2000 GMC Sierra Spare Tire Removal [Step-by-Step Guideline]

Chevy trucks have remained a reliable transportation option for many decades among company owners and families. This is especially true if you are talking about the 2000 GMC Sierra. One thing that many people fear when working with this truck is having to deal with a flat tire.

This guide will discuss the 2000 GMC Sierra spare tire removal procedure so that the next time you experience a flat tire, you will have an easy time fixing it.

2000 GMC Sierra Spare Tire Removal: Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a step-by-step guide on removing a 2000 GMC spare tire:

Tools Required

  • Jack kit
  • Ignition key

Jack kit is a long pouch with numerous square-shaped rods and a crowbar. This kit is usually located under the back bench seat. (If  this kit is lucking in your truck, you can get one from a spare store.)

This brief list of the required tools should help you see how easy it is to remove a spare tire on a 2000 GMC Siera, thanks to Chevy’s talented engineers. After you have the required tools at hand, head to the back of the truck and follow the steps below:

  • Confirm that your truck has a spare tire. To confirm, get down and scan the upper area under the rear of your truck.
  • After confirming the spare tire is available, go back to your feet and look for the plastic cover next to your truck’s license plate on the right side. The cover may be removed to reveal a keyhole.
  • Insert your truck’s ignition key into the keyhole, turn the key clockwise, and pull slightly in your direction. The lock should detach from the opening. Ensure you place it somewhere safe before proceeding to the next step.
  • Open the jack kit. As stated earlier, this kit contains multiple rods and a crowbar. One rod has flanged sides and opens slightly broader than the other ends. That’s the rod’s female end, which must be placed into the key lock’s opening.
  • Add a rod to the initial rod’s female end to give yourself enough leeway to pass via your truck’s bumper and get to the pulley’s male end. 
  • Connect the male and female components by inserting the rod via the hole.
  • Attach the crowbar to the end of the protruding rod, and turn it counterclockwise.
  • As a result, the pulley will turn, causing the truck’s spare tire to descend. Continue rotating the rod till your spare tire is on the ground.
  • Once your spare tire is on the ground, make a few more rotations to loosen up the wire.
  • To remove the tire from underneath the truck, you must first remove the pulley carrier from the rim. Grab the mount’s one end by inserting your hand via the rim’s central hole. (The mount is rectangular.) Put the rectangle’s narrow end through the opening. Now you can pull your spare tire from underneath the truck.
  • If you do not intend to store another tire beneath at this point, locate a secure location to tuck in the cable, then wind up the extra length.
Spare Tire, 2000 GMC Sierra Spare Tire Removal

How to Fix a Flat Tire on a 2000 GMC Sierra

You need to consider a few things before you can start swapping a flat tire for a spare. First, slowly steer the car off the road and park it somewhere secure. This space must be broad enough to allow you to maneuver around the vehicle without running the risk of being struck by other motorists.

As you change your flat tire, ensure your hazard lights are activated so that other cars will be aware of driving slowly past you. Put a reflective warning sign a few feet behind your car for added safety if you have one.

Things You Will Need to Fix the Flat Tire:

  • Well-inflated spare tire
  • Jack kit
  • Lug wrench


  • Pull over as quickly as you can from the road. The area you choose should be wide enough for you to move around the truck without risking being hit by other vehicles.
  • Switch on your emergency lights. This will alert other drivers so that they can be cautious when driving past you.
  • Engage the parking brake.
  • Place large rocks, wheel wedges, or sticks behind the tire opposite the flat tire to prevent the truck from rolling.
  • Using the steps discussed above, remove the spare tire of your 2000 GMC Sierra.
  • Next, remove the wheel cover or hubcap from the damaged tire.
  • Utilizing a lug wrench, loosen the wheel’s lug nuts.
  •  Lift the wheel off the ground using the jack.
  • Take the lug nuts off using a wrench. Ensure that you place the lug nuts in a safe spot.
  • Carefully take the flat tire off.
  • Install your spare tire on the lug bolts. Try to tighten the lug nuts using your hands, and then use the wrench.
  • Lower the truck so that the tire touches the ground, but the truck’s total weight doesn’t rest on the tire and use the wrench to tighten the lug nuts again.
  • Finally, lower the truck and take the jack out once the spare tire is securely on the ground.
  • Store your equipment.
  •  Inspect the spare tire’s air pressure.
  • If the spare’s pressure is good, you can proceed with your journey

Removing Spare Tire Without Tools

2000 GMC Sierra Spare Tire Removal
Credit: safedrivegear

How to remove Spare Tire without factory tool kit – GMC Sierra 1999- 2007 (Video)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Can I Ride on My Spare Tire?

How long you can ride on your spare tire depends on your car’s type of spare tire. Most trucks include a full-size spare tire with no limit on how long you can use them since they are similar to tires on your truck. But if you use donut spare tires, you are advised to use them only for 50 to 70 miles.

Why are Many Manufacturers Including Donut Spares in Cars?

Donut tires are smaller in size. This is why many manufacturers prefer them in their cars since they help save some space.

How Fast Should You Go on Spare Tires?

Maintaining a maximum speed of 50mph is recommended if you use a spare tire.

How Far Can You Drive on a Run-Flat Tire After a Puncture?

After a puncture, you can drive up to 50 miles using run-flat tires.

Is it worth removing the spare tire?

Yes, that’s will good removing the spare tire. Removing spare can reduce 50 pounds on your vehicle.

Can you use a bottle jack instead of a floor jack?

No, it’s will not be good decision to use bottle jack instead of floor jacks. Bottle jacks frame are narrow.

Final Take

We hope that this article helped guide you on how to remove a spare tire from a 2000 GMC Sierra. If you are unsure how to replace a flat tire on your 2000 GMC Sierra, the steps to fix a flat tire discussed in this article will be helpful.

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