275 Tire on 8 Inch Rim: Will It Fit?

Choosing the correct tire with an 8-inch rim is important for driving. Incompatible tires can cause different types of problems. 

So, can you use 275 Tire on 8 Inch Rim?

Mounting a 275 tire on an 8-inch rim can be done. But it is not recommended by the tire manufacturers. Because this tire is bigger than the requirement. So this will cause safety issues like handling problems. The tires can also come out of the rim while driving. Instead, you can use 215 mm to 245 mm tires on the 8-inch rim. And a minimum 9.5-inch rim is needed for the 275 tire. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Much more details on the tires and rims are yet to be unveiled. So keep reading!

Can You Fit 275 Tire on an 8-Inch Rim? 

You can fit 275 tires on an 8-inch rim, but it’s not recommended. Because using a 275 mm tire with an 8-inch rim can cause several problems while driving the vehicle. So the manufacturers suggest to not use the 275 mm tire with this rim.

Similar to using 38-inch tires on 17-inch rims, the dimensions of the 275 mm tires must match the 8-inch rims But this does not happen. 275 tires mean the tire is 275 mm in width. This is quite a big size for tires. On the other hand, an 8-inch rim is not too big. 

As a result, this rim can not handle a 275 tire properly. lVarious problems will arise if a 275 tire is fitted forcefully on an 8-inch rim. At least a 9.5-inch rim is necessary for holding the 275 tires. However, even this rim is also not the safest option for this tire. 

The 275 tires are best for 11-inch rims. Here the tire and the rim will sync properly for the best output. So it’s pretty understandable that 8-inch rims are very small for big tires like the 275. Let’s see the issues that one will face if a 275 tire is fitted on the 8-inch rim.

What Are The Problems of Fitting 275 Tire on 8-Inch Rim? 

Proper syncing and matching between different components is crucial for the function of a vehicle. The case is similar for the tire and rim too. The vehicle will suffer from many serious issues if these two parts are incompatible. Let’s see the major ones.

Safety Issues:

The first issue that will come up while using a 275 tire on 8 an inch rim is the safety issue. The safety of driving the vehicle will be compensated by doing this. The handling of the vehicle will become hard due to the mismatch between the rim and the tire. 

As a result, the car can go out of control and cause accidents. Also, tires coming out of the rim while driving can happen due to the mismatched tire. This is one of the major safety concerns of driving a car with bigger tires. 

Disastrous situations can arise because of the mismatched combination. Moreover, bigger tires will go outside the line of the vehicle. Then the tire will come in contact with another vehicle passing closely. 

The bigger tire can also pull cyclists or pedestrians under the car while brushing past them.

Rubbing with The Wheel Well:

Manufacturers design the car keeping several factors in mind. All the components of the cars are designed with sophisticated design and calculations. Using the wrong dimensioned part will be against the design and cause problems while driving.

The cutout where the wheel is located is known as the wheel well. This wheel well is designed according to the size of the factory tires. Bigger tires will not fit inside the well. As a 275 tire is quite bigger for the 8-inch rim, it is also bigger for the wheel well.

Then the tire will get in contact with the wheel well while the car is running. This will damage the well, and can even break it.

Tire Distortion:

The phenomenon of tires getting out of shape and cracking is termed tire distortion. The mismatched rim of the car can cause tire distortion. The 275 tires can lose some of their air if it is fitted on the 8-inch rim.

tires getting out of shape and cracking
Source: motortrend.com

Also, the car will face troubles while cornering. The pressure on the tires will be imbalanced. And all these will result in tire distortion. 


Accurate handling stability is a must for the safe driving of a vehicle. But bigger tires like the 20×12 on 37s decrease the stability of cars up to a great extent. A disproportionate tire and rim combination will not function properly. 

As a result, the car will jump and bounce more than usual. Moreover, the braking efficiency of the vehicle will get lowered. The braking distance might increase because of the dissimilar rim and tire combination. 

Also, handling the car will become problematic. Especially, taking quick corners can be full of hassles with a 275 tire on the small 8-inch rim.

Inaccurate Tachometer Reading:

Tachometer is a device that shows the speed of the engine. It measures the number of rotations produced by the car engine every minute. The work of the tachometer is very important for the manual transmission in the car. 

But the work of the tachometer is hampered by tires bigger than the rim. This device functions by calculating the surface covered by every rotation of the car. If the tire size increases, the surface covered by every rotation will also increase.

But the Tachometer will not be able to change its calculation method. It will still calculate using the same parameters as the smaller tire. Thus, the reading of the Tachometer will be inaccurate. Then the manual transmission system of the vehicle will be affected and cause problems.

Stress on The Vehicle’s Suspension:

The design of the suspension system, engine, and other parts is done based on the factory components. The tire size of the vehicle is also designed to keep the power of the suspension and engine.

suspension system
Source: forbes.com

So if the tire size is suddenly increased, the overall performance of the vehicle will be hampered. Bigger tires are heavier than the smaller ones. So the force needed to drag the bigger tires is also more. 

This creates extra stress on the engine and suspension system of the car. The efficiency of the car engine decreases because of this. Moreover, the lifetime of these parts also decreases. This will cause economic loss to the user.

These are all the possible problems of using a 275 tire on an 8-inch rim. So you must measure the tire and the rim before fitting them. Follow this video for doing this work easily: 

I will discuss the best tire sizes for this rim in the next segment. 

What Is The Ideal Tire Size for 8 Inch Rim? 

The ideal tire size for an 8-inch rim is 225 to 235 mm. Just like using 5, 6, and 8-lug Chevy rims on a Ford, the dimension of this tire matches with the rim. The 225 to 235 tires will match perfectly with the 8-inch rim and give optimum performance. 

However, tires slightly smaller and bigger than this size will also fit on 8-inch rims. The minimum and maximum size of the tire that can be used with the 8-inch rim is 215 mm and 245 respectively. Any tire between this range will fit perfectly on the 8-inch rim.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

What is the smallest tire on an 8-inch rim? 

The smallest tire on an 8-inch rim is the 215 mm tire. Tires smaller than this size will not fit into this rim. If the tire is fitted forcefully in the 8-inch rim, it might come out during driving. Also, the stability of the vehicle will be disrupted and the handling can malfunction. 

Does rim size affect tire size? 

Yes, rim size affects tire size. The size of the tire must be increased or decreased with the rim size. If the rim and tire size are not matched, they will not fit. Then serious accidents and issues can happen while driving. Also, the life expectancy of the engine and suspensions will decrease.

Is a smaller rim size better?

A smaller rim size is better for a smoother ride. Moreover, the sound produced while driving is quite less with smaller rims. Also, the handling is predictable.  However, the stability of the vehicle might be less for smaller rims. The braking distance is also more for this type of rim.


This is all on the topic of 275 tire on 8 inch rims. Now you can easily understand the problems of fitting a 275 mm tire on an 8-inch rim.

Always try to install a tire that is recommended by the manufacturer. The vehicle will give the best riding experience if the rims and tires are matched properly.

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