Difference Between 235 vs 265 Tires [Choose the Best Option]

The main difference between 235 and 265 tires is in their width. The number here indicates their overall width. However, due to its larger size in terms of width, diameter, and sidewall height, you get an overall better grip and stability from 265 tires. Whereas, with 235 tires there is a smoother ride. 

To get to know more about 235 and 265 tires, keep reading till the end. 

235 vs 265 Tires: Quick Comparison

As discussed above, the difference between the 235 and 265 tires is in their width. The 265 tires are 30mm wider than the 235.

To help you understand the differences between 235 and 265 tires in detail, this article will compare the two most popular tires, 235/75R15 and 265/70R16. 

235/75R15 vs 265/70R16 Comparison Table:

The following table shows the difference in performance between 235/75R15 and 265/70R16. 

Width235 millimeters265 millimeters11.23%
Aspect Ratio75707.14%
Sidewall Height6.94 inches7.30 inches4.93%
Diameter28.88 inches30.61 inches5.65%
Circumference90.72 inches96.15 inches5.65%
Construction Radial Radial
Rim Width Range6 to 8.5 inches7 to 9 inches
Rim Diameter15 inches16 inches6.25%
Revolution Per Mile7206796.04%
Top BrandsFalken, Firestone, MichelinBridgestone, Goodyear, Hankook
Best DealsFalken FK510235/45-17 XL 
Firestone 235/60-18
Hankook Dynapro HP2 265/60-18
Goodyear SR-A 265/70-17

But does this cause any difference in how the tires perform on the road? To find out keep reading. 


265/70R16 tires come with a greater diameter than 235/75R15. This large diameter ensures better grip and stability of the tire on the road. However, due to its smaller diameter, 235 tires offer a smoother ride. 

Sidewall Height:

Compared to 235/75R15, the sidewall height of 265/70R16 is 4.93% greater. This means the 265 tires will offer a smoother ride whereas the 235 tires will offer better grip on muddy road conditions. 

Sidewall height denotes the measurement between the edge of a rim and the top of a tire. The greater the sidewall height, the smoother the ride, and the smaller the sidewall height, the better the grip on muddy and snowy situations.


235 and 265 Tires
Source: The CampingAdvisor.com

Circumference denotes the measurement around the outer part of your tire. The circumference of 265/70R16 tires is 6.25% greater when compared to that of 235/75R15 tires.

Radial Construction:

Tires featuring radial construction are highly durable. The 235/75R15 and 265/70R16 feature radial construction.

Revolution Per Mile:

The number of revolutions a tire makes per mile significantly impacts the fuel economy. The greater the number of revolutions, the more fuel a car will consume per mile.

Compared to the 235/75R15, the 265/70R16 makes fewer revolutions per mile. This means that the tires will consume less fuel.

Rim Size:

This refers to the diameter of the wheels that you can mount your tires on.

The 235 can be mounted on 15-inch tires, while the 265/70R16 can be mounted on 16-inch tires.

Rim Width Range

Rim width refers to the widths of the rims that you can mount your tires. The 235/75R15 can be mounted on wheels with a width range of 6 to 8.5 inches.

The 265 mm, on the other hand, can comfortably be mounted on rims with a width range of 7 to 9.5 inches.

235 And 265: Which One Should You Buy?

The primary difference between the 235 and 265 tires is in their widths. Compared to the 235, the 265 are 30 millimeters wider.

Choosing the best tire among the two will primarily depend on your driving requirements. If you live in muddy or snowy regions, the 235 tires will be the best option. These tires will also offer a smoother ride compared to the 265 tires.

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your car, the 265 tires will be your best bet. The tires will also offer you excellent grip on the road and enable you to handle sharp corners easily.

Now check out the best 265 mm tires

Product NameFeatures
Hankook Dynapro HP2 265/60-18Tire Aspect Ratio – 60Asymmetrical Tread Type8.73 mm Tread Depth
Michelin X-Ice Snow 265/50-20 XLTire Aspect Ratio – 50Symmetrical Tread Type10.5 32nds Tread Depth
Michelin Primacy LTX 265/65-18Tire Aspect Ratio – 65Asymmetrical Tread Type9 32nds Tread Depth

For 235 mm tires check these options

Product NameFeatures
Falken Azenis FK510 235/45-17 XLTire Aspect Ratio – 45Asymmetrical Tread Type10 32nds Tread Depth
Michelin Primacy A/S 235/50R-19Tire Aspect Ratio – 50Asymmetrical Tread Type9 32nds Tread Depth
Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 235/35-19 XLTire Aspect Ratio – 35Asymmetrical Tread Type10 32nds Tread Depth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the Difference Between the 245 and 265 Tires?

The primary difference between the 245 and 265 tires is in their widths. The 265 is 20 millimeters wider than the 245.

Are 235 and 245 Tires Interchangeable?

Yes, both the 235 and 245 tires are interchangeable. The 245 tires are larger than the 235 tires. However, the difference in their widths is minimal; thus, the tires can be used interchangeably.

What Damage Can Bigger Tires Cause on Your Car?

Due to their size, bigger tires are usually heavy. Having them on your car will increase its overall weight. The added weight will slow the acceleration of your car and will lead to decreased fuel efficiency.


In conclusion, the difference between 235 and 265 tires is only in their physical size such as the circumference and radial construction. However, based on the size difference you can get slightly different performances from the two tries. Make sure to consider the factors you find necessary and then choose the best option.

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