33 Inch Tires On 20 Inch Rims – Is It Possible Or Recommended?

Thinking of installing 20-inch rims on your 33-inch vehicle tires? However, you’re confused about whether they’ll be the perfect fit for your ride. I’ve got you!

So, can you install 35 inch tires on 20-inch rims? Let’s find out.

The answer is yes, you can install 35-inch tires on 20-inch rims. The general metric size for 33-inch tires is 285/60/R20 for 20-inch rims. That means the tires should have a 60% aspect ratio of 159 mm sidewall to fit 20-inch rims. Another good news is it won’t turn your tire into a low-profile tire.

Now, let’s discuss setting up 33-inch tires on 20-inch rims in detail. But before that have a quick of the key takeaways from today’s topic.

Key Takeaways

  • 33-inch tires are compatible with 20-inch rims.
  • 30-inch tires on 20-inch rims means the tire is high profile.
  • Multiple rim size combinations are possible with 33-inch tires.
  • 33-inch tires work on other rims too besides 22-inch rims.
  • Recommended rim size for 33-inch tires is 285/60R20.

Can You Install 33 Inch Tires On 20 Inch Rims?

In general, tires come in a range of sizes based on their diameters or measurements. The tires come with a diameter written on them. The diameter metrics refer to the tire diameter, aspect ratio, sidewall, rim size, tire pressure, and speed.

Understanding the Relation Between The Tire/Rim Sizes

Knowing the tire diameter helps you determine which rims are best for your tire. So, let’s have an overview of the relationship between the tire and rim sizes. 

If you remember, I already mentioned that for a 33-inch tire the metric diameter is 285/60/R20. Now, what do these numbers exactly mean?

Understanding the Relation Between The Tire/Rim Sizes

Image Source: Tyres and More

285 in the metrics means the total width of the tire in millimeters, 85 means the aspect ratio of the tires. It indicates the width of the sidewalls as the percentage of the nominal section width of the tire. The R in the metric stands for Radial Construction.

The number after R represents the rim size adjustable to this tire size. If you see any other number they indicate the maximum load index rating and speed symbol. 

Now, the tricky part is, tires can have different variations based on their rim sizes. But, you can easily determine the size for any tire with the following formula:

Width(mm) x Aspect Ratio / 2540 x 2 + Rim Size = Tire Size.

For instance, 285/60/R20 would mean, 285×60/2540×2+20 = 33.4 inches.

285/60/R20 would mean, 285x60/2540x2+20 = 33.4 inches.

Image Source: Tire Size

Check the table below for the 285/60/R20 or 33-inch tire measurements.

Measurements 33-inch Tires On 20-Inch Rims
Diameter851 mm
Width285 mm (11.2-inches)
Sidewall159 mm (6.2-inches)
Circumference2670 mm (105.11-inches)
Rev/Mile375 Revs/km

Pros and Cons Of 33-Inch Tire On 20-Inch Rims

22-inch rims on a 33-inch tire is considered a high profile tire. High-profile tires have larger sidewalls for improved performance and shock protection. Check the table below for the pros and cons of using a 33-inch tire on 20-inch rims.

Improved performance on rough roads/dry/rocky tracks.Provides more flexibility.Durable and long-lasting.Supports comfortable ride.Comparatively low noise.Great fuel efficiency.Poor stability.Poor handling and steering experience.Bad high-speed breaking.

Now, let’s see whether it’s recommended to install 33-inch tires on 20-inch rims. 

Is It Recommended To Install 33 Inch On 20 Inch Rims?

From the above discussion, it’s pretty clear that 20-inch rims are suitable on 33-inch tires. Furthermore, it’s the ideal rim size for your 4×4 for daily use as well as adventures. 

But there’s a catch! The rims are of two kinds based on their build materials: Alloy rims and Steel rims. They come with their own advantages and disadvantages as follows.

Are Alloy Rims Better for 33-inch Tires?

Alloy rims are made of pure aluminum, so they’re comparatively lightweight. They provide better vehicle handling and put less strain on the suspension. As a result, with alloy rims, you’ll get faster acceleration and great fuel efficiency.

Are Steel Rims Better for 20-inch Tires?

Steel rims are comparatively heavy but extremely durable and long-lasting. Also, they provide more flexibility and are capable of absorbing intense shocks. Steel rims are suitable for heavy-duty riding and are extremely easy to repair and customize.

Suitable For Which Roads?

The table below shows which roads are suitable for 33-inch tires on 22-inch rims.

Snowy roads✅ Yes
Rocky tracks
Dry roads

Do 33-Inch Tires Work With Rims Other Than 22-Inch Rims?

I discussed a formula for determining the equivalent tire sizes for different rims above. You can use that formula to find out the tire sizes on your own. To help you choose the right rim size for 33-inch tires, I’ve already created a handy chart.

Different Rim Sizes for 33-Inch Tires

Now, let’s explore which 33-inch tires are the best fit for 22-inch rims.

Which Type Of 30” Tires Are Best For 20” Rims?

The following tire size combinations are possible with a 20-inch rim:

33-inch Tire DiametersTire Size Calculation
285/60-20(285*60/2540*2+20) = 33.4″
295/55-20(295*55/2540*2+20) = 32.7″
305/55-20(305*55/2540*2+20) = 33.2″
325/50-20(325*50/2540*2+20) = 32.7″

So, you can see multiple tier diameters are compatible with 33-inch tires. All you have to keep in mind is the diameter width and aspect ratio of the tires accordingly.

33″ VS 35″ Tires on 3″ lifted Tundra w/ 20″ rims (Videos)

Common Questioned by Users

Are 33-Inch Tires the Same as 285s?

Yes, 33-inch tires have the same diameter as 285s. Many people get confused between these two sizes and think they’re different. Also, 285 tires are compatible with 16,17,20, and even 22-inch rims. However, the best for a 285 is 285/75-16, 16-inch rims.

Are 295 Tires Bigger Than 285?

The answer depends since tires can have multiple variations. Generally, a bigger number doesn’t mean bigger tires since there are other factors that measure tire size. There are aspect ratios, rim sizes, sidewall, etc. so, both 295 and 285 could be the same size.

What Is The Largest Tire For A 20-Inch Rim?

The largest tire you can install on 20-inch rims is the 38-inch tire. The two ideal combinations are 38X13.5R20 and 38X15.5R20. That means installing 20-inch rims on 38-inch tires should have a section width of 13.5 or 15.5.

Do 20 wheels affect gas mileage?

Yes, having 20-inch wheels on a vehicle can affect its gas mileage. Larger wheels generally weigh more and can create more rolling resistance, leading to decreased fuel efficiency. Additionally, if the tires on the 20-inch wheels have a lower profile, meaning a shorter sidewall, they will create more air resistance, also leading to lower fuel efficiency.

It’s important to note that the effect on fuel efficiency from larger wheels may be small, and there are many other factors that can impact a vehicle’s gas mileage, such as engine size, aerodynamics, and driving habits.

Do bigger tires increase speed?

No, bigger tires do not necessarily increase speed. Speed is determined by the engine power and transmission ratio, not the size of the tires. Bigger tires may affect acceleration, handling, and fuel efficiency, but they do not directly increase speed. In some cases, larger tires can actually decrease speed as they increase the rolling resistance, which slows down the vehicle.

The Bottom Line

Definitely you can go with 33-inch tires on 20-inch rims. I’ve explained the reason as well as the other compatible combinations possible with different rim sizes. Always, consider all the factors while selecting the right tires/rims. 

Good luck with the tires and rims! Until next time.

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