The Ultimate Guide For 295/65R20 On Leveled F150

The 295 mm tires are a popular choice for Ford F-150 owners as it gives a muscular look to your truck. 

So, can you install a 295/65R20 on leveled F150?

Yes, 295/65R20 on leveled F-150 is a good choice if you want your truck to get a beefy look. But you need to consider some things before you put this particular tire as it is a 35” tire. An easy calculation of fender clearance and tire size is necessary. Also, you must check if the 35” tire will impact your mileage and driving experience before installing them. 

So, keep scrolling to find out more about the desired 35” tire for your leveled F-150 truck. Here, we’ll guide you with all that you need. 

How To Install 295/65R20 on Leveled F150?

So far, the Ford F-150 series has generated 14 generations, starting from 1948 and still going on. The older generations are rarely seen now. So we’ll focus on this article from the 9th generation (1992-96) till the present regarding the 295/65R20 tire. 

F-150 GenerationStock Tire Size(Inches)Required Levelling Kit Size for 295/65R20 Tire
9th Generation(1992-96)27”-31”4”-2”
10th Generation(1997-2003)26”-32”5”-2”
11th Generation(2004-08)30”-34”3”-2.5”
12th Generation(2009-14)30”-34”3”-2.5”
13th Generation(2015-20)30”-34”/35”3”-2.5”/no leveling
14th Generation(2021-present)30”-34”/35”/36”3”-2.5”/no leveling

In the last two generations of F-150, no leveling is required for trucks with 35” or 36” stock tires. Because 295/65R20 is also a 35” tire. Now, here is how the data featured in the table is calculated. 

The tire size calculation: 

  1. (Tire width x aspect ratio) mm
  2. Then, the result is turned into inches. 
  3. The result inch is one part of the sidewall height. 
  4. The result inch x 2 = overall sidewall height. 
  5. Now the overall sidewall height + rim diameter. 

Example for 295/65R20:

295 x .65 = 191.75 mm.

191.75 mm to inches =  7.5 inches

Overall sidewall height: 7.5 x 2 = 15 inches

So, stock tire size = rim diameter + overall sidewall height = 20 + 15 = 35 inches. 

generation Ford F-150 truck
Source: f150forum

First, you need to figure out which generation Ford F-150 truck you got. Based on different generations, the stock tire sizes vary and so does the leveling kit for installing the 35”. For installing the 295/65R20 tire on your leveled Ford F-150, you need to figure out this simple calculation. 

This calculation will consider the stock size of your truck’s tire and also if the 35” tire will fit and what leveling kit you’ll need. Fear not for the calculation is right in front of you and it is fairly simple. 

So, first, you’ll need to figure out the stock tire size(OEM). Get your truck’s tire size unit which is similar to “295/65R20”. Here, 295 corresponds to tire width in millimeters, 65 to the aspect ratio, and 20 to the rim diameter. Let’s see now how you’ll calculate the tire size. 

Factors to Consider:

Fender Clearance:

Now, the required leveling kit for 295/65R20 is calculated by considering the fender clearance. Here, the fender clearance is the space between your tire and the fender of the truck. For changing tires, the front fender clearance is usually calculated. 

Generally, there is at least a 2.5” to 3” fender clearance for every F-150. So, for example, a stock tire of 30” should have a fender clearance of 3”. That amounts to 33” entailing the whole space. So to fit the 35” tire (295/65R20) you need to extend the fender clearance by 3” therefore a 3” leveling kit is needed. 

Many Ford F-150s allow leveling kits above 4” to fit larger tires. For example, 37-inch tires on 20-inch rims will fit on a 31” stock tire. This will involve leveling your truck with a 4” to 6” leveling kit based on your driving preference. 

small tire and a bigger tire
Source: americantrucks

In the above image, you can clearly see the difference in fender clearance for a small tire and a bigger tire. Also, the application of leveling kit clearly shows the increase in ground clearance for the larger tire also. So, those are some beneficial factors for your off-road driving. 

Wheel Well Clearance And Fender Modification:

Another important thing you’ll need to be aware of is the vertical space between the tire and the fender. This is the inner wheel well space. Leveling kit will help you to heighten the fender body from the 35” tire on your F-150. 

But there lies the possible problem of the wheel well clearance. As a result, the tire might rub off the fender when turning the wheel or drift on road. So, you might need a spacer kit to increase the inner wheel well space between the tire and the fender. 

It also can be the case that your truck is an older generation and has a lower space for a 35”(295/65R20) tire. In that case, you might need to modify your truck by trimming the fender of your car. This will increase fender clearance inside the wheel wells for the 35”. 

Independent Front Suspensions:

The Ford F-150 is a light truck that typically comes with a stock tire of 265/60R17 to 275/65R18. That means the 35” (295/65R20) tire is bigger than the stock tire. So if your truck has an independent front suspension(IFS), installing the 35” might affect it. 

The IFS is an automatic suspension system that most F-150s have. It makes room for each wheel to move around independently of each other vertically on the same axle. 

So, based on the specific suspension system setup and the leveling kit, the 35” tire might cause rubbing. Also, it might let contact between the suspension components and the tire. So, It might be a better idea to consult a tire and suspension specialist for the installation.

Remember to check your suspension setup before thinking of installing the 295/65R20 on your leveled F-150. It might be the case that you may need to modify your truck’s suspension system to install the 35”. 

Pros and Cons of  Installing  295/65R20 on Your F-150

There are many different trims on the Ford F-150 series and the stock tire size varies in these different trims. So, installing a 295/65R20 tire can be both positive and negative things based on your truck’s specifications, your driving habit, and the usage intention of your truck. 

The Pros:

  • The 35”(295/65R20) will give your truck a more muscular and aggressive look. 
  • The ground clearance will increase. This will be beneficial for off-road driving.
  • In snow, mud, or sand, the 35” will give you better traction.  
  • Handling and stability will improve, especially in certain maneuvers or corners. 

The Cons:

  • The larger tire might stress out your truck’s engine resulting in reduced fuel economy. 
  • It also might put more pressure on the acceleration and braking system.
  • A larger tire might also hamper the accuracy of your truck’s speedometer. You might need to recalibrate it.
  • The larger tire also might put stress on the drivetrain and suspension system. As such, it might cause potential wear and tear over time. 

Although the 295/65R20 tire has certain cons, you can install it on your leveled F-150 with the right specs and factors. The leveling kit requirement needs to be carefully calculated, the suspension system might need a modification. So, there’s that. 

Now, if you’re wondering will universal rims fit Ford and Chevy? The answer is yes. Well, the universal rims with specific models that go with the Ford and Chevy model will fit. You need to check the correct spacing for break calibers and the rubbing factor inside the wheel well.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is The Disadvantage of Leveling Kit?

The disadvantage of the leveling kits is that if something goes wrong when installing a front-end leveling kit, it will lead to wear and tear on your truck’s suspension system. So, always check the installation manual or get professional aid to install the leveling kit.

Do Leveling Kits Wear Out Ball Joints?

Yes, the leveling kits might wear out the ball joints with the increased pressure that lifts the kits. The pressure adds to the ball joints and leads to wear. In dire cases, the ball joints can even fail, leading to the snapping of the wheel sideways. And well, it’ll be a bad day as you’ll end up on the roadside. 

Does Leveling The Truck Affect Handling?

Yes, leveling your truck can affect its handling as it shifts the gravity center of the vehicle higher than before. As a result, the vehicle might get slightly tippy around the corners. But nevertheless, a leveling kit is necessary when adding more space by installing larger tires. Also, it’s an inexpensive method. 


So, no need to wait any further. Install your desired 295/65R20 on leveled F150 for an attractive and beefy outlook and an exciting off-road adventure. Now that you know how to match the 295/65R20 with your F-150s specifications, give it a go and enjoy the ride.

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