Biggest Tires On Stock F350: Revealed!

For Ford stock F-350 IV Super Duty (2020 – 2024), the biggest tires are 

  • LT265/70R17 or 31.6” for 17” rim, 
  • LT295/70R18 or 34.3” for 18” and 
  • LT295/65R20 or 35.1” for 20″ rim. 

For VIII (1992 – 1997), the biggest tire is LT255/85R16 or 33.1”. 

The biggest tires in stock IV (1971 – 1972) are 255/75R16 or 31.1”. 

If you have a Dually (2020 – 2022 4th Gen), then you can install a 265/75R17 or 32.6” tire in the stock rim as the biggest one. 

That’s not all as this article will explicitly include all the biggest tire sizes for different Ford F350 models with explanation. So, read on to get that sporty look you desire with the biggest tire on your Ford F350.   

What Is The Biggest Tires On Stock F350? 

The easiest way to find out the biggest tire on stock F350 is to find out the biggest stock tire of your truck’s model first. After that, you have to add 20 mm to the tire width. Then you will get the biggest tire that can be used safely on the stock rim.

Here’s a table for the biggest tires on stock F350 rims

Ford F-350 Model Stock Rim Size Stock wheel sizeBiggest tires sizeBiggest tire in inches
IV Super Duty Facelift [2020 – 2024]17LT245/75R17LT265/70R1731.6”
IV Super Duty Facelift [2020 – 2024]18LT275/70R18 LT295/70R1834.3”
IV Super Duty Facelift [2020 – 2024]20LT275/65R20LT295/65R20 35.1”
V [2023 – 2024]17LT285/70R17 for 17”LT305/70R17 for 17”33.8”
V [2023 – 2024]18LT275/70R18LT295/70R1834.3”
VIII [1992 – 1997]16LT235/85R16LT255/85R1633.1”
IV [1971 – 1972]16235/75R16255/75R1631.1”
II, III SUPER DUTY [2008 – 2016]17LT265/70R17LT285/70R1732.7”
II, III SUPER DUTY [2008 – 2016]18LT275/70R18LT295/70R1834.3”
II, III SUPER DUTY [2008 – 2016]20LT275/65R20LT295/65R2035.1”
F350 dually (2020 – 2022 4th Gen)17”245/75R17265/75R1732.6”
F350 dually 1st to 3rd Gen16”235/85R16255/85R1633.1”

Let’s discuss all the models with their recommended biggest tire sizes in detail. 

Ford F-350 IV Super Duty Facelift [2020 – 2024]:

Ford F-350
Source: Group 1 Automotive

The IV Super Duty Facelift (2020 to 2024) comes with stock rim sizes of 17, 18, and 20 inches depending on the trim.

For the 17” stock rim size, the biggest stock tire is LT245/75R17. Generally, we can use tires up to 20mm wider than the stock tire diameter. So, for 17” rim size you can use  LT265/70R17 as the biggest tire. 

For an 18” rim size, the biggest OE tire is LT275/70R18. So the biggest tire on this rim you can go is  LT295/70R18. 

LT275/65R20 is the biggest recommended tire size for a 20” rim. So, the widest you can go for this rim is the LT295/65R20 tire. 

Ford F-350 V [2023 – 2024]:

Ford F-350 V
Source: Motor Trend

For F350 V (2023 to 2024), there are two available stock rim sizes depending on the trim. They are 17 and 18-inch rims. 

For the 17-inch rim of this f350 series, the recommended biggest tire size is LT285/70R17 so, you can go up to LT305/70R17 as the biggest tire. 

LT295/70R18 will be the biggest tire on the 18” rim for this f350 series, as the stock tire size is LT275/70R18.

Ford F-350 VIII [1992 – 1997]:

Ford F-350 VIII
Source: Kelly Blue Book

Ford F-350 VIII (1992 – 1997) series uses a 16” rim as their stock rim. On this rim, their recommended biggest rim is LT235/85R16. So, you can go up to the LT255/85R16 tire as the biggest tire on this rim without the need for a spacer or lifting kit.

Ford F-350 IV [1971 – 1972]:

Similar to the previous series, the Ford F-350 IV (1971 – 1972) vehicles use a 16” stock rim. However, the tire size of this series is different in terms of the aspect ratio.

Ford F-350 IV
Source: Barn Finds

The biggest tire for this series you can go for is 255/75R16 as the biggest stock tire size is 235/75R16. 

You must be thinking, the 235 mm tire is too narrow for these trucks, but actually, it’s not. Sometimes, people try to install bigger tires on rims than theft should. For example, putting 275 tires on an 8-inch wheel

These won’t fit and will create problems for the vehicle including suspension rubbing. 

Ford F-350 II, III SUPER DUTY [2008 – 2016]:

Ford F-350 II
Source: MotorTrend

The Ford F-350 II, III super duty (2008 – 2016) series comes with 17, 18, and 20 inches stock-size rims. The rim size varies according to the trims and engine types. 

The 17” rim of this series comes with an OE tire of LT265/70R17 size. So, for these trucks, you can go up to LT285/70R17 tires without any hesitation.

The trucks of this series that come with an 18 inches stock rim, can fit the biggest recommended tire of LT275/70R18 size. But for after-market tires, you can go as big as LT295/70R18 tires. 

For the 20-inch stock rim, the after-market tire can go up to LT295/65R20, as the stock tire is LT275/65R20. 

Here, in the 18 and 20-inch rim’s biggest tire, the main difference is in the aspect ratio. You should now use another aspect ratio than the recommended one. For example, replacing 205/60r16 Tires With 205/55r16 Tires might not be a good idea. 

Ford F350 Dually (2020 – 2022 4th Gen):

Ford F350 Dually
Source: YouTube

The latest generation or 4th generation trucks of F350 dually come with a 17” stock rim and 245/75R17 maximum stock tire. The biggest tires on stock 2021 f350 dually can be 265/75R17 without the requirement of a suspension lifting kit or spacer. 

If you want to use bigger tires, you have to use lifting kits like the following video. 

Ford F350 Dually 1st to 3rd Gen:

Ford F350 Dually 1st to 3rd Gen
Source: YouTube

The previous generation trucks of Ford F350 Dually use the stock rim of 16 inches with the widest recommended tire of 235/85R16. So if you are wondering what is the biggest tire in stock 2015 f350 or the biggest tire in stock 1997 F350, you can easily choose 255/85R16.

You can determine the biggest tires on other trims by using the same method discussed here. Also, make sure, while buying the tire, the unloaded pressure of the F350 is on the right PSI. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Using Wheel Spacers Safe?

For using bigger tires wheel spacers are totally safe if they are installed correctly. Make sure not to multiple spacers at the same time. and the appropriate size and type are used. However, using a wheel spacer can cause premature wheel bearing failure. 

Is It OK To Get Bigger Tires?

It’s okay to get bigger tires if they are compatible with your vehicle’s specifications. It will just cause less fuel efficiency and less speedometer efficiency. If you use tires that are too big for your vehicle, they will rub against the brake caliper, suspension, and car body and will cause premature wear out.

Are Bigger Tires Louder?

Yes, bigger tires are louder than smaller ones. They have larger tread blocks which cause more interaction with the road. The excess interaction causes excess friction and vibration and creates louder noises. 


Here goes all the discussion of the biggest tires on stock F350. I hope this article will help you select the right tire for your truck. Don’t try too big tires as that can be dangerous. Also, make sure to change all the tires as you are upscaling the size to avoid any accidents. 

Goodbye for now. Have a great day!

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