Can You Put 18 inch Rims on 35 inch Tires? Yes, But Should You?

I can see you have a knack for bolder truck looks with bigger wheels. The tire size vs rim doesn’t only give you an appealing appearance but also impacts the riding performance. And it’s quite common to get confused about which rim size would be the best fit for 35S.

So, you might be thinking – are 18 inch rims on 35 inch tires a good fit?

Yes, 18 inch rims on 35 inch tires are a good fit. By using 18-inch rims you’ll be able to have a better off-road riding experience. As per the standard tire diameter-to-rim ratio, the rim should be at least half the tire size. So, the best fit for a 35-inch tire is a 17’’ or 18’’ rim. 

In this article, I’ve explained this matter with pros and cons. Continue reading to get a full overview of 18-inch rims on 35s. 

Key Takeaways of 35 inch Tires

  • Explanations supporting 18-inch rims on 35-inch tires.
  • Advantages of 18-inch rims.
  • Disadvantages of 18-inch rims.
  • Best 18-inch rim type for 35S tires.

Can You Put 18 inch Rims on 35 inch Tires?

Yes, you can put 18-inch rims on 35-inch tires. It’s the perfect standard for larger tires. Basically, you can determine compatibility by measuring two important factors. One is the wheel size-to-rim ratio and the other one is the sidewall measurement. 

Here’s the perfect explanation that supports my statement. 

Wheel Size

Let’s start with the basics. If you want to experience off-road applications, a smaller wheel size works best. On the contrary, larger wheels are more appropriate for on-road riding.

Wheel Size

Source: Canva Pro

So, you can follow a rule of thumb here to determine the perfect size for both on-road and off-road experiences. You should consider a rim size that’s half of the tire size. 

This means if a tire is 35 inches in diameter, the rim size should be:

35/2 = 17.5 inches 

So, you can take either a 17-inch or 18-inch rim for a 35-inch tire. 

Stiff And Low Sidewalls

Another reason 18-inch rims support 35S tires is that 18-inch wheels have stiffer and lower sidewalls. Compared to a 16’’ or 17’’ wheel, the 18’’ wheel is more capable of producing a higher-quality driving experience.

The main differentiating factor is the sidewall measurement. As the sidewall is low and stiff in the 18-inch rims, it provides better side wall flex and handling. 

So, to summarize you can install an 18-inch rim on a 35-inch tire without any hassle.

Quick Overview of Using 18 Rims on 35 Tires

As you’re sure now about the compatibility, you should also know what it means to install an 18-inch rim. Is it good for you or comes with many side effects?

Follow the table below to know the real deal.

Pros Cons
Increases the off-road capability.Offers more floatation and longer footprint for off-road journey. Doesn’t require too many modifications.Improves load-carrying capacities of the tire.Stays stable both on-road and off-road. Improves articulation.Increases ground clearance from the body. 
Expensive rims.Makes noise on the roads.Needs more fuel per mile. 

Now, that you’ve got an idea of what benefits and limitations an 18-inch rim on 35S has, here’s a detailed explanation given below. 

Benefits of Using an 18-inch Rim on 35S

Here’s a detailed explanation of the benefits you’ll receive by using an 18-inch rim tire on your 35S. 

Improved Off-road Riding Experience

As you already know, 18-inch tires are considered a standard fit in a 35-inch wheel. It offers improved ground clearance while riding the vehicle. And this is possible because of the taller sidewalls.

That’s why, if you use an 18-inch rim on the 35-inch tire, you’ll get a better off-road experience.

Elongated Footprint

Now, if you’re conscious about off-road riding, you must consider the tread pattern. What an 18-inch rim does to a 35 tire is that it creates a taller sidewall. Paired with an aggressive tread pattern, the tire offers more floatation.

Elongated Footprint

Source: Canva Pro

Moreover, you can air down this kind of tire. It will create an elongated footprint that will give you a better off-road experience. 

Load Carrying Capacity

Again, by using 18’’ tires, you’ll have more sidewall in 35S. It’s approximately 8.5 inches of the sidewall which creates more tire pressure

As a result, the tire has a better load-carrying capacity than a 16’’ or 17’’ tire. 

Greater Towing Stability

Another great aspect of the 18-inch rim is that it creates helps in towing stability. The tire helps the truck to grip better. Also, you’ll be able to handle the truck with perfect braking capacity. The truck also achieves great articulation. 

Aesthetic Look

Installing an 18-inch rim on a 35S tire makes the wheel look bigger and bolder. So, when you fit the wheel on your truck, it gives a monstrous look. This is extremely beneficial if you’re looking to modify your car for an aesthetic appearance. 

Fewer Modifications Required

Finally, with an 18-inch rim, you’ll need almost no extra modifications for better performance. If you want, you can lift or level the truck which will enhance the ground clearance even better. But ultimately it’s not a necessary requirement. 

Now, apart from these benefits, 18-inch rims also come with some drawbacks. It’s better to be aware of what issues you might face with this rim installation. 

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Drawbacks of Using an 18-inch Rim on 35S

Here’s a list of negative sides to using an 18-inch rim on a 35 tire:

  • As the tire becomes bigger in size, it uses more fuel than other tires.
  • You’ll have to spend more from your wallet for this large-sized wheel modification.
  • These tires come with deep treads that make excessively loud noise while riding.
  • An 18-inch rim isn’t the best choice for highway riding. 

So, if you are conscious of any of these situations, upgrading your 35S with an 18-inch rim won’t be the best option for you.

Which Type of 18” Rims Are Best For 35” Tires?

While you’re still looking for a tire upgrade, you must consider the two types of rims. There are steel rims and alloy rims you can choose from. 

Here’s an overview of the two types. By reading this you’ll get to know which type of 18’’ rim will be the best option for 35-inch tires. 

18’’ rim will be the best option for 35-inch tires. 

Source: Canva Pro

Are Steel Rims Better For 35-Inch Tires?

Steel rims are great for heavy-duty off-road experience. They are much more durable in nature and capable of absorbing shocks. However, this isn’t applicable for rims above 16’’. So, steel 18’’ rims aren’t a good choice for 35-inch tires.   

Are Alloy Rims Better For 35-Inch Tires?

Speaking of alloy rims, they are lightweight in nature. This rim provides greater agility and uses fuel efficiently. But they aren’t as durable as steel rims. Apart from durability, alloy rims are excellent for 35-inch tires. So, alloy 18’’ rims are a better choice for 35-inch tires.    

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What size rims go with 35-inch tires?

Rim sizes from 17’’ to 24’’ go with the 35-inch tire. It’s because larger tires need rims that have enough width to manage the truck well. Usually, 17-inch and 18-inch rims are the perfect rim size for 35S. They provide greater control with flexibility in off-road riding.  

What size tires can you put on 18-inch rims?

You can put a wide range of tires on 18-inch rims from 125/70-18 to 38X15.5-18. But the most popular tire sizes for an 18-inch rim are 205/40-18, 215/40-18, 215/35-18, 225/35-18, and 235/35-18. These tires measure 7-9.5 inches in width and 23.9-24.7 inches in diameter.  

What size lift do I need to fit 35-inch tires?

You’ll need a lift of 3.5 to 6 inches to fit 35-inch tires. But this is not necessary for every 35-inch tire. It depends on whether your truck has an independent front suspension or a solid front axle. For example, you don’t need to lift the new Ford Bronco. 

What is the advantage of 18 inch wheels?

The main advantage of 18 inch wheels is improved handling and performance. They provide better grip and stability on the road, allowing for better cornering and braking. They also improve the overall look and aesthetics of a vehicle. Additionally, 18 inch wheels can accommodate larger brakes, which can improve braking performance. They also tend to provide a more comfortable ride than smaller wheels due to the larger tire size.

Are 35 inch tires too big?

It depends on the vehicle and the type of driving you plan to do. 35 inch tires can provide improved off-road performance and a more aggressive look, but they can also increase wear and tear on suspension components and make the vehicle less stable on the highway. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and consult with a professional before installing larger tires.

Final Words

So, now you understand the fit of 18 inch rims on 35 inch tires. By reading this article, hopefully, you’ll be able to decide whether using 18-inch rims will be useful for you or not. It’ll definitely boost the off-road riding experience for you. But make sure you’re aware of the drawbacks. Best of luck!  

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