Cooper STT Pro vs Maxx All Season Terrain Tires [Battle of Performance]

The SST Pro and Maxx are two of Cooper’s best-performing all-season all-terrain tires. But it’s crucial to remember that they all excel in various ways.

Cooper’s ST Maxx is more appropriate for the more light off-roading activities. It makes no compromises while traveling and still has the grit and stamina to go camping in the mountains.

Conversely, the STT Pro is considered to be Cooper’s most innovative AT tire. It offers the dark roads nothing, just like its counterpart. Choose the STT Pro if you want something that will handle challenging off-road activities.

To help you understand the differences between Cooper SST Pro and Maxx, this article will compare the qualities, pros, and cons of the two tires.

Cooper STT Pro vs Maxx: What’s the Difference?

FeaturesCooper STT ProCooper ST Maxx
Category All-terrainAll-terrain 
Vehicle SUV, Light truck SUV, Light truck
Rim sizes available (inches)15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 2215, 16, 17, 18, 20
Weight (pounds) 42 to 9442 to 78
Load capacity (pounds)1984 to 40791984 to 3858
Manufactured in USUS
Snow ratedNo No 
Durability (miles)70,00070,000
Warranty (both P-metric and LT-sizes)45 days test drive45 days test drive
Prices (dollars)165 to 570210 to 310

1. Off-Road Traction


AST Maxx is an adequate all-terrain tire that can handle practically any surface it comes across. Mud falls under this. However, the tire excels more in loose materials like gravel and dirt.  

On the other hand, the STT Pro is particularly well adapted to thick, viscous terrain like deep mud.

Cooper SST Pro vs Maxx All Season Terrain Tires-(Solved)


STT Pro is the winner in deep, wet mud.  You can count on it to rescue you from a sticky situation and maintain good traction.


ST Maxx is created to offer the best traction on sand. The tire is also suitable in places with high levels of heat.

On the other hand, the STT Pro can be counted on to manage the dunes despite being heavier and designed for larger cars; nevertheless, that is not where its expertise lies.


The ST Maxx, which made its debut on the sand, continues to dazzle as a tire that rules the powder.


The ST Maxx features stone ejector tread tech, which increases its resilience against rock shrapnel and harsh, uneven conditions. Nobody has any complaints about traction or performance.

The STT Pro, on the other hand, has deep treads and rock climber sidewall technology that provide you the traction you need to manage rocks of various sizes.


The STT Pro is the category winner since it is designed explicitly for rocks.

On-Road Characteristics

  1. noise.

The ST Maxx can tolerate noise levels on the road comparable to HT tire levels thanks to its hard compound material, robust sidewalls, and considerably shallower treads.

The STT Pro, on the other hand, has deep treads and softer materials that make them ideal for tough mud. The STT Pro is a noisy tire as a result.


As you can see, the ST Maxx is relatively quiet for an all-terrain tire. Superior to the STT Pro.

  1. Ride Quality

The ST Maxx tire from Cooper handles well. It will inevitably lose some of its handling and gain more positive steering as it accelerates to higher speeds.

Cooper’s STT Pro, on the other hand, experiences significant handling losses at higher speeds due to its enormous weight than the ST Maxx.


Driving on the ST Maxx is slightly more pleasant than the STT Pro.

Wet Performance

ST Maxx maintains excellent wet performance thanks to a rubber compound strengthened by silica. To minimize loss of grip, it rapidly dewaters as it rotates.

The STT Pro, on the other hand, has directional tread like many other tires, which is intended to offer the most excellent traction possible in wet conditions.


While both tires perform admirably on wet surfaces, the ST Maxx has somewhat superior handling.

Are Cooper ST Maxx Worth It? My take after 1 year of ownership (Video)

Winter Performance

Powder and loose stuff are where the ST Maxx shines. The ST Maxx continues to excel as a winter tire in light or powdery snow. On ice, it will keep a decent grip as well.

On the other hand, the STT Pro excels in deep mud and firm terrain. The Cooper STT Pro performs better on packed snow than on powder when it comes to snow. The ST Pro has no notable advantages or disadvantages on the ice, much as the ST Maxx.


Generally, both tires will offer you exceptional performance in the winter.

Tire Inflation

There are 47 distinct sizes of the ST Maxx available, with tire pressures ranging from 35 to 80 psi.

On the other hand, the STT Pro is available in 48 different sizes and has tire pressures ranging from 35 to 80 psi.


There is no winner in this division because both tires can withstand the same range of pressures.

Fuel economy

ST Maxx tires will let you travel two to three miles per gallon of fuel. On the hand, SST Pro will knock off 1.5 miles per gallon


When talking about fuel economy, the ST Max tire carries the day.

Pros and Cons

STT Pro: Pros and Cons


  • Can ferry heavy loads
  • Has optimized sidewall design for handling rocks
  • Offers enhanced wet performance
  • Good performance on and off-roads


  • Poor handling at high speeds
  • Lacks treadwear protection warranty

ST Maxx: Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced performance in wet and dry weather
  • Excels on loose surfaces such as gravel
  • Features ejector tread technology to keep stones off the tire
  • Has stud holes that ensure enhanced grip on ice
  • Features dual cool technology that ensures that the tires do not overheat 


  • Decreased performance on snow
  • Lacks treadwear protection warranty

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do STT Pro Tires Last Longer than ST Maxx Tires?

How long each of the tires will last depends on how you drive them. Both tires can last up to 70,000 miles, but the SST Pro is built to last even longer.

Does Cooper ST Pro Perform Well on Snow?

Cooper STT Pro performs awesomely on packed snow. However, it will perform poorly on loose snow.

Is Cooper STT Pro Expensive?

Compared to the Cooper ST Maxx, Cooper SST Pro is an expensive option.

Do ST Maxx Tires Overheat?

ST Maxx tires do not overheat. This is because they feature dual cool technology that ensures they remain cool during operation.

Are Cooper STT pros loud?

It’s looks great. It’s created plain noisy and low speed vibration.

Is Cooper STT pro good in sand?

After completing the road journey, we experienced with its performance on sand are really good. It’s also provided good traction of MUD and Dirt.

How many ply is Cooper St Maxx?

The cooper st Maxx features 3 ply .

Final Take

We hope this article has helped you understand the differences between Cooper STT Pro and Cooper ST Maxx. The Cooper ST Maxx will be a good option if you are looking forward to some light off-road activities. On the other hand, the Cooper STT Pro will be a good bet if you plan to engage in tough off-road activities.

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