Difference Between 245 vs 275 Tires – Performance & Size

There is no denying that tires are essential parts of our vehicles, and choosing the appropriate set is crucial. If you are in the market looking for new tires for your car, two types of tires you are likely to come across are the 245 and 275 tires. What are the differences between these two tires?

There are many differences between the two tires in terms of their design and functionality. However, the main difference in these tires is their width. The 245 tires have a width of 245 millimeters, while the 275 tires have a width of 275 millimeters. This means that the 275 tires are 30 millimeters wider than the 245.

This is not a huge difference, but it somehow affects how the two tires perform. In the next section of this article, we will walk you through an in-depth comparison of these tires so that you can decide which one is best for your car.

245 vs 275 Tire Comparison With All Features

Below are some of the differences between the 245 and 275 tires:

Tire Width

The key difference between the 245 and 275 tires is their width, as stated above. The 275 tires are 30 millimeters wider than the 245 tires.

Fuel Economy

Wider tires have a lot of weight. Since the 275 tires are wider than the 275 tires, they will be heavier. Heavy tires put a lot of strain on your engine, causing it to consume a lot of fuel. This indicates that the 245 tires will offer you better fuel economy than the 275 tires.

Performance on wet surfaces

Wider tires are an excellent option for driving on wet surfaces because they have a lot of sipes, which help collect and eliminate water from the contacting surface. Although narrow tires have sipes, too, they are fewer due to the tires’ reduced surface area. One benefit of using narrow tires in the rain is that the higher contact pressure pushes the water out as you pass through puddles.

Compared to the 245 tires, the 275 tires are a more sensible option because you won’t always drive through puddles.

Performance on Snow

Because narrow tires can sink deeper into the snow and offer greater traction, they perform much better when the roads are blanketed with snow. So if you live in an area with high snowfall, the 245 tires will be better than the 275 tires.

Dry Road Performance

 You might consider getting wide tires if you plan to do most of your driving on asphalt roads. The larger surface area of this type of road material offers superior traction.

So in terms of dry performance, the 275 tires are the winners.

Pros and cons

Pros of 245 tires

  • Excellent performance on wet surfaces, especially if you will be passing over puddles of water
  • Cheap compared to the 275 tires and other wider tires
  • Better fuel economy compared to the 275 tires
  • Enhanced performance on snow compared to the 275 tires
  • Lesser weight compared to the 275 tires

Cons of the 245 tires

  • Inferior performance on dry surfaces compared to the 275 tires

Pros of the 275 Tires

  • Enhance traction on dry surfaces
  • Aesthetically appealing compared to the 245 tires
  • Excellent performance on wet surfaces

Cons of the 275 tires

  • They are expensive compared to the 245 tires
  • They are heavy compared to the 245 tires
  • Poor fuel economy when compared to the 245 tires

245 vs 275 Tire Width Comparison -245/75r16 vs 275/70r16

The table below compares the 245/75r16 vs 275/70r16, which are popular 245 and 275 tires in the market:

Diameter30.47 inches31.16 inches2.3%
Width245 millimeters275 millimeters12.2%
Circumference95.72 inches97.88 inches2.3%
Height of the sidewall7.23 inches7.58 inches4.8%

Tire Size Guide: All Details On Graph

Tire Size Guide

275 vs 245 Tires: Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing between the 245 and the 275 tires will depend on your driving requirements and preferences. The 275 tires will be a good option if you drive more on dry surfaces. The tires are also more aesthetically appealing compared to the 245 tires and will also offer good performance on wet surfaces. Their only downside is that they are expensive compared to the 245 tires.

On the other hand, if you are looking for tires that will help you drive on snowy surfaces or over puddles of water, the 245 tires will be your best bet. The tires are also cheap and will offer you better fuel economy than the 275 tires because of their lightweight.

245 VS 275 Tires Challenger -Do 275 Tires Fit The Challenger RT & Charger RT? (Must Watch This Video)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Use 265 Tires in Place of 245 Tires?

The 245 tires can be swabbed for 265 tires. The only potential problem you might experience is that the bigger tires might somewhat hurt your car’s body or suspension, but you can fix this by fitting wheel spacers that are a little bit wider.

Can I Substitute 235 Tires for 265?

Yes, you may substitute 235 tires for 265 tires. In actuality, many people opt to install wider tires on their cars.

However, if you’re considering switching to 265 tires, the width of your wheel wells is something to consider. Wider tires can cause some rubbing when turning or going over bumps if your wheel wells are small. This issue can be resolved by purchasing bigger wheels or having the wells of your wheel cut.

265 vs. 255: Which Tire Is Bigger?

In general, 265 tires are wider than 255 tires, but the width difference might not be substantial. However, a wider tire will always be considered to be bigger than one with a narrower width.

Can Wider Tires be Mounted on the Same Rim?

It is possible to mount tires that are wide on the same rim. However, there are a few considerations.

The wider tire may rub against the suspension or frame of your car because it might not fit as securely on the rim. To fit the wider tire, you may have to make some modifications.

Final Take

We hope this article helped you understand how the 245 and 275 tires compare. Choosing the best between the two will depend on your driving requirements and preferences.

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