Will F250 Wheels Fit E250? Answered!

Reusing a wheel or tire of one model car for another car can save you a lot. But it’s not possible every time even if you have trucks or vans from the same brand. There are a lot of factors to be considered. 

So, will F250 wheels fit E250? 

The Ford F250 wheels will not fit on the Ford E250. The F250 wheels have a larger bolt pattern and center bore diameter as compared to the E250 wheels. Also, the offset and torque differences between them are significant. So, an F250 wheel on an E250, won’t be installed properly, it will feel wobbly and there is a chance the rim will detach from the vehicle while driving. 

If you are still not convinced, keep reading this article for more. Also, I will discuss the compatible wheels for E250 for your convenience. 

Will F250 Wheels Fit E250?

F250 Wheels Fit E250
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No, an F250 wheel will not fit on an E250. an F250 is in the super-duty truck series of Ford which requires a bigger tire with larger specifications than an E250 which is a full-size van. 

Here are some reasons why you can not fit the F250 wheel on an E250 van. 

Bolt Pattern:

The bolt pattern for E250s is 8×165.1, while the bolt pattern for 2008 and onwards F250s is 8×169.9 inches. That means, while both have an 8-lug pattern, the F250 has a slightly larger bolt circle diameter compared to the E250’s bolt diameter. 

If you use an F250 when in an E250, the lug nut won’t be secured in place properly. This could cause the lug nut to come off while you are driving and the wheel to detach from the car. This could cause a serious accident.

Although the bolt pattern of the F250 from the 1992 to 1997 model matches with the E250, the other factors mentioned below don’t match each other. 


The offset for F250 is 20, while the offset for E250 is -76. The offset is the distance between the hub mounting surface and the centerline of the wheel. 

In this case, the offset for F250 is positive, which means the mounting surface of the wheel is 20 millimeters closer to the front face of the wheel. On the other hand, the offset for E250 is negative, which means the mounting surface of the wheel is 76 millimeters closer to the back face of the wheel.

Only a 5 mm difference in the offset can be allowed. And in this case, there is a significant difference between these two offsets. In this case, if you fit an F250 in an E250, the wheels will rub or interfere with the body brakes or suspension components. It will result in damage, reduced handling, and increased tire wear.

Center Bore:

The central bore of a wheel E250 is 123.9 mm, whereas, the central bore of an F250 is 124.9 mm. The center bore of a wheel is designed to fit snugly over the hub of the car, providing proper centering and support for the wheel. If a wheel with a larger center bore is installed on a vehicle, it will not be properly installed on the hub. It can cause vibration, wheel wobble, and uneven tire wear.

F250 and E250 center bores are only 1 mm different which might not cause any problem. Still, you shouldn’t go for it because if anything happens to your car due to the tire problem, the insurance company might charge you for not using the correct size of the wheel. 


The wheel tightening torque requirement for an F250 wheel is 224 Nm whereas, the wheel tightening torque for an E250 is 190 Nm. so, it will be confusing how much torque you will provide in the rim. 

Too much difference in the torque is dangerous. If the torque is too low, the wheel can become loose and potentially detach from your E250. A report shows that 85% of wheel detaching accidents occur due to the loosened bolt. If the torque is too high, it can cause the wheel studs to stretch or break. As a result, the wheel will detach or there will be damage to the hub or wheel.

So, these are the main reasons why it’s not a good idea to try to fit F250 wheels on E250. Some have a misconception that universal rims might fit Ford and Chevy cars, but that’s not true either for many reasons. 

Which Wheel Will Fit E250? 

As you are looking for wheels to fit on your E250 van, here are some Ford E250 wheels recommendations. 

Wheel BrandPart number for Ford E250Wheel SizeFeature
OE Wheels LLC859417316 InchThey provide 1 year of warranty on the face finish and a lifetime structural warranty. 
Ion Alloy 71 Machined Wheel‎71-678116 InchA long-lasting tire that uses the best available technology and precision crafting method. 
Mayhem Rampage Wheel‎8090-2976 M20 InchesDistinctive design, and exacting craftsmanship, will provide the exact attractiveness you want from a rim that is also durable. 
Dorman Machined Alloy Wheel‎939-68217 InchesIt will provide you with a trustworthy option for a quality rim within a budget. The manufacturer also provides a replacement guarantee if the rim doesn’t fit. 

Also, you can choose any other wheel for your E250 you want as long as they meet the required specification. Also, make sure to use the right size of tire for your rim. Choosing the right tire is important because the widest tire in an 8-inch rim you can use is different than a 9-inch one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I Use Wheel Spacers To Fit F250 Wheels Onto My E250?

No, you can not use wheel spacers to fit F250 wheels onto your E250. Wheel spacers are primarily used when the offset of the rim is narrower than the recommendation. In the case of the F250, the offset is already larger. Which won’t give you any leverage. 

How Do I Find Out The Specifications Of My Car Wheels?

The specifications of a car’s wheels can generally be found in the owner’s manual. You can also get them by consulting a reliable source such as a tire shop, wheel manufacturer, dealer, or official website.

Will F250 Wheels Fit F350?

Yes, an F250 wheel will fit an F350. Both are super-duty trucks and they use the same lug pattern. Their wheel’s offset, center bore and torque are also the same. So you can interchange the wheels of these two trucks without any worry.


That’s the answer to whether F250 wheels will fit E250 or not. I hope this article will help you take the right decision. Safety always comes first so never compromise with it for money or the outlook of the vehicle. 

Let’s wrap this up for now. I hope you have a great day!

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