Will Universal Rims Fit Ford And Chevy?

The idea of using a universal rim in all vehicles must be appealing. But unfortunately, a universal rim will not fit all vehicles. That’s not how it works. 

So, will universal rims fit Ford and Chevy? 

Specific models of universal rims will fit specific models of Ford and Chevy, but not all of them. For example, Stonz 22 Inch 5 Lugs Chrome universal rim will fit on 1986 to 1997 Ford Aerostar, and 2017 to 2020 Chevrolet Equinox as the lug pattern of them matches. Similarly, VD Chrome Rims 5 Lugs universal rim will fit the 1999 to 2002 Ford Expedition, and the 2018 to 2020 Chevrolet Traverse. 

To know more about this compatibility, keep reading.

do universal rims fit any car

What Does It Mean When Rims Are Universal? 

Universal rims, also known as multi-fit or dual-drilled rims, mean wheels that are designed to fit multiple vehicles with different bolt patterns. 

Unlike custom-fit rims, universal rims feature multiple lug patterns drilled into their hub, allowing them to fit a wider range of vehicles.

There are two main types of universal rims which are given below. 

Dual-Lug Pattern Rims:

These rims have bolt patterns on the hub that can fit two different vehicles. They have two sets of lug nut holes sharing the same center bore. For example, a 5-lug rim will have 10 holes. Among those 10 holes, 5 of them have a 4.5 diameter and the other 5 holes have a 4.75 diameter. 

Uni-Lug Pattern Rims:

These rims have more than two sets of bolt patterns on the hub, which can fit various vehicles with different bolt patterns. They have multiple sets of lug nut holes to cover various center bore sizes. 

For example, The Cragar S/S uni-lug wheel features an oval-shaped hole. It allows it to fit three popular bolt patterns, which are 5×4.5, 5×4.75, and 5×5. 

There are also different washers to match the offset. If the bolt pattern of the vehicle is 5×4.5, an offset washer with the hole positioned inward is used. If the lug pattern is 5×4.75, a centered washer is used. And if it is 5×5 in, an offset washer with the hole positioned outward is used.

So, In a universal rim, you don’t have to worry about the offset. Also, the center bore is manufactured in a way to match multiple car models.

A universal rim fits at most 2-3 wheel patterns and is not in all vehicles, as there are numerous wheels in the world

Will Universal Rims Fit Ford?

If the universal rim is designed to support the same lug patterns the Ford or Chevy have, then it should fit the Ford or Chevy vehicles. Here are some universal rims that may fit different Ford and Chevy models. 

Stonz 22 Inch 5 Lugs Chrome Rims:

The lug patterns this universal rim will support are 5X4.5 & 5X4.75 & 5X4.72. So, here are some of the Ford and Chevy car models into which this universal wheel will fit. 

Compatible Ford Models: 

Compatible Ford Models Lug Pattern
1986 to 1997 Aerostar5×4.5
1984 to 1990Bronco II5×4.5
1992 to 2011  Crown Victoria5×4.5
2007 to 2014  Edge5×4.5
2001 to 2012  Escape5×4.5
Compatible Chevy Models  Lug Pattern
2017 to 2020 Equinox5×4.53″
2005 to 2013  Impala5×4.53″
2010 to 2016  Malibu5×4.53″

Like this universal model, some of the 5,6, or 8-lug Chevy rims will fit Ford cars as well. You just have to consider the lug pattern, offset, and center bore. 

VD Chrome Rims 5 Lugs:

This universal wheel will support cars with 5X5.0 & 5X5.3 bolt patterns. So, here are some Chevy and Ford cars for this universal rim. 

Compatible Ford Models: 

Compatible Ford Models Lug PatternCompatible Chevy Models Lug Pattern
1999 to 2002  Expedition5×5.312018 to 2020  Traverse5×5.22″
1997 to 2003, F-1505×5.311989 to 1999 Suburban C15005×5.0

Compatible Chevy Models: 

Compatible Chevy Models Lug Pattern
2018 to 2020  Traverse5×5.22″
1989 to 1999 Suburban C15005×5.0

Fusion 5 Lugs Chrome Rims 24 inches:

This is a universal rim that supports 5X5.0 & 5X5.31 lug patterns. This table mentions which Ford and Chevy car models you can use. 

Compatible Ford Models Lug PatternCompatible Chevy Models Lug Pattern
1997 to 2003,  F-1505×5.312018 to 2020  Traverse5×5.22″
1999 to 2002  Expedition5×5.311989 to 1999  Suburban C15005×5.0

Compatible Chevy Models: 

Compatible Chevy Models Lug Pattern
2018 to 2020  Traverse5×5.22″
1989 to 1999  Suburban C15005×5.0

Moto GI 17-inch Rims:

Moto GI 17-inch universal rim is manufactured for 5X4.5 & 5X3.94 Bolt patterns which supports the following cars. 

Compatible Ford Models: 

Compatible Ford Models Lug Pattern
1986 to 1997 Ford Aerostar5×4.5
2001 to 2012 Ford Escape5×4.5
1984 to 1990 Ford Bronco II5×4.5
2007 to 2014 Ford Edge5×4.5
1992 to 2011 Ford Crown Victoria5×4.5

Compatible Chevy Models: 

Compatible Chevy Models Lug Pattern
2005 to 2013 Impala5×4.53
2012 to 2014  Volt5×4.53

As you can see, this universal wheel is compatible with more Ford models than Chevrolets. 

Pacer 24in 5 Lugs Chrome Rims:

For this universal rim, the Chevy and Ford car models with 5X4.75 & 5X4.72 & 5X4.5 bolt patterns are suitable. Here is the list of those car models. 

Compatible Ford Models:  

Compatible Ford Models Lug Pattern
1992 to 2011 Crown Victoria5×4.5
2007 to 2014 Edge5×4.5
1984 to 1990 Bronco II5×4.5

Compatible Chevy Models: 

Compatible Chevy Models Lug Pattern
2017 to 2020 Equinox5×4.53
2000 to 2007 S10 Blazer Extreme5X4.75 
2000 to 2007 S10 Extreme5X4.75 
2005 to 2013 Impala5×4.53″
2010 to 2014  Camaro5×4.72″
1986 to 2007 S10/S15 4×25X4.75 
1992 to 2003 Sonoma 4×2 & 4×45X4.75 

Limited 26 Inch 5 Lug Chrome Rims:

It has the same bolt pattern as Pacer 24 inches 5-Lugs Chrome Rims. So, similar car models will fit this universal rim as well. 

That’s how you have to match the lug pattern of universal rims as per your Ford and Chevy model’s rim’s lug pattern. Also, make sure the offset and center bore of the universal rim you are using matches your car’s tire recommendation.

Some people also think about using the rims of different car models of the same brands. This can also cause problems if the requirements don’t match. For example, you can’t even use a Ford F250 rim on an E250

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Multi-Fit Rims Safe?

Multi-fit rims are safe only if they are compatible with your vehicle’s rim specification and installed properly. If they are not compatible or not fitted properly, they can cause stability issues, vibrations, and excessive tire wear.

Is It Safe To Use Spacers On Wheels?

Yes, it is safe to use spacers on the wheel if it is installed properly. However, there are some complaints that the spacer leads to early breaking or damage if the wheel bolts are not installed properly. 

What Happens If You Put the Wrong Wheels On A Car?

Putting the wrong wheels on a car can have serious consequences. The wrong wheels can interfere with the suspension system, brakes, steering, and overall handling of the car. It will decrease the performance. Also, a wrong wheel can anytime slip off from the car frame leading to a serious accident.


Hopefully, now you have the answer, will universal rims fit Ford and Chevy or not. Although some may fit, it is always recommended to use a custom-fit rim as a safer option. 

If you are still confused about the right rim size, consult with a professional mechanic to ensure rim compatibility. 

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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