235 mm tire.

Can You Fit A 255 Tire On A 8.5 Inch Rim?

Yes, you can fit a 255 mm tire on an 8.5-inch rim. The 255 mm tires are about 10.01 inches wide. That means, they are 1.5 inches wider than an 8.5 inches rim. They have 45% aspect ratio and the sidewall height is 114 mm. So, 255 mm is the maximum width you should go for if your car rim is 8.5 inches. 

Widest Tire On 8.5 Inch Rim

A 255 mm tire will give you the desired drift you want resulting in better control of the car. 

However, a problem with wider tires than rims are sidewall curving. As you have to adjust the wide tire in a narrow space, the tire gets a little curved. 

This tire size is allowed because the curving that occurs for 1.5 inches wider tires isn’t significant. 

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Can You Put A 265 Tire On A 8.5 Inch Rim?

No, you can’t put a 265 tire on a 8.5 inch rim. The 265 mm tire has an aspect ratio of 60% and the sidewall height is 159mm. This means it is almost 50 mm or 2 inches wider than the 8.5 rim which is way above the maximum width. The first problem you will face with a tire this wide is, the tire will keep rubbing against the suspension. 

When the tire exceeds the standard of compatible width with the rim, it gets closer to the suspension. While the car is running, the rubbing causes damage to both the tire and the suspension. 

A common misconception is that you will get more surface area with the road and therefore, better grip with a wider tire. It’s true within the standard range. 

However, when the tire is too wide, it will bulge when fitting within the narrow rim. As a result, there will be a significant upward curve which will provide less surface area with the road. 

Moreover, this bulging can even cause the tire to deform, slip out from the rim, and even burst while driving too fast. 

Pros and Cons of Putting a Wider Tire on 8.5 Inch Rim

Now, the advantages and disadvantages of putting a wider tire on an 8.5-inch rim depend on the size of each tire. I’ll list down the pros and cons of using wide tires considering the widest (255mm) tires on an 8.5-inch rim below.


  • You’ll have more grip control as you drive.
  • The tires will provide more clearance while driving.
  • You can create a beefy look of your vehicle.
  • The tires will perform well on dry surfaces.


  • The sidewalls will be outward-angled. So, it will hurt the suspension component’s performance. 
  • You will notice a bowed tread which will lead to decreasing the contact patch.

Quick Recap: Compatibility of Different Tire Sizes for 8.5-inch Rim

Tire SizeRubbing Suspension Contact AreaSidewall CurveSlippage from the Rim
235NoneAdequate NoNo
245NoneAdequate NoNo
255NoneHigh YesNo
265YesNot Adequate  YesYes

So, what is the best tire size for an 8.5 rim? 

The best size of the tire for an 8.5-inch rim will be 245 mm (9.6 inches). It’s because this tire size leaves approximately 1.15 inches of space for the rim to fit properly. Moreover, it has a 3.6-inch sidewall height with a 45% aspect ratio. That’s why 245 mm is the best tire size for an 8.5-inch rim.

3 Other Things To Consider While Choosing A Tire Size

Apart from matching the tire size with rim size, there are other certain factors you need to consider while choosing a tire for your car. Those are described below. 

Tire Profile

Tire profile is the thickness of the tire’s sidewalls. A 50% tire profile is best for having enough protection from slipping on a wet road. However, a high-profile tire can cause the same problem as a wide tire with an 8.5 inches rim if it is too wide.

Tire Size

What size tire you should choose depends on your car. Don’t go for bigger-size tires just for the look of it. It can cause accidents. 

Speed Rating

Speed rating also differs according to the car. Since you are aiming for a better grip with a wider tire, you should consider a tire with a better speed rating too. These tires also provide better drift. 

Tread Pattern 

There are different types of tires with different tread patterns including, asymmetrical, directional, and symmetrical. For a better grip, you should choose an asymmetrical tread pattern for your car tire. 

Aside from the tire’s width, assess these things carefully when choosing a tire.

Can You Put Wider Tires on the Same Rim?

Yes, you can put wider tires on the same rim, but there are some factors to consider before doing so.

The first thing to check is the tire clearance of your vehicle. If the wider tire rubs against the suspension or body components, it won’t be safe to use.

Another factor to consider is the rim width. The rim width should be able to support the wider tire without causing any issues such as bulging or deformation. A rim that is too narrow for a tire will create a smaller contact patch and can cause handling problems, while a rim that is too wide for a tire can cause the tire to overheat and fail.

Additionally, the aspect ratio of the tire, which is the relationship between the tire’s section height and section width, also needs to be taken into account. If the aspect ratio of the new tire is significantly different from the original tire, it could affect the overall performance and handling of the vehicle.

So, before putting wider tires on the same rim, it is important to consult the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and to make sure that the new tires are compatible with the rims and the vehicle.



Can You Fit A 285 Tire On A 8.5 Inch Rim?

No, you can’t fit a 285 mm tire on an 8.5-inch rim. This excessively wide tire will have too much bulging resulting in a dangerous curve in the sidewall. The tire may slip off the rim and even burst. 

Do Wider Tires Ride Better?

Yes, wide tires ride better as they provide a better drip for the surface. However, if the width of the tire is not compatible with the other things including the rim and car type, the car won’t ride better. 


Here’s the end of the discussion on the widest tire on 8.5-inch rim. I hope this article will assist you to choose the suitable tire for your car. 

Just be careful. Don’t go overboard with the tire just because it looks great. Prioritize safety first. 

That’s all. I will come soon with another of your queries. Have a good day!

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