Why Do You Only Slash 3 Tires Instead Of 4 – 5 Reasons

When it comes to slashing tires, the result is always expensive and highly time-consuming. Not to mention the hassle one has to go through for repairing or replacing the tires. But still, it is ideal to know why you only slash 3 tires instead of 4. 

While slashing a tire is easy to replace with the spare tire of the vehicle, slashing all 4 increases the risk of accidents. And slashing three tires reduces the effort of pushing the vehicle. But it is still an expensive repair. 

In this guide, I will discuss the benefits surrounding slashing 3 tires instead of 4. Not only that, but I will also let you in on the troubles of tearing three tires of a vehicle. So, stay tuned till the end! 

5 Reasons Why You Only Slash 3 Tires Instead Of 4 

There are several reasons why people only slash three tires instead of four tires of the vehicle. So, let us look at why slashing 3 tires is better than ripping all 4. 

Cheaper To Replace:

Replacing the slashed tires of a vehicle turns out to be quite expensive. Vehicle owners will only have to purchase three new tires instead of four, saving money on the extra tire. Thus, replacing three tires costs less compared to four tires. 

More Convenient To Drive:

If three tires of the vehicle are slashed, the car can still be driven. However, the car’s movement will be unstable and look awkward on the roads. The owner can push the vehicle or drive it to the nearest tire repair shop. 

3. Disables The Car Completely:

With four slashed tires, the car will be completely disabled. The driver will not be able to move the car or drive it to get the tires repaired. Also, pushing a car with four damaged tires is very difficult compared to three tires. 

4. Increases The Risk Of Accidents:

Slashing all four tires of the car increases the danger of leading the vehicle into an accident. The danger is still present when three tires are stabbed instead of four, but the risk of accidents is quite low. Not only that, but slashing four tires also puts the life of pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

5. Difficult To Slash All Four Tires:

Slashing tires requires a decent amount of force and energy. It is easier to slash three tires of a vehicle instead of all four. Also, tearing four tires also consumes a significant amount of time. 

4 Problems You May Encounter For Slashing All 4 Tires

While slashing 1 to 3 tires of a car does not impose severe risk, slashing all four tires brings several problems. Check out the issues you may face for slashing all four vehicle tires. 

  • Expensive:

Replacing all four vehicle tires has quite an effect on the pocket. Changing three damaged tires costs a decent amount of money. However, purchasing four new tires is more expensive compared to three. 

  • Vandalism Case:

A vandalism case is a major problem that tire slashers encounter for slashing all four tires. Slashing one tire can also cause you to face a case for destruction of property with jail time. However, slashing four tires results in a severe case, also causing strict punishment. 

  • Increased Risk Of Accidents:

Another top problem with slashing four tires results in an increased risk of an accident. Four slashed tires cause the driver to lose their balance on the road. This causes a risk to the life of the driver and passengers. Not only that, but it also puts the life of the people on the road at risk. 

  • Time Consuming:

Replacing four damaged tires of a car is highly time-consuming. And finding a tire repair shop that will replace all four tires is quite tricky as well. Not only that, but it is essential to ensure that all four tires are installed properly. Otherwise, it increases the risk of accidents. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How Many Tires Should You Slash?

You can slash any number of tires you want. However, slashing four tires can be dangerous for the driver and the tire slasher. To be on the safe side, slashing three tires is the best option. 

Technically, people should not slash any tires, but there are quite a few reasons for ripping a car’s tires. Make sure you slash less than 4 to reduce the risk of accidents. 

Does Slashing 3 Tires Instead Of 4 Pose Any Risks?

Slashing three tires of a vehicle comes with its risks and dangers. When you slash a tire, it causes the car’s balance to be off. While slashing four tires significantly increases the risk of accidents, tearing three poses less risk. 

So if you are wondering why you slash only three tires, it is because pushing a car with three damaged tires is more manageable than four tires. It also reduces the risk of severe punishment in a vandalism case. 

Is Tire Slashing Legal?

Tire slashing is illegal and considered a criminal offense. Slashing even one tire of someone’s car is an act of vandalism and typically falls under the destruction of personal property. And a case of vandalism can cause the slasher to go to jail or pay a hefty fine. 

Not only that, but the owner of the car has the right to sue the slasher. This can cause the case to get messy and will require a significant amount of money. 

Will Insurance Cover 3 Slashed Tires?

A common misconception (1) is that insurance does not cover three slashed tires. Many people say that you need all four tires slashed for insurance coverage. However, this is not true at all. Insurance companies will pay the owner to replace the slashed tire, even if it is only one. 

Every car owner has insurance to ensure a straightforward repair of their vehicles in case of accidents. With proper proof, the vehicle owners will get the slashed tire covered

Is Slashing Tires A Felony? 

Whether slashing tires is a felony or not depends on the total sum of the damage. Slashing the tires of a car is illegal and a criminal offense. 

However, if the slashed tires’ total damage is up to $1000 or more, it is considered a felony. Damages under $1000 are considered criminal misdemeanors. But it still qualifies as a vandalism case. 

Why Do People Slash Tires?

Slashing the tires of a car is not a good thing to do. Many people slash a car’s tires to delay the driver or cause an inconvenience. However, people slash car tires in rage or anger.  Not only that, but slashing tires also result in an expensive repair. 

So, think properly before acting on this task, as it is both costly and time-consuming. That’s why I recommend avoiding tire slashing whenever possible.

Is it true if only 3 tires are slashed?

It is true that if only 3 tires are slashed, the vehicle will still be able to operate but with limited mobility and stability. It is important to replace the damaged tires as soon as possible for safety reasons.

What happens if someone slashed all 4 tires?

If someone slashed all four tires on a vehicle, the vehicle would not be able to move as the tires would be deflated and unable to hold air. The owner of the vehicle would need to replace all four tires in order to drive the vehicle again. Additionally, the person responsible for slashing the tires could face criminal charges for vandalism.

Should I call the cops if someone slashed my tire?

Yes, it is important to call the police if someone has vandalized your property, including slashing your tire. This is considered a criminal act and the police will be able to investigate and potentially find the person responsible. Additionally, having a police report can be helpful for insurance purposes if you need to file a claim.

Does insurance cover 4 slashed tires ?

It depends on the type of insurance and the circumstances surrounding the damage to the tires.

If the tires were damaged as a result of a collision or other covered event, such as theft or vandalism, then comprehensive insurance would typically cover the cost of replacement tires.

However, if the tires were damaged as a result of wear and tear, or if the policyholder does not have comprehensive coverage, the insurance company may not cover the cost of replacement tires.

It is important to check with your insurance provider for specific details and coverage information.

Final Words

Slashing the tires of someone’s car is not a good deed in any manner. It causes inconvenience and can often risk the life of the driver and people on the road. However, now that you know why you only slash three tires instead of 4, keep the reasons in mind. 

If you are determined to slash the tires of a vehicle, make sure to slash three or less than that. This will reduce the chance of accidents, and the severity of the vandalism case is also quite low.


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