Are 325 Tires The Same as 35? Answered!

It is important to choose the right tire for a safe and smooth ride but it can be confusing with a million tire sizes. 

So, Are 325 Tires The Same as 35? 

Well, the answer is no. Here the number 325 refers to the width of a tire in mm and the 35 represents diameter of a tire. There is a range of tires that comes in the width of 325. But not all of them have the same diameter of 35. Not only in diameter but they also differ in other factors like weight, max PSI, max load, etc. 

If you are still confused then we have an entire article for you. Continue reading for a complete answer. 

325 Tires Vs 35 Tires: Basic Differences

325 Tires Vs 35 Tires

If we have to talk about the most hyped tires lately, both the 325 and 35 series of tires would be on the list.

Here 325 is the width of the tire and in the range of 325mm tires, there is a variety in the measurement of diameter.

Here the following table shows different 325mm tires with various rim sizes and consequently the overall tire diameter- 

Overall Diameter (Inches)35.633.735.134.8
Side WallBlackBlackBlackBlack
Maximum Load (lbs)3197352733073858
Tread Depth16/3216/3216/3219/32
Rim Range(Inches)9.0-12.09.0-11.59.0-11.59.0-12.0
Maximum PSI3195@503523@653305@653860@65
Weight(lbs)67.8 66.1 70.2 73.9
Price Point$541.99$456.99$673.99$443.99

The table would help you to understand the fundamental difference between these tires.

325 Tires Vs 35 Tires: Are they the same? 

No, 325 tires and 35 tires are not the same. There are differences between 325 tires and 35 tires where 325mm is the width of the tire and 35mm is the diameter. They are also different in size, RPM, diameter, width, and price point. 

Since width and diameter are two different measurements, so obviously it would make a difference in the tire type. However, there are some basic similarities too in the tread depth, in the size of the rim, and the construction. But the major difference these two types of tires are mostly known for is the size difference.

For more details, you can check:

Overall Diameter:

The main difference in every Yokohama 325 tire is the difference in diameter. You will notice the number 325 which actually tells you the width of your tire. But for the same 325 mm diameter of tires, the width can be different.

difference in diameter

For example, Yokohama 325/60R20 model has a width of 325 mm and the diameter for this model is 35.6 inches. Similarly, Yokohama 325/60R18 model has a width of 33.7 inches, the Yokohama 325/00R22 model has a width of 35.1 and the Yokohama 325/65R18 model has a width of 34.8. 

Other models like Michelin also differ in the same way in the width and the diameter measurement. 

So it is very evident that although the width is the same it is not always the same diameter which is 35 inches. Another important thing about these tires is that they are quite big in size. So, before purchasing it, make sure your vehicle can accommodate such a big tire. 

Maximum Load:

Maximum load is another important attribute that is a tire and for all the models of Yokohama 325 tires, it varies. The maximum load refers to the highest weight capacity of the tire. And every Yokohama tire with 325 widths comes with a different load capacity. 

Here Yokohama 325/60R20 has a width of 325 mm and the maximum load for this model is 3127 lbs. Similarly, Yokohama 325/60R18 has a maximum load of 3527 lbs, Yokohama 325/00R22 has a load of 3307 lbs and Yokohama 325/65R18 has a maximum load of 3858.

Since all of them have the same width, so with the diameter, the weight capacity of a tire changes. Other than that, the sidewall of your vehicle is also responsible for the weight capacity of a vehicle. 

Tread Depth:

The Tread is basically the rubber of your tire that touches the ground. Mostly the Yokohama 325 models have pretty much a similar kind of trade depth unless a few exceptions. 

Yokohama 325/60R20, Yokohama 325/60R18, and Yokohama 325/00R22 have the same trade depth, which is 16/32. Here the exception is in the Yokohama 325/65R18, which is 19/32. 

So it is clear that not every 325 tire has the same diameter and trade depth. 

Maximum PSI:

Maximum PSI or pounds per square inch pressure is needed for your tire to support the maximum load capacity of your vehicle. It is a crucial factor for your vehicle to have a safe and smooth driving experience. While busying a tire, you should always check the PSI of the tire.

For Yokohama 325/60R20, the maximum PSI is 3195. Similarly, for Yokohama 325/60R18 maximum PSI is 3523, and for Yokohama 325/00R22 it is 3305. Usually, the PSI is designed in a way so that your tire can easily carry the maximum load without any unwanted situations. 


A tire should always have a suitable weight so that it can support your vehicle without any hassle. Mostly for slippery roads, accurate weight for a tire is very important. For Yokohama 325 tires, there is a weight difference from model to model. 

For Yokohama 325/60R20, the weight is 67.8 lbs. Similarly, for Yokohama 325/60R18 weight is 66.1 lbs, and for Yokohama 325/00R22 it is 70.2 lbs.

So, we can see although all of them have the same 325mm width, in different models it can differ in terms of the tire weight. Tire weight differs the way it differs in diameter. 

Price Point:

Pricepoint is one of the most important differential factors in 325 tires. As we can see, not every model of Yokohama 325 has the same diameter, same PSI, same maximum load, and same weight. 

So it is very obvious that the price point will also vary from model to model. For Yokohama 325/60R20, the price point is $541.99. Similarly, Yokohama 325/60R18 has a price of $456.99, Yokohama 325/00R22 costs $673.99, and Yokohama 325/65R18 costs around $443.99. 

Now, Which One to Go for?

It is very crucial to answer which particular tire would be best for your vehicle. As there are different factors related to it. 325 is quite a large tire, it might not fit in every vehicle. So the first thing is, you need to be aware of the specification of your vehicle. 

Other than that, there are attributes like tire diameter, maximum load, maximum PSI, and weight that varies in 325 tires from model to model. You should always choose the one that supports your vehicle the best. 

Finally, one of the most important aspects is the price point. You should check the pricing and choose the one that comes in your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why the tires are called 35s?

Here the 35s indicates the diameter of your tire which is 35”. Usually, a vehicle that is 4X4 is measured this way. The diameter has an important role to play in your vehicle. It is basically the height of the tire in your vehicle. So, you should always check the diameter of the tire you are purchasing which should match your vehicle. 

Can you fit 325 on 11?

Yes, it can be fitted. But you need to be careful about the section width. The section width should not exceed 11.0”. Especially when the aspect ratio is in consideration. But you would always want to go with the 11.5” wheel maximum and the 12” would be an ideal measurement. 

What is the best rim size for 35s?

A tire with 35” in diameter should always go for a rim size that is 17 inches in width at least. For a better-performing tire, it should always be compatible with the rim size. Usually, 33” tires work best with a rim size of 15 to 16 inches in width. So before busying tires for your vehicle, make sure you should check the rim size carefully.

Final Words

Hope, this article was helpful enough for you and that we can resolve all your queries regarding Are 325 Tires The Same as 35.

It is very important to keep in mind that every vehicle is different in specification and the tire should always match with it. 

That is all for now. Until next time, drive safe!

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