Falken Rubitrek vs Falken Wildpeak: Which One Will Be Good?

Popular A/T tires from Falken Tires are Rubitrek and Wildpeak. Both tires are similar in terms of their attractiveness and how they work. However, they have a few minor variations that distinguish them as two distinct goods with various performance outcomes. This guide will assist in highlighting the variations so you can pick the best option.

Falken Rubitrek vs Falken Wildpeak: Quick Comparison

Below are the differences between Rubitrek and Wildpeak:


Rubitrek and Wildpeak have pretty similar tread designs. Given that they are both A/T tires and the technology used to create them is the same, one may anticipate that the treadwear rate will be equal.

However, the Rubitrek slightly outperforms the competition in terms of treadwear. Compared to the center blocks on the Wildpeak tread, the center blocks on the Rubitrek tread are closer together. This extends the Rubitrek’s lifespan and improves it as a road tire.

Off-Road Capability

Both the Rubitrek and the Wildpeak perform quite well off-road. The deepest treads in the segment can be found on both tires.

In muddy or rock-filled terrain, rough and rugged tread blocks have extraordinary ground-piercing abilities. Both tires include balanced shoulder blocks that help cut through trails effectively and protect the sidewall, especially while driving with low tire pressure. These blocks provide robust upper-sidewall protection.

On a tough truck or SUV, the tires’ challenge-ready tread and modern technology enable them to navigate practically any terrain. However, the Wildpeak performs marginally better off-road than the Rubitrek. Contrary to the Rubitrek, where the blocks in the middle are closer together, the tread pattern of the Wildpeak is evenly dispersed throughout, including the center.

Since the difference is minimal, not everyone will notice the difference in performance.  However, when both tires are put through a side-by-side comparison test, off-road enthusiasts who frequently engage in technical off-roading may be able to tell the difference. The Wildpeak excels in off-road performance without a doubt.

Falken Rubitrek vs Falken Wildpeak

On-Road Performance

The Rubitrek and Wildpeak, two capable A/T tires, effectively handle on-road tasks. Both tires tackle the tarmac in a civilized manner, even though they are made for the challenging forest and countryside.

In addition to providing appropriate traction off-road, the tread blocks also aid in providing traction on-road.

With both tires engaged, one may comfortably travel at highway speeds without being concerned about losing grip, especially when one wants to accelerate or brake quickly. The tires cooling system located on the sidewalls keeps them cool at high speeds, even in hot climates, and minimizes blowouts.

As you’ve already read, the closer-spaced tread blocks in the center of the Falken Rubitrek make it more highway-friendly than the Wildpeak. Because they are more likely to always be in contact with the road, compact tread blocks provide higher traction.

As a result, Rubitrek provides more traction than Wildpeak and stays more firmly in place on the road. Additionally, it improves the driver’s feedback and boosts confidence. This tread pattern also makes the Rubitrek tire more comfortable since it makes it less noisy than the Wildpeak and transmits fewer vibrations into the cabin.

Wet Performance

Due to the aggressive tread design that conducts all the water through the wide gaps in the tread instead of trapping it between the tread and the road, both tires are suitable for traversing through river streams or flooded areas.

Both tires perform equally well in wet or stormy conditions. The tread effectively cuts through water and keeps the tire in contact with the road surface at all moments, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. One can comfortably go at safe speeds on slick roads without losing traction.

In terms of wet performance, non of the tires outperforms the other.

Snow Performance

The tread pattern on the Rubitrek and Wildpeak A/T tires can handle even the most challenging terrain with relative ease, and it is this tread pattern makes driving over snow simple for users.

The three-peak mountain snow emblem on both tires attests to their capacity to maintain traction under the harshest conditions.

The tires function similarly on snow as they do on mud. Strong tread blocks and deep tread patterns aid in snow traction.

Rigid tread blocks with step-down features and support ramps keep the snow out of the grooves. Particularly in uphill, snowy regions where vehicles heavily rely on their torque figures to move forward, the 3D Canyon Sipe Technology provides the necessary traction and minimizes wear.

For the same reason, as stated in the Off-road performance, the Wildpeak performs marginally better in the snow than the Rubitrek. Although the performance difference may not be noticeable, Wildpeak’s extra benefit may be helpful during severe weather, such as snowstorms.

 In contrast to the Rubitrek’s tread design, which is tightly packed in the center, the Wildpeak’s tread pattern is evenly distributed, giving it that extra bit of traction to cut through heavy snow.

Value and Cost

Both tires have a range of features and functions. While one allows you to cruise on the highway comfortably, the other is fantastic off-road. Both tires provide sufficient value as A/T tires.

For unknown reasons, the Rubitrek is more costly than the Wildpeak. As a result, Wildpeak triumphs once again.


Since they are from the same brand, both tires have a 55000-mile tread life warranty on all sizes. Additionally, Falken provides customers with a Road Hazard protection plan that entitles them to a free tire replacement for the first two years or the first three-quarters of the tread life in the event of manufacturing flaws.

Rubitrek vs Wildpeak: Which One Should You Choose?

If you do more highway drives, want a comfortable ride, and tread wear is more of a concern for you, then the Rubitrek is your best bet. The tires are also good if you live in regions with heavy rainfall or where snowfall is moderate to heavy.

On the other hand, Wildpeak is your best option if you drive in highly rough terrain, live in a region with severe snowfall or rainfall, and hardly drive on tarmac roads

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Durable are the Falken Wildpeak Tires?

The Wildpeak tires are designed to be robust like any other A/T tires. This tires can last up to 70,000 miles.

Does Michelin Own Falken?

Michelin does not own Falken. The brand is owned by a Japanese firm, Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

Do A/T Tires Wear Faster than Highway Tires?

When used on the road, A/T tires wear quickly than street tires. The lifespan of A/T tires on road is 50,000 miles compared to 70,000 miles of highway tires.

Are Wildpeak Tires and Rubitrek Tires Made by the Same Company?

Wildpeak and Rubitrek tires are made by the same company. Both tires are a product of Falken Tires.

Rubitrek vs Wildpeak: Final Take

We hope this guide helped you understand the differences between Rubitrek and Wildpeak. These tires have a lot of similarities in terms of performance and value.

Selecting the best one for your car will depend on your needs and preferences.

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