Danger on the Road: Don’t Ignore Wire Showing on Tire

The tire of your car is not just made of rubber. There are different types of wires to stabilize the structure of the tire. When the tire is in good condition, you are not supposed to see those wires. 

So, why is wire showing on tire, and what to do about it?

The wire is showing on the tire which means your car tire is severely worn out. You may see the wire coming out of the thread or the sidewall of the tire. Either way, it is dangerous to drive a car with the cords showing in the tire. There is no feasible fix for this problem except for replacing the tire. 

This is just a summary. To know more about it and avoid further damage to your car, you should keep reading.

What Does It Mean When Wires Are Showing On Tires?

The wires showing on the tire mean the tire is severely worn out. Tires contain different types of wires including metals, fiber, and nylon. These cords combinedly act as a support or skeleton for the tire structure.

Metal Wire in Tires?

Source: U.S Tire Manufacturers Association

If you dissect a tire, you’ll find multiple components stacked on top of one another. Under the black rubber tread, you’ll find layers of ply, belts, inner liner, bead filler, and beads.

All of these components are put together with steel wire. It helps the wire components to be locked in. Moreover, it keeps the tire firm and steady, allowing the tire to be put together while riding.    

Now, sometimes you might see the wires coming out of the tire. It’s actually not a good sign for your vehicle. 

What Causes Wires to Show on Tires?

There are a few reasons wires could show on tires, including, overusing tires, improper alignment, insufficient inflation, and overinflation. 

Cause Wire Showing Location 
Rough UsageWire showing anywhere in the tire
Improper AlignmentWire showing on side of tire
Under InflationWire showing on side of tire
OverinflationWire showing on inside of tire

Rough Usage

When a tire is heavily used, the lifespan shortens very fast. The tire goes through a lot of usages. So, the tread wears off easily. Consequently, the rubber material on the tire starts fading away, and the wire comes out. 

Improper Alignment

When you’re purchasing a tire, you must check if the wheels are in proper alignment. If you see all the wheels aren’t pointing in the same direction, this means they’re not properly aligned. 

What this does is that the tires won’t touch the ground while evenly riding. The wheels will tear down on one side faster than the other. As a result, the wires will come out from the torn side and you will notice the wire showing on side of the tire. 

Under Inflation

Inflating the tires is a must for both off-road and on-road riding. If the tire is not inflated correctly, it’ll hit uneven surfaces and wear off easily. This will also cause the tire going bald on the outside. 

The tread pattern will smoothen, and eventually, the wires will begin to show. 


Overinflation makes the center of the tire stiffer than the edges. This also causes wearing-off issues for the tire on uneven surfaces. So, when you see the tire going bald in middle, or the wire showing on the inside of the tire, that means the tire is overinflated. 

So, it’s important to put the right pressure on the tire. You should get the recommended tire pressure on the sidewall of the tire on your car’s owner’s manual. If the tire pressure is given in the PSI form and you are used to the bar unit, you can convert the PSI to bar by yourself and vice versa.

Is It Safe To Drive On Tires With Wires Showing?

No, driving on tires with wire showing is not safe at all. The wire is supposed to hold the tire components together. When the wire comes out, it means the components start slipping away from their places. 

Here is what happens if your tire is showing wires. 

  • It will lessen the efficiency of the braking system. You won’t be able to brake with the required amount of force. The wheels will go in different directions.
  • The tire will lose its capacity to grip and steer properly. You’ll also feel less traction and grip on the road
  • There is a risk of a sudden tire blowout. 
  • The wires will blow out all the air pressure the tire needs. So, your vehicle will face frequent punctures.
  • The stopping distance of the car will be increased. That means the car will take a longer distance to come to a stop. This can cause serious accidents. 

How Long Can You Drive on Tires with Wire Showing?

You can drive approximately between 87 to 94 miles with wire showing. At best, you can reach 100 miles. But it’s not possible to exceed 55 mph in this situation. The length actually depends on how damaged your tire is. If the tire is extremely worn off, you won’t be able to go much far.

Again, you’ll reach different lengths of distances based on the speed of your vehicle and the type of road you’re riding on. It’ll be much more difficult to ride if it’s an uneven road. Other factors, like the weight of the vehicle and the load it’s carrying, also play along in this case. 

However, it’s not recommended to drive a car with a wire showing on the tire even for a mile. No matter how far it’s possible to go like this, you should avoid it in all circumstances. It’ll save you from facing serious accidents.  

How To Fix A Tire With Wire Showing?

Unfortunately, when the wires of the tire are showing, the tire is beyond repair. The only way to fix this problem is to replace the tire completely. You can not fix it with a DIY method or any professional help. 

You may find many DIY fixes all around the internet to fix a tire with a wire showing including using a tire plug or wire patch. But none of these methods are safe at this point. 

If you are on the road when you notice the wire showing, you should replace the tire with a spare tire as soon as possible and buy a new one. And don’t forget to secure the spare tire properly when you replace it with a new one.  

How to Maintain Car Tires?

To maintain your car tires, you must keep them in regular checkups. Here is a checklist you can follow to take care of your car tires.

  • Give a daily check on the tire pressure. Make sure it’s inflated to the recommended PSI level.
  • While driving your car, you must notice if the tires are in the perfect alignment. Or else, they’ll wear down quickly.
  • You must maintain the recommended weight limit. Don’t overload your vehicle, as it can strain the tires.
  • Avoid uneven surfaces and potholes to ensure the tires are safe. 
  • Look out for any tire holes, cracks, bulges, bald spots, or naked wires on the tire. If you spot any, immediately fix it before going on the next ride. 
  • You can rotate the tires every 5,000 miles to evenly distribute wear and tear. 

So, by maintaining the points above, you can increase the lifespan of the tires and have less trouble in the future. 

Tire with Wires Showing

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How Does A Bald Tire Look?

In a bald tire, the tread looks smooth as all the grooves have been rubbed away. A bald tire is a tire that has worn down to the point where the tread is completely worn away. In some bald tires, you will also notice exposed wires. 

Can I drive a short distance with a nail in the tire?

Yes, you can drive a short distance with a nail in the tire only if you don’t have any other way to reach the repair shop. But it’s not recommended. A regular drive will result in a non-inflated tire over time. 

Is it safe to drive on a tire that has been plugged?

No, it’s not safe to drive on a tire that has been plugged. It can leave holes in your tire and damage it. But it’s a good temporary fix. So, it’s recommended that you take the tire to a repair shop and permanently fix any tire issues. 

Final Words

Hopefully, now you know what to do when the wire showing on tire. You should never compromise the safety of yourself and your car with some temporary fix to this problem. Consult a professional and take action immediately.
Best of luck! 

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