Difference Between The 235 VS 255 Tires-Which One Looks Good?

Most of us take car tires for granted, yet they have a huge impact on the speed and comfort of your ride. Getting the right tire for your vehicle can make a noticeable difference in the overall ride quality. The tires are the most valuable part of the car, given that they ensure your balance and your comfort during the ride. Remember, the tires grip on the slick pavements and the muddy grounds. It is the tires that grip the ground in the steepest pitches.

Many manufacturers have now introduced a variety of tires to meet the needs of every person. The 235 Tire and the 255 Tires are some of the tires that have been introduced; the two are mostly confused by people. To help you understand the two models, we have analyzed each model in depth in this article. We discuss their features, pros, and cons, and lastly, we answer some of the most asked questions regarding the two models. Read more to find out.

Comparison Between 235 Vs 255 Tires

Tire Diameter733.5mm737.7 mm
Section Width235mm255mm
Tire Height29 or 31.7 Inches32 Inches
Load capacity1500 Pounds350lbs
Treadwear Warranty60,000Miles70,000Miles
Tire aspect ratio12.5-80Mostly 14
Maximum air pressure45-65 psi45 -65 psi
Speed ratingQQ
Revolution per mile676.17/mile694/mile
Gas mileageUse less gas and offers more mileageUses more fuel and offers less mileage.
StabilityLess stability on roads while acceleratingHighly stable on roads while accelerating.
PriceBelow $150Below $150
Top 3 brandsMichelin, Falken, ContinentalCooper, Continental, Falken  
Best PickFalken FK510A SUV 235/60-18
Continental 235/70-16 104T
Michelin 235/60-17 102H
Cooper Discoverer SRX LE 255
Falken Azenis RT660 255/40-17
Continental 255/45-19

235 Tires Features

The 235 Tires are slightly heavy tires which are commonly used big and huge cars like the Honda. They are around 235mm wide and offer a treadwear warranty of about 60,000miles.

Tread Design: They have grooved patterns designed for smooth surfaces because of their strong grip.

Construction: Radial construction is used in these tires. As a result, the tires are more flexible, giving you a smooth ride.

Diameter: This tire has a nominal diameter of 735.5 mm.

Aspect Ratio: These tires have an aspect ratio of up to 12.5 – 80.

Width: The tire has a width of 235 mm.

Pro and Cons of 235 Tires


  • Durable and of good quality.
  • They are suitable for all-terrain.


  • High rolling resistance due to its narrow width hence slower.
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255 Tire Features

Tread Design: These tires have a durable tread pattern. This tread gives the tires the capacity to grip the road, improving traction.

Construction: Like the 235 tires, radial construction is used for these tires. This makes them more flexible, enhancing balance and grip.

Diameter: Similarly, these tires have a nominal diameter of 737 mm.

Aspect Ratio: These tires have an aspect ratio of up to 14. 

Width: This tire has a width of 255mm.

Pro and Cons of 255 Tires


  • Highly resistant to all terrains.
  • Flexible and Comfortable.
  • Slightly faster due to low rolling resistance.


  • Slightly expensive.
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So, which one is better: 235 or 255 Tires?

Both tires are strong, durable, and reliable for sub-heavy vehicles. One of the biggest advantages that the 255 tires have over the 235 tires is that it is quite easy to handle. Anyone using the 255 tires can confirm that the tires ease the rides, ensuring that the ride is smooth and calm.  

So, now if you’re thinking to go for the 255 tires, check the below tires.

Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400 255/55-18 105H

Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400 255/55-18 105H Highway All-Season Tire 003197

Cooper Discoverer SRX LE 255/50-19 XL 107H

Cooper Discoverer SRX LE 255/50-19 XL 107H Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season Tire 166469003

Falken Azenis FK510A SUV 235/60-18 103W

Falken Azenis FK510A SUV 235/60-18 103W Street/Sport Truck Summer Truck Tire 59000630

Now if you are still thinking the 235 should be ideal for you then get the best deals below.

Continental ContiTrac 235/70-16 104T

Continental ContiTrac 235/70-16 104T Highway All-Season Tire 15481000000

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 235/45-18 94Y

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 235/45-18 94Y Max Performance Summer Tire 265023816

Falken Azenis RT660 255/40-17 XL

Falken Azenis RT660 255/40-17 XL 98W Extreme Performance Summer Tire 28678267

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Which tire should you use for longer highway routes?

For long highway routes, the 255 tires are highly preferred given that they are faster compared to the 235 tires.

Which tire is better:  255 or 235?

The 255 is better because it provides a more comfortable and steadier ride. Furthermore, its low rolling resistance is quite fast compared to the 235 tires.

Is it worth it to upgrade to the 255?

Yes. If you are a frequent rider, upgrading to 255 will be worth it. You will see the worth of your money. The 255 will provide a more comfortable and fast riding experience. Furthermore, the 255 tires are steadier; hence you are less likely to have accidents during the ride.

Which tire would you recommend for a new driver?

We’d recommend the 255 tires because of the slight difference in speed. Furthermore, there are also comfortable and steady.

Which tires are available in the market today?

Both tires are available in the market today; you have to figure out which tire works out well for you. For instance, there are many 235 tires available, including the 235/3519, 235/40R19 and the 235/55R19, etc. All manufacturers, including Continental, Bridgestone, and Cooper, produce these tires.

Major differences between the 255 Tires and 235 Tires

  1. 235 tires offer less rolling resistance as compared to the 255 Tires. As a result, the 235 offer better gas mileage.
  2. Cars using the 235 tires can only carry a lighter load, while the 255 Tires can carry a much higher load.
  3. The 235 have a narrower width and are therefore less stable than the 255 tires with a wider width.
  4. The 235 tires are more suitable for small cars, while on the other hand, the 255 tires are more reliable and stable for bigger vehicles.
  5. The 255 tires are quicker than the 235 tires; hence the 255 tires are more suitable if you choose to drive on the highway.


Both tires are good, depending on your preferences. However, there are not many differences between the two tires, but the differences are not quite visible to the naked eye, but when you keenly observe, you might notice the difference. Regarding the tires, the overall quality of the two tires, the 255 Tires are of good quality, but they still fall short on some occasions. Now you know the difference between the two tires, you can now go ahead and choose a tire that matches your needs and preferences. We hope that this guide was useful in helping you make a good choice for yourself.

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