33 vs 35” tires F250: 11 Factors to Consider!

When it comes to upgrading the tires on your Ford F-250, there are numerous options to choose from. 

So, 33 vs 35” tires F250– which is a better fit? 

35” tires will give your F250 a more appealing look than 33” tires. Also, you will have more ground clearance and better off-road performance with 35” tires. However, unlike 33” tires, you might face suspension rubbing problems with specific trims of F250 after installing 35” tires. 33” tires will provide your F250 with better on-road performance, towing capacity, and fuel economy than 35” tires.

Keep reading to explore more about each tire size and make an informed decision about which option is right for your F-250.

33 Vs 35” Tires F250: Quick Comparison 

Before diving into the detailed discussion on which tire will suit your F250 the best, let’s take a quick look at the differences in both sizes. 

Features 33 inches35 inches 
AestheticsAppealingMore rugged appearance
Ground clearanceLess More 
Suspension rubbingNone Might face suspension rubbing
Performance (On-road )Better Good
Rolling resistance LessMore
Off-road performanceInferior off-road performance good off-road performance 
Towing capacity MoreLess
Noise Less noisy Noisy
Re-gearing Not neededNeeded 
Fuel consumption LessMore (heavy)
Cost$200 to $300 $400 to $500

Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you need the extra ground clearance and don’t mind the lower fuel economy, then 35 inch tires may be the best option for you.

33 Vs 35” Tires F250: In-depth Comparison 

Here’s a detailed discussion to help you understand which tire size will fit your F250 better between 33” and 35” tires. 


The 35” tire will look more appealing on your F250 than a 33” tire. Larger tire sizes provide a more aggressive stance. This can help enhance the F250’s overall appearance and appeal if you are looking for a tough-looking truck.

Tire brands also affect the car’s appearance a lot, as they have different designs. For example, Cooper and Pathfinder have many differences, but both these tires look amazing on trucks.

33 vs 35 inch tires
Source: eBay

Ground Clearance:

With 33” you will get less ground clearance on your F250 than 35”. Ground clearance is the distance between the lowest point of the truck and the ground below it.

The greater the ground clearance, the higher the truck can safely travel over obstacles such as rocks, logs, or uneven terrain.

In the case of tire size, the 35” tire will provide greater ground clearance as it raises the bottom of the truck further off the ground. As a result, the underside of the truck will face less scraping or damage. 

Suspension Rubbing:

Unlike a 35” tire, with a 33” tire, you should not face suspension rubbing problems in any trim of F250. 

With a 35” tire, in some trims, there can be suspension rubbing issues. For example, for F250 trims that have less than 19” OEM rims including 17”, and 18”, there will be suspension rubbing issues with a 35” tire. 

In this case, you have to fit 35” tires on an F250 after lifting it 2” inches or more with a tire leveling kit

Performance (On-Road):

A 33” inch tire will provide better on-road performance in F250 than a 35” tire. Due to the less flexible sidewalls, smaller tires are easier to handle and provide better traction on asphalt. 

Also, the 33’ tire has less mass than a 35’ tire. So, when it comes to the aerodynamics of the truck, a 33” tire provides advantages over a 35” tire. 

Rolling Resistance:

A 33” inch tire will provide less rolling resistance on your F250 than a 35” tire. Rolling resistance is the force required to keep a tire rolling along the ground. 

Smaller tires have a smaller contact patch with the ground. It means that they require less force to keep them rolling at the same speed. As a result, a 33″ tire is likely to provide better on-road performance and fuel efficiency than a 35″ tire on an F250.

On the other hand, due to high rolling resistance, the 35” tire will slow down your truck and will require more energy to operate. 

Off-Road Performance:

When it comes to off-road performance, a 35” tire will be a better choice for your F250 than a 33” tire. 

Firstly, a 35″ tire will provide more ground clearance than a 33″ tire. This means that the truck will have a higher ride height and be able to clear obstacles like rocks more easily.

Moreover, a larger tire size will also have a larger contact patch with the ground. It can provide better traction and grip on loose or uneven surfaces like mud, sand, and gravel.

Towing Capacity:

A 33’ tire will provide your F250 with more towing capacity than a 35” tire. A smaller tire is able to transfer more torque to the ground than a larger tire. As a result, the truck gets more power and the towing capacity is increased. 


The 35” tires will create more noise while driving your F250 than the 33” tires. larger tires have wider treads which creates more friction and vibration with the road. As a result, you will hear more noise. 


If you install 33” tires in your F250, you don’t have to re-gear it, unlike 35” tires. Re-gearing is a process of swapping out the existing ring and pinion gears in the differential with new ones that have a different ratio.

Due to the smaller size, 33” tires don’t require re-gearing while installation. With a bigger tire like a 35” tire, re-gearing is a must. 

Re-gearing is a costly process that will cost you around $1200 to $1600. 

Fuel Consumption:

The 33” will have less fuel consumption in your F250 than 35” tires. This is because larger tires have a greater rolling resistance and more weight. The engine has to work harder to turn these tires. As a result, more fuel is needed to maintain the same speed and acceleration as with smaller tires.

The following video will provide you with a clearer concept of the fuel mileage of these two tires. 


A 33” tire will cost you less than a 35” tire. A 33-inch tire should cost you around $200 to $300 depending on the tire brand and model. On the other hand, a 35” tire will cost you around $400 to $500. 

While buying tires, many people get confused and think 325 and 35” as similar tires. However, they are not and they have different price ranges. Make sure of this before purchasing.

33 vs 35 inch f250 tire conversion
Source: 4 Wheel Parts

33 Vs 35” Tires F250: Final Decision 

If you want an aesthetic look for your F250, you would like a 35” tire better. Also, if you drive off-road frequently, this tire size will give you more advantages. 

On the other hand, if you want to use your truck for regular on-road driving and towing, 33” tires will be better for you. It will also be budget-friendly and you have to go through less installation hassle like lifting or re-gearing. 

Also, after installing the tires, make sure your F250’s unloaded tire pressure is at an optimal level. If the pressure isn’t optimal, contact the dealer and have it fixed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Are The Disadvantages Of Lift In Car?

The primary disadvantage of lifting the car is reduced stability and handling. As lifting the car changes the center of gravity to higher, it’s hard to control the car and the chance of it rolling over increases. Also, the lift in the car causes reduced fuel efficiency. 

What Is The Advantage Of a Suspension Lift?

The main advantage of a suspension lift is increased ground clearance. It allows better off-road performance and the ability to tackle more challenging terrain. Suspension lifts can also provide more space for larger tires, which can further improve off-road capability and enhance the appearance of the vehicle.

Will 35 Inch Tires Make My Truck Higher?

Yes, 35-inch tires will make your truck higher. They have a larger diameter than smaller tires. This increase in tire size will raise the height of the truck’s body and increase the ground clearance. Also, if you use a leveling kit to adjust the tire to your truck, this will make your truck even higher. 


Here goes the discussion on 33 vs 35” tires f250. After considering all these factors mentioned here, I hope you can now take an informed decision. 

If you decide to install a 35” tire, especially with a leveling kit, make sure to drive very carefully as the stability will be compromised. 

That’s all for today. All the best and Goodbye!

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