Difference Between 15 vs 17 Inch Wheels You’d Never Want To Hide

Our automobiles are not complete without wheels. Wheels are what gets us moving, keep us on the road, and serve as a status symbol for some. Getting new wheels for your car, on the other hand, is not an easy task. This is especially true when choosing the right wheel size for your vehicle.

We’ll compare 15-inch and 17-inch wheels in this quick guide so you can choose the right one for you.

Comparing 15 vs 17 Inch Wheels

Both wheel sizes will provide optimal performance based on their capabilities. For decades, from the 1950s to the 1990s, 15-inch wheels were the standard size on which classic full-size American vehicles and trucks rolled. This set of wheels can accommodate tires up to 33 inches tall. This indicates that the wheels can provide more enhanced traction and cornering ability. The wheels are also appealing from an aesthetic standpoint.

The 17-inch wheels, on the other hand, are larger and more aesthetically pleasing than other smaller wheels, including the 15-inch wheels. A 54-inch tire is the most significant size used with these wheels. 2115/55R17, 225/65R17, and 265/70R17 are some of the most popular tire sizes that can be used with the 17-inch wheels.

The differences between the 15 and 17-inch wheels are listed below.

Features15-Inch Wheels17-Inch Wheels
Wheel diameter15 inches17 inches
Wheel width6 to 6.5 inches6 to 8 inches
Item weight12 to 22 pounds13.25 to 30 pounds
Bolt pattern (number of holes)4 or 54 or 5 or 6 or 8
ConstructionOne-piece or two-pieceOne-piece or two-piece
Wheel materialAlloyAlloy
Bolt pattern (pitch circle diameter)100 to 155 millimeters114 to 170 millimeters
Backspace5.0 to 5.92inches5.6 to 7 inches
Wheel offset30 to 50 millimeters35 to 65 millimeters
Load index rating80 to 90Mostly 235
PriceMostly below $300Mostly below $300
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15 vs 17 Inch Wheels

15-Inch Wheels Feature

Construction: These wheels feature a one-piece or two-piece construction.

Wheel Width: These wheels are 6 to 6.5 inches wide in most cases. This large width means they can also be used with large tires giving your car more to hold onto and improving its handling and ability to maneuver.

Wheel Offset: These wheels have a wheel offset of 30 to 50 millimeters, which is enough to ensure that your car has enough clearance so that nothing rubs against the brakes, suspension, or the vehicle body.

Backspace: The backspace of these wheels mostly ranges from 5.0 to 5.92 inches.

Pro and Cons Of 15 Inch Wheels


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Enhanced cornering compared to smaller wheels
  • Cheaper tires
  • Inexpensive


  • Less grip

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17-Inch Wheels Feature

Construction: These wheels feature a one-piece or two-piece construction.

Wheel width: These wheels have a large wheel width that ranges from 6 to 8 inches. This large width allows you to use larger tires to give your car more to hold onto, improving its handling and maneuverability.

Wheel Offset: The wheel offset of these tires mostly ranges from 35 to 65 millimeters. This guarantees that nothing rubs on the brakes, suspension, or body of the vehicle.

Backspace: The backspace of these wheels ranges from 5.6 to 7 inches.

Pro and Cons Of 17 Inch Wheels


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Offer improved handling


  • Tires used with these wheels cost a little more expensive.

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So Which One Is Better: 15 or 17-Inch Wheel

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether a 15-inch or 17-inch wheel is better. If you’re searching for a low-cost wheel that will require low-cost tires, the 15-inch wheels are the way to go.

However, if you want wheels that are both aesthetically pleasing and capable of accommodating massive tires, we recommend the 17-inch wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the Consequences of Choosing the Incorrect Wheel Size?

A poorly sized wheel has various effects on your vehicle, aside from making driving a nightmare. These issues could also affect your car’s fuel economy, overall appearance, and noise levels.

Assume you’ve replaced your current wheel with a larger one, and you’ll also need to install larger tires, which will add to the friction. These tires tend to consume much energy as they travel, resulting in excessive fuel consumption.

As previously stated, selecting the improper wheels for your vehicle migh lead to it appearing unattractive. For example, if you put little wheels from a smaller car on a larger vehicle, the rims will not cover the arches. However, if you find the perfect combination, the vehicle will pique the interest of all road users.

Your vehicle’s performance may be harmed if the replacement wheel has an inferior offset. Excess negative offset, for example, can put a strain on the car’s suspension. Ultimately, the driver may be forced to use a lousy steering wheel, which can result in an accident, particularly while approaching a tight corner.

On the other hand, an excessive positive offset might also make driving more difficult. This is mainly because extreme positive offset wears out the brakes and portions of the inner suspension. As a result, the vehicle does not drive smoothly, particularly at high speeds.

What Are the World’s Smallest Wheels on a Car?

The Peel P50, the world’s tiniest car, has the smallest wheels. The P50 is equipped with 5-inch rims.

Can You Put 14 Inches Tires on 15-Inch Rims?

This question has a simple answer: no. A 14-inch tire will not fit on a 15-inch rim. This is primarily because the hole in the center of the tire would be too small.

What size Is a 33-Inch Tire on a 15-Inch Rim?

Inches will be given for a standard-sized tire. A 33×12.5R15 tire is 33 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide, and will perfectly fit on a 15-inch wheel.

Are Larger Wheels Better Than Smaller Wheels?

Depending on various factors, both wheels may be worse or better. For example, smaller wheels are cheap to purchase and require cheaper tires. However, bigger wheels are more aesthetically appealing and offer better traction and handling


We hope that this article has offered you all the information you need to know about 15 inches vs. 17 inches Wheels. However, deciding which is better than the other depends on your taste and preferences.

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