185 vs 195 Tire- Which One Will be Worth?

For many people, buying a new car may be a fantastic experience. However, after your present tires are worn out, you will need to acquire new ones for your vehicle to continue having that wonderful and safe ride. To increase your ride quality, you might also choose to swap out the stock tires for other optional tires.

Choosing the finest tires for your car is a complex undertaking, though. You need to be mindful of many things. The size of the tires is one of these things.

This article will compare two popular tire sizes, 185 vs. 195 tires, to make choosing tires easier. Read on to learn more.

185 vs. 195 Tires: Quick Comparison

When deciding which tires are best for an automobile, the 185 and 195 tires are hotly contested. Many auto aficionados disagree about which tire is superior to the others.

The first thing you need to understand is that neither tire’s side is superior to the other. This implies that it is irrelevant which one you purchase as long as they suit your automobile and are reliable on the road. However, there are a few crucial elements to take into account before making this choice.

Let’s find out what that means for 185 and 195 tires first.

185 and 195 represent the tire’s width, that is, the distance from one sidewall to the other. Therefore, 185 denotes a tire width of 185 millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. The same is true for tire size 195, which designates a tire with a sidewall to sidewall width of 195 millimeters.

To enhance your understanding of the differences between the 185 and 195 tires, the table below compares the 185/65r15 and 195/65r15 tires.

Width185 millimeters195 millimeters
Diameter24.470 inches24.980 inches
Height120.25 millimeters126.75 millimeters
Circumference76.87 inches78.48 inches
Rim diameter15 inches15 inches
Aspect ratio6565


The diameter of the 185/65r15 tires is 24.470 inches, while the diameter of the 195/65r15 tires is 24.98 inches. Consequently, the 195/65r15 tires have a diameter that is a little bit larger than the 185/65r15 tires.

The 195/65r15 will be your best choice if you’re seeking a little larger tire. However, you will be required to select a different size if you want a tire with a diameter similar to the 185/65r15.

Section Width

The section width of the 185/65r15 tires is 185 millimeters, whereas the section width of the 195/65r15 tires is 195 millimeters. Therefore, the 195/65r15 tires are somewhat broader than the 185/65r15 tires.

The 195/65r15 will be your best choice if you seek a slightly wider tire. However, you will be required to select a different size if you wanted a tire that is the same width as the 185/65r15.


The 185/65r15 tires have a circumference of 76.870 inches, while the 195/65r15 tires have a circumference of 78.480 inches. This indicates that compared to 185/65r15 tires, 195/65r15 tires have a little bigger circumference.

The ideal option for you will be a tire with a circumference similar to that of 195/65r15 if you’re searching for something with a little more circumference. However, you would need to select a different size if you want a tire with a similar circumference as the 185/65r15.

Revolution Per Mile

195/65r15 tires have a revolution rate of 807 per mile, compared to the 185/65r15 tires’ mile revolution rate of 824. Compared to the 185/65r15 tires, the 195/65r15 tires will turn fewer times each mile.

The 195/65r15 will be your best choice if you’re seeking a tire that makes fewer revolutions each mile. However, you would need to select a different size if you want a tire with a similar revolution rate per mile as the 185/65r15.

Wheel Diameter

Both speed and fuel efficiency are unaffected by rim size. It’s purely decorative. The 185/65r15 or 195/65r15 would be suitable if you have a 15-inch wheel. You must select a different size if your wheel is bigger or smaller.

Type of Construction

The 185/65r15 and the 195/65r15 come in radial construction varieties. This indicates that plies perpendicular to the direction of movement were used to construct the tire. The most typical tire construction found in passenger cars is radial.

The 185/65r15 or 195/65r15 will be a suitable choice if you’re seeking a tire with a radial design. You would need to select a different size if you were aiming for a different construction style.

185 vs. 195: Which One Should You Go for?

The main difference between the 185 and 195 tires is in their width.

Selecting which tire is better for you primarily depends on what you want. If you are looking for wider tires that are considered by many to be aesthetically appealing, then the 195 would be your best option. These tires will also offer you a good grip on the road and enable you to handle sharp corners at high speed easily.

On the other hand, the 185 will be good tires if your primary concern is fuel efficiency. Compared to the 195 tires, these are light and have less rolling resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does the Number 195 on a Car Tire Mean?

195 on a car’s tire means that under scenarios where the vehicle is completely loaded, the tire’s maximum width is 195.

What Does 185 Mean on a Car Tire?

The 185 signifies that when mounted and measured on a wheel of a specific width, this tire measures 185 millimeters across from the widest point of its outer sidewall.

Do Bigger Tires Reduce Fuel Efficiency?

Because big tires are heavy, they negatively impact the fuel efficiency, while small tires enhance it. Additionally, huge tires need more resistance and effort to roll than small tires since they have greater rolling resistance.

How Tall is a 185 Tire?

The sidewall height of a 185/65R15 tire is 4.7 inches.

Does a Smoother Ride Result from Larger Tires?

Larger wheels often result in a stiffer ride for any vehicle. However, they also significantly enhance handling and stability.

Final Take

We hope this article helped you understand the differences between 185 and 195 tires.

The choice between these two sizes ultimately comes down to your driving needs and preferences. Ensure you obtain the correct rim size for your car regardless of your size of tire.

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