Jeep JK 37 Inch Tires – Here’re the Secret to Help You

If you’re not subjecting your Jeep JK to some complex terrains, you don’t need too many modifications when upgrading to 37-Inch tires. Driving around the streets with 37-inch tires doesn’t require too many adjustments; however, if you want maximum stability, articulation and performance when off-roading with your Jeep JK 37-Inch tires, there are a few things you should take into account.

Here are the secrets that will help you get the best out of the 37-inch tires of your Jeep:

Lift Height

What is the best lift for 37-Inch tires? The lift height you choose should depend on the up-travel of your suspensions, the sag achieved, and how your vehicle will look at that specific ride height.

The minimum lift for 37-Inch tires is 2.0-Inches. Most people use the 3.5-Inch lift or more with the 37-Inch tires. The height heavily depends on the running bump-stop. Your Jeep’s bump stops will protrude higher from the axle as you lift it. That implies that suspension has more room to compress when you drive over bumps, potholes, etc.

Your Jeep can be more comfortable on and off-road the higher up-travel you have. For the most comfortable ride, shoot for at least a 4-Inch up-travel before the bump stops.

Shocks should restrict how further your axle can sag so that your springs cannot slide or come out during full articulation. Since higher lift height springs typically have longer uncompressed lengths, the likelihood of such an occurrence is reduced.

Dual-rate springs virtually eliminate the possibility of the springs coming unseated, even with extremely long shocks.

The use of excessive lift height has various disadvantages. The Center Of Gravity is elevated the higher your JK is raised. Therefore, Your Jeep might become unstable if the lift height is too high. A Jeep with a low profile will be more stable in any situation. Body lifts are a waste of resources and time because they have no performance benefits and merely help to increase the Center Of Gravity.

If you’re willing to learn about the 2.5 lifting performance on 33 inch tire then check this article.

Jeep JK 37 Inch Tires

Bump Stops

Bump stops prevent tires from rubbing against the fenders and the shock absorbers from bottoming out to cause serious internal damage to your vehicle. Therefore, install the jeep jk 37-Inch tires with bump stops.

On encountering a large bump that your vehicle’s suspension can’t absorb adequately, suspension compression is stopped by the bump stops. Therefore, if your vehicle lacks the bump stops, the shock absorbers will be a limiting factor when it comes to suspension compressions that then cause damage to the shocks over time.

Additionally, you are not required to use the manufacturer bump stops, which are extremely hard and result in a very uncomfortable bottoming-out sensation over significant bumps. Many aftermarket businesses, like Metalcloak and SumoSpring, produce gentler bump stops that reduce the impact of your suspension bottoming out.

Please note the minimal bump stop spacers height each set of shocks and springs needs. Most 2 to 4″ lift kits need 2 to 4″ of bump stopper extension. You don’t want your shock absorbers to bottom out when fully compressed or your springs to enter coil bind.

However, you should adjust the bump stop spacers to utilize as much of the shocks’ upward travel. The target for the shock shaft is to be exposed by about a centimetre when the suspension is fully compressed.

Engine and Gearing

37″ tires may be turned with ease by any engine. Axle gear ratio will affect the Jeep’s acceleration, capacity to sustain speed up a gradient, and MPGs.

Now if you own a 35″ tire then you can check this article one – Jeep JK Gear ratio for 35 inch tires.

Shock Absorbers

Compressed Length and shock performance are factors to consider when selecting a shock kit for your JK.

Your Jeep’s flexibility is directly related to the shock absorber length. Up-travel is constrained by absorber length and bump stop extensions. Your shock’s length, when completely extended, determines how far you can go down. Getting the greatest range of motion out of your Jeep JK requires maximizing these compressed parameters.

Many elements, including adjustability, fade endurance, and dampening characteristics, influence how well a shock performs.

Don’t Buy 37” Tires! Watch First

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Size Lift Do I Need For 37 Inch Tires Jeep JK?

3.5 Inches. To run the 37-Inch tires, you will require a lift of 3.5 inches or more. The 3.5 lift has the 2.5 inches lift kit contents apart from the top and bottom control arms for the front and back sides.

Can I Put 37 Tires On My Jeep?         

Yes, you can fix 37-Inch tires on your Jeep with a lift of 3.5 inches or more, especially if you’re planning to go off-road.

What Are The Biggest Tires I Can Put On My Jeep Without A Lift?

Fixing 37-Inch tires to your Jeep needs a lift. Therefore, the biggest tire you can mount on a Jeep without a lift kit is the 33-Inch tire. 33 Inch tires will work best for street driving, while they will be partially functional for off-roading due to reduced ground clearance.

What Gears Are Best For 37 Inch Tire On JK?

Gear it to 4.57 for a manual transmission and 4.88 for an automatic. That is the suggestion for the 3.6 JK with 37-Inch tires.

How to Choose 37-Inch Tires for Jeep Wrangler

Do you already have a reliable tire brand in mind, or are you searching for the best price on the 37-inch tire? No matter the tire brand you choose, you’ll discover alternatives for both on- and off-road driving and tires made explicitly for mudding. For options that will suit your Jeep, you can filter by vehicle model or pick from options for tire width, rim size and section width.

Can you run 37s on a JK?

Yes, you can run 37″ tire on Jk . Also, you can mount up with this 37″ tire.

Can you put 35 inch tires on a stock Jeep JK?

Yes, you can put 35 inch tire on jeep jk wrangler easily without facing any issue.

How many revs per mile is a 37 inch tire?

37 inch tire revs per mile 116.2 560 .


37-Inch tires are suitable for your Jeep JK. They increase the ride height and ensure that your Jeep performs better on all terrains. Whether you have worn-out tires or want to upgrade to larger terrain-taming tires, you can opt for Jeep JK 37-Inch tires. However, remember that you should consider the lift height, bump stops, shock absorbers, engine and gearing.

37-Inch tires need a lift kit of 3.5 inches or more and the use of a bump stop to prevent the bottoming out of the absorbers when it hits a bump. All engines can keep the 37-Inch tire rolling, but the axle gear ratio will affect the vehicle’s acceleration, MPG and ability to maintain speed.

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