Comparison Between 265 vs 295 Tires-Which One Better?

Changing the sizes of your car tires can provide several benefits. Some of these benefits include bettering your car’s performance and appearance. If you drive in bad weather, changing your automobile tires will also help you save money.

On the other hand, choosing the correct tire size for your car is a complex undertaking. In this quick guide, we will walk you through the differences between 265 and 295 tires so you can choose the right one for you

Comparing 265 Vs 295 Tires

Both tire sizes will provide you with optimal performance based on their capabilities. The 265 tires, for example, are massive tires with a good tread pattern that is suitable for both on-road and off-road driving. These tires will suit most pickup trucks, crossovers, and full-size SUVs.

The 295 tires, on the other hand, are available in a range of designs, including all-terrain, mud, blogs, open country, pavement, swamp, and more. Each drive has a distinct look that will pique your interest long before it hits the ground. These tires will fit on most 4WDs.

The differences between the 265 and 295 tires are listed below.

Features265 Tires`295 Tires
Section width265 millimeters295 millimeters
Tire diameterMostly 31 inchesMostly 33.2-33.5 inches
Tire weight30-50 pounds35-70 pounds
Tread depth9 32nds-18 32nds10 32nds-20 32nds
Aspect ratio40.0-75.040.0-75.0
Rim diameter16-22 inches16-24 inches
Rim width8-10.5 inches9.0-11.0 inches
Load index rating105.0-121.0105.0-126.0
Load capacity1700-3200 pounds2000-4000 pounds
Speed ratingT or S or WQ or S or V
Maximum tire pressureMostly up to 65psiUp to 80 psi
PriceMostly below $600$150 to above $1000
Top 3 brandsMastercraft BFGoodrich GoodyearFirestone Nitto General Tire

265 Tires Feature


The newly updated radial construction is used in these tires, making them highly stable on all road terrains.

Tread Design

These tires feature a more robust and durable tread design allowing you to use them both on-road and off-road.

Aspect Ratio Of 265 Tires

The 265 tires have an aspect ratio ranging from 40.0 to 75.0

Width Of 265 Tires

These tires have a wide enough section width of 10.4 inches that ensures your car has enough ground contact, improving its handling.

Rim Diameter Of 265 Tires

These tires can be used with rims 16 to 22 inches wide.

Pro and Cons Of 265 Tires


  • They are inexpensive
  • Offer quiet ride with minimal noise interruption
  • Highly durable
  • Looks good


  • Handles a minimal amount of weight

295 Tires Feature


These tires feature the newly updated radial construction; hence, they have enhanced grip, enhanced road comfort, and a smooth transition to lower the friction.

Tread Design

The tread design on the 295 tires is highly robust and durable. Therefore, you can use your car on any road terrain and do multipurpose activities with these tires.

Aspect Ratio of 295 Tires

The aspect ratio of these tires ranges from 40 to 75

Width of 295 Tires

These tires have a section width of 11.61 inches. The large width ensures that your car has enough ground contact, enhancing its handling and ability to maneuver.

Rim Diameter of 295 Tires

These tires can be used with rims 16 to 24 inches wide.

Pro and Cons of 295 Tires


  • Looks good
  • It can be utilized in all road terrains
  • Greater durability


  • They are relatively expensive
  • They are heavy

265 Vs 295 Tires: Which One Is Better?

We’re comparing 265 and 295 tires. This category contains several items. 265-all-terrain tires are excellent for driving in dry, rainy, and snowy situations. These tires are also great for long-distance driving and fit most pickup trucks, crossovers, and full-size SUVs.

295 all-terrain and mud-terrain tires will be a good choice for use in all seasons. You can also choose Evolution M/T, Courser MXT, or Destination M/T2 off-road/mud-terrain tires if you’re a truck or pickup driver who loves to ride on rocky and oozy roads.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are 295 Tires The Same as 33-Inch Tires?

Yes, a 295 tire is the same as a 33-inch tire.

Are 265 Tires Same as 31-Inch Tires?

Yes, 265 wide tires are the same as 31-inch tires, although 265 is the tread width in millimeters and 31 inches is the tire diameter.

Is Changing Your Tire Size a Good or Bad Idea?

In most circumstances, sticking to the factory size car tires is suggested. This is because numerous car components were developed expressly for that particular tire size. This primarily has to do with the tire’s diameter.

If you acquire a larger tire with a greater outside diameter, for example, your car will move further before the tire completes a full rotation. Because your car’s computer determines many things depending on rotation, a change in diameter implies your car’s computer is receiving inaccurate information, leading it to offer you the wrong information.

Also, in order to respond well in an emergency, your car’s computer relies on accurate information from the tire. Over-sized tires, for example, may cause your anti lock brakes to fail to engage correctly.

What is Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation is the process of changing the position of each of your vehicle’s tires regularly. Tire rotation should be done as directed by your vehicle’s manufacturer or after every five thousand miles. This means that tire rotation can be done every time you are having your vehicle’s oil changed

Why Is Tire Rotation Important?

Tire rotation is a critical part of your routine tire maintenance for various reasons. First, rotating your tires regularly distributes wear evenly across all four tires and extends their thread life.

Second, even tread wear keeps your tires’ tread depth consistent, which can assist you in maintaining consistent traction and handling across all four tires. This can help you enhance your cornering and braking abilities while making your vehicle safer to drive.

Finally, if your vehicle has all-wheel drive, uniformly worn tires reduce drive train stresses, minimizing wear on costly drive components.


We hope this guide has provided you with all the information you require on 265 vs. 295 tires. However, judging which is better than the other is a matter of personal preference and taste.

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